Photo Studios for Hire in Edinburgh

Photo Studios for Hire in Edinburgh

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Top Photo Studios in Edinburgh

Ready to plan your next shoot? Edinburgh is rich in fantastic photo studios for hire that will take your next project to a whole new level. Whether you need a high-standard space for a commercial shoot or something for a more casual purpose, we’re more than sure that you will find a spot that matches your needs and vision. On Tagvenue, we list only the top-notch options, so why not check them all out now? You'll be making that booking in no time at all!

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Photo Studios Hire Guide

Hit the streets of this charming Scottish city and find the perfect photo studio for hire. With great options in both New Town and Old Town, you won't have to go far in your search if central accessibility is your goal. Most photo studios in Edinburgh come relatively well equipped for a successful shoot, and there are also great turn-key options for anyone seeking to avoid too much fuss. 

FAQs about Photo Studios in Edinburgh

How much does it cost to hire a photo studio in Edinburgh?

The cost of a photo studio hire will vary, depending on such factors as the date, the equipment you need and how many people you will bring. However, expect prices for a regular hire session to range from £23 to £40 per hour. For longer hire sessions, expect to pay between £60 to £90 for a half-day hire and £110 to £140 for a full day. Weekends will cost more, starting at around £150 for a full day. Just keep in mind that it’s best to hire a studio for more than one hour as you may get a discount. (All data from

Where can I find the best photo studios in Edinburgh?

Start your search in Leith around Salamander Street. You will find several options in the neighbourhood there that offer great packages and a variety of equipment. Moving closer to Holyrood Park, you will find numerous possibilities around the A1, which makes it a convenient and easy-to-reach location. Further along in Southside and Lochrin, check out Edinburgh Old Town for other great choices with a unique feel that will add a special touch to your photos.

What essential equipment should a photo studio have?

There are several essential pieces of equipment needed to ensure that photographers can capture high-quality images and pursue their creative endeavours.

  • Camera - Usually, photographers bring their own cameras, but it’s not uncommon for studios to provide gear. After all, a high-quality camera is essential for capturing professional-grade photos.
  • Lighting equipment - Proper lighting is critical for capturing well-lit and well-exposed images. Photo studios should have a variety of lighting equipment, such as strobe lights, continuous lights, and reflectors.
  • Backdrops and stands - A variety of backdrops and stands should be available to provide a range of options for different types of shoots.
  • Tripods - A stable tripod is necessary to keep the camera steady and prevent blurry images.
  • Light modifiers - Light modifiers such as umbrellas, softboxes, and diffusers help control the direction and intensity of the light, providing more creative options for photographers.
  • Computer and editing software - A computer with photo editing software is essential for post-processing and enhancing images. Many studios provide this tech so photographers can immediately start retouching their photos.

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