Melbourne’s Must-Visit Birthday Dinner Venues for A Memorable Celebration

13 mins read
Melbourne’s Must-Visit Birthday Dinner Venues for A Memorable Celebration
Written by: Jaya Ramchurn
April 12, 2024
13 mins read

Birthdays come and go, yet there is always a good reason to throw an epic dinner party with family and friends to embrace another year around the sun to the fullest! 

Memories created during birthday celebrations often become cherished moments that we look back on fondly. Whether it’s the laughter shared over a hilarious toast or the joy of blowing out the candles on your cake, these moments become part of your personal history.

And the good news is whether you head for a wine and dine in Yarra Valley or choose an above the clouds experience at Eureka 89, multiple birthday dinner restaurants in Melbourne offer an above-the-expectations atmosphere that will make you eager to throw a party on every upcoming birthday!

But enough blabbering, let’s jump straight to our top spots for a memorable birthday party dinner with family and friends in the city!

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Budget-Friendly Birthday Dinner Restaurants in Melbourne 

Who said you have to break the bank to host a dope birthday party? Forget about overspending, and check out our top picks for a great dining experience in the city!

1. Pups and Delicious Tapas at The Tipsy Cow 

  • Pricing: From $100 hire fee
  • Capacity: 38 guests
  • Suitable for: Dog-friendly parties, outdoor birthday parties, casual birthday gatherings with a chilled vibe, and small birthday parties.
  • Location: Port Melbourne 
the tipsy cow birthday dinner restaurants in melbourne 1
Party indoors or outdoors with your furry friends at The Tipsy Cow!

Can’t bear to be apart from your pooch? We’re with you on that one! Because let’s face it, no gathering is complete without our four-legged friends’ joyful woofs and wagging tails!

At The Tipsy Cow, you can leave your worries behind and delve into a world of relaxation and happiness. Round up your pals and their furry sidekicks for a birthday bash that’s all about comfort, good times, and delicious bites! 

After all, there’s nothing quite like the warmth of a welcoming space and great company coupled with wholesome food and shared stories about the guest of honour.

2. Age Like Fine Wine at Frontside Food & Wine

  • Pricing: From $85 per person
  • Capacity: 50 guests
  • Suitable for: Outdoor birthday parties, small birthday dinner parties with your close ones, and casual birthday gatherings. 
  • Location: Port Melbourne
frontside restaurant birthday dinners melbourne
Let Frontside Food & Wine make your birthday one to remember!

From mouthwatering canapés to the inviting ambience, Frontside Food & Wine promises to captivate you from the moment you step in the room.

Located near the busy CBD, this venue feels like a hidden urban oasis, offering a unique and intimate birthday experience.

Once a chocolate factory and now transformed into the perfect setting for your private event, the venue boasts lofty ceilings and large windows allowing ample light into the room.

Discover their menu that combines the heartiness of Nonna’s recipes with a refined dining experience. Every dish is crafted to perfection, from the succulent duck ragu pappardelle to the tasty smash burger and refreshing nicoise salad. 

And let’s not forget the carefully curated beverage menu featuring drinks and wines from around the world, expertly paired to improve your dining experience.

Get ready to enjoy a culinary experience like no other on your birthday!

3. An Elegant Birthday Dinner at Peacock Lounge

  • Pricing: From $21 per person
  • Capacity: 75 guests
  • Suitable for: Adults above 18 only due to alcohol restrictions. Perfect for an intimate and elegant dinner with the people you love! 
  • Location: Central Business District
The emerald peacock restaurant birthday dinner restaurants in Melbourne
Make your birthday soirée one for the ages, with no reminders of time ticking away at The Emerald Peacock.

Whether you crave an indoor booth’s cosy ambience or the rooftop’s lively buzz, The Emerald Peacock promises a versatile experience  perfect for a luxurious birthday celebration!

Much like the peacock, symbolising grace, freedom, and beauty, this venue reflects qualities that resonate with you!

Treat yourself to the lavish comfort of the Peacock Lounge for your birthday bash and enjoy their delicious cuisine, flawless service, and exquisite cocktails with the people you love!

