Birthday Party Venues for Hire in Newcastle

Birthday Party Venues for Hire in Newcastle

Celebrate another year in one of these party spaces!

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Top Birthday Party Venues in Newcastle

Celebrating another year around the sun in Newcastle? Whether you want to party in a lively pub or a serene spot, Newcastle is filled with birthday party venues for any age or wish. Our vast selection of listings ensures you're spoilt for choice, whether you're keen on a sophisticated soirée in Eldon Square or a family gathering in Benwell. Use our platform's smart filters to fine-tune your search and uncover the perfect setting for your celebration. Are you ready to blow out those candles in style? Discover the best birthday party venues in Newcastle on Tagvenue!

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FAQs about Birthday Party Venues in Newcastle

Where can I find the best birthday party venues in Newcastle?

You'll find a splendid array of options across Newcastle’s diverse districts. Bigg Market stands out with its bustling ambiance, hosting a range of lively pubs and nightclubs where the spirit of celebration is ever-present. For those aiming for an upscale gathering, the area around  Eldon Square offers sophisticated venues set amidst historic buildings and luxurious shopping outlets.

And if you're looking to accommodate families and younger guests, Benwell and Fenham in the suburbs of Newcastle have a delightful selection of family-friendly venues that merge fun with comfort. The key is to align your chosen district with your birthday event's mood, size, and theme.

Are there any affordable birthday party venues in Newcastle?

Certainly! Over in Walker, you can find the Side Bar at Golf Fang Newcastle, with a reasonable £13 minimum spend per person. For those inclined towards waterfront views, the Pitcher & Piano Newcastle awaits on the Tyne riverside, offering its downstairs bar area at a £250 minimum spend for the session.

If you're up for a twist, consider celebrating in the heart of the city in one of the screen rooms at Everyman Newcastle. Located on iconic Grey Street, it's an unconventional pick with minimum spend prices ranging from £400 to £700 per session. Your birthday in Newcastle promises to be memorable, no matter your choice!

What amenities do birthday party venues in Newcastle offer?

Birthday party venues in Newcastle are known for their extensive range of offerings to elevate your celebration. Delve into the amenities you might encounter:

  • Karaoke setups: Sing your heart out and make unforgettable memories.
  • Themed nights: Transport your guests to a different world, era, or style.
  • Customizable catering options: Tailored menus to satiate every palate.
  • Interactive entertainment: Engage guests with live performances, games, and more.
  • Private areas: Personalised drink menus and exclusive bar staff.
  • Sound systems: To keep the party mood pulsating.
  • Flexible seating arrangements: Adaptable to fit your party size and theme.
  • Dedicated event coordinators: To ensure every detail is perfect for your special day.

For a comprehensive look at the amenities provided by each venue, browse Tagvenue’s listings and make an informed choice for your event.

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