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Get ready to plan your next shoot! Edinburgh is rich in choices for hire. Whether you need a high standard space for a commercial shoot or something for a more relaxed purpose, there is something available that is sure to please. Take your search to our listings and use our filters to help you start sorting your choices. You'll be making that booking in no time at all.

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Photo Studios Hire Guide

Hit the streets of this charming Scottish city and find the perfect photo studio for hire. With great options in both New Town and Old Town, you won't have to go far in your search if central accessibility is your goal. Most photo studios in Edinburgh come relatively well equipped for a successful shoot, and there are also great turn-key options for anyone seeking to avoid too much fuss. 

Photo Studios in Edinburgh FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a photo studio in Edinburgh?

The cost of a photo studio hire will vary in the city. However, for per hour hire, expect prices ranging from £23 to £30 per hour. For longer hire sessions, expect £60 to £90 for a half-day hire and £110 to £140 for a full day. Weekends will cost more, starting around £150 to £150 for half and full-day, respectively. Expect to pay slightly more on weekends. For longer hires, per day prices will decrease slightly.

In which Edinburgh districts can I find the best photo studios?

Start your search in Leith around Salamander Street. You will find several options in the neighbourhood there, including Red Monkey Studios in Newkirkgate Shopping Centre. Moving closer to Holyrood Park, you will find numerous possibilities around the A1, such as Imagina Studio Photography. Further along in Southside and Lochrin, check out Edinburgh Old Town for some other great choices, especially Meow Studios on Blackwood Crescent

What is the essential equipment a photo studio should have?

When you choose a photo studio, you will want to get the most value out of your hire. While you may be searching for a bargain, make sure you are still getting what you need from the hire. Ask if props or accessories are included. They may be included, as may backgrounds in various sizes and colours. The most important consideration before choosing your hire is to understand how much light the photo studio offers. Ask if there is a natural light source or if they will include standing lamps or other options. You should expect negative and positive reflection panels, c-stands, and light modifiers to be provided with the hire.

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