Here’s to you and your great taste! Cheers!

4. Marble & Pearl by The Kingston

  • Pricing: From $100 per person 
  • Capacity: 110 guests
  • Suitable for: An elegant banquet dinner for a milestone birthday, a grand celebration for a newborn or teen, or any birthday party for a large group of friends and family
  • Location: Richmond
birthday dinner restaurants melbourne marble pearl by the kingston
This spacious restaurant offers the best of two worlds – relaxation and sophistication! Marble & Pearl by The Kingston

With its comfortable seating, colour combinations for the best Instagram pictures possible, and delicious classic dishes, Marble & Pearl is a birthday winner!

Whether it’s the premium Australian beef aged for 28 days in-house, locally sourced seafood, or local or international wines, this venue offers a dreamlike experience for anyone celebrating a milestone birthday or wanting to throw a lavish party for their guests!

Let the good times roll! With great food, sweet conversations and beautiful decor, you’re in for a birthday treat!

Unique Birthday Dinner Restaurants in Melbourne 

Some venues have something that separates them – their rich history, captivating themes, impeccable service, or simply the atmosphere. We’ve curated a collection of our favourite, one-of-a-kind dining spots just for you so you can skip the tedious legwork and dive straight into planning!

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5. Dance and Eat All Night Long at Evie’s

  • Pricing: From $5,000 for the entire venue 
  • Capacity: 170 guests
  • Suitable for: A casual birthday party where guests can sing, dance, and eat in a carefree, fun atmosphere.
  • Location: Fitzroy
evies disco diner birthday dinner restaurants
It’s time to disco and enjoy delicious food at Evie’s Disco Diner!

If you are looking for the ideal space for some fun post-dinner where you and your guests can mingle, dance, sing, or voice out their odes to you on your special day, Evie’s Disco Diner is your go-to!

But here’s the bottleneck – the whole venue can only be rented out on Sundays from 3.30 pm, but that will not stop you from throwing an epic party! After all, the weekend is meant for some birthday shenanigans. 

If you’re wondering why this place is one of our favourite birthday restaurants in Melbourne, the answer is pretty simple –  it pays homage to the iconic era 80’s New York ball scene era that is bursting with colours and has a disco vibe to the whole place – perfect for throwing a themed-soiree! 

Serving delicious vegan-friendly food inspired by the kitsch American diners of old, they cater to the most demanding and picky eaters!

Take your birthday celebration from drab to colourful and fabulous at Evie’s!

6. Take Your Party to the Sea at Eureka 89

  • Pricing: From $15,000 for the entire venue 
  • Capacity: 143 guests
  • Suitable for: A cocktail-style birthday dinner, milestone birthdays.
  • Location: Central Business District
eureka 89 birthday dinner restaurants melbourne
Birthday dinners at Eureka 89 are all about great views and tasty fare!

Have you ever thought of taking your birthday party to the sea? There’s a certain magic to seaside celebrations that adds an extra ‘wow’ factor – whether it’s the rhythmic crash of waves, the salty ocean breeze, or the panoramic sea vistas.

Led by the acclaimed chef Renee Martillano, boasting over two decades of culinary expertise, the restaurant curates a premium menu spotlighting regional ingredients and some of Australia’s finest wines.

Eureka 89 embodies the essence of exceptional cuisine and ambience in Melbourne, making it the perfect setting to toast to another trip around the sun!

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7. A Private Dining Experience at Ludlow Bar 

  • Pricing: From $2,000 min. spend
  • Capacity: 20 guests
  • Suitable for: Small and intimate birthday gatherings without the hustle and bustle of typical restaurants. 
  • Location: Central Business District 
ludlow bar tagvenue birthday dinner restaurants melbourne
Look no further than Ludlow Bar‘s private room for an unforgettable dining experience with marvellous service, breathtaking views, and yummy food!

Round up your squad and prepare for a gastronomic adventure at an exclusive dining space at Ludlow’s Bar. 

