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Top Venues for Hire in Haringey

The London borough of Haringey is known for its diversity and you can really see this in its selection of venues. Whichever event you’re planning, Haringey is sure to have a place that will suit all your needs to a T!

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Haringey Venues Hire Guide

How much does it cost to hire a venue in Haringey?

In general, hiring an event venue in Haringey starts at £350 for minimum spend per session or £300 hire fee per hour and can range as high as £25000 per day for a venue with a large capacity (based on platform data). The pricing of your chosen space will depend on the type of venue you choose, and the duration of your event.


What are the most popular locations for venue hire in Haringey?

While the Archway and Wood Green areas offer many venues suitable for various types of events, all located in an area with beautiful natural sights and embracing a hip and rustic interior design. Tottenham Hale is home to several professional spaces perfect for meetings and conferences due to its historically industrial nature.


What are the best event venues in Haringey?

Based on guest reviews some of the best event venues in Haringey include:

Belt Craft Studios, photography and film location space, guest rating: 5/5
Green Lens Studios, versatile studio perfect for any event, guest rating: 4.8/5
The Engine Room, community centre with a variety of spaces for hire, guest rating: 4.3/5