The venue’s modern pub menu will have you and your crew sharing plates and sweet conversations.

From charcuterie boards that’ll make your inner foodie swoon to shared plates that’ll have you all fighting for the last bite (in the most friendly way, of course!), you’re in for a great time.

Whether it’s a casual catch-up with friends or a posh affair that would make Jay Gatsby jealous, your experience here promises to be deliciously memorable! 

8. Dinner by Yarra River at Byblos Bar and Restaurant

  • Pricing: From $2,500 min. spend
  • Capacity: 50 guests
  • Suitable for: A quiet birthday with a chilled ambience, a dinner party with friends and family, enjoying Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine within a luxurious atmosphere. 
  • Location: Docklands 
byblos bar and restaurant birthday dinner restaurants melbourne
The Riverside Terrace at Byblos Bar and Restaurant offers stunning views of Melbourne’s skyline along with traditional Lebanese food!

While dining by the river adds an enchanting touch to any event, at Byblos Bar, the generous portions of delectable dishes double the satisfaction of any food enthusiast!

Whether it is the heartwarming flavours of traditional Lebanese cuisine, with shareable plates and entrees designed to be enjoyed with your guests or the spacious waterfront balcony, plush furnishings, and your very own feature bar, this restaurant provides the perfect setting to dine in comfort on your birthday! 

Prepare to savour generous portions of Lebanese and Mediterranean delights and make your birthday celebration memorable! 

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9. A Grand Soiree at Welcome to Brunswick

  • Pricing: From $1,000 hire fee + min. spend
  • Capacity: 150 guests
  • Suitable for: A banquet birthday party, large gatherings for a milestone birthday, and themed-birthday parties for large groups. 
  • Location: Brunswick 
welcome to brunswick birthday dinner restaurants ideas melbourne
Step back in time and discover a slice of history at Welcome to Brunswick, where good food meets a lost era!

If you love a birthday venue with a side of stories from the past, Welcome to Brunswick is our birthday gift to you.

Formerly a masonic hall on Sydney Road and affectionately known as the Brunswick Mess Hall until recently, The Hall at Welcome to Brunswick is more than just an event space – it’s a time capsule filled with character, high beams, lush greenery, plush velvet couches, and charming wood-panelled floors. 

It’s the perfect venue for milestone birthday parties, whether you’re celebrating your 40th or your 75th!

With everything from food trucks to personalised menus and even a beer garden, this place promises to be a hit among your guests on your special day. So, why settle for ordinary when you can dine in style and reminisce about the good ol’ days at Welcome to Brunswick?

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10. Bowling and Great Food at Kingpin Crown

  • Pricing: From $5,000 min. spend
  • Capacity: 80 guests
  • Suitable for: Small and large groups looking for a fun place to party and enjoy delicious food. 
  • Location: Southbank
birthday restaurants in melbourne room 300 at kingpin room
Keep it classy and fun at Kingpin Crown!

If you are searching for an exclusive birthday venue, why not hire a spot like Room 300 at Kingpin Crown. 

This private venue can accommodate up to 80 guests and features a Patron Tequila bar, karaoke, and a chic cocktail lounge. And you can even turn the space into your dance floor by hiring a DJ and using their top-notch music system and DJ equipment.

All you need to do is don your finest attire and prepare for a night of non-stop partying.

Or, if you’re in the mood for exploring, take advantage of Southbank’s vibrant arts and entertainment scene, stunning waterfront promenade, and well-known landmarks like the Crown Casino and Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

11. A Milestone Birthday at The Grace Darling Hotel

  • Pricing: From $1,000 min. spend
  • Capacity: 30 guests
  • Suitable for: People who love a laid-back birthday party without the crowds and those who want to enjoy good food and great service.
  • Location: Collingwood
9468 atrium room
Celebrate your birthday in style at The Grace Darling Hotel, where 19th-century charm meets modern flair!

Melbourne’s second-oldest hotel offers the perfect blend of historic ambience and contemporary vibes for a unique birthday dinner!

The Grace Darling Hotel is the perfect choice for those seeking an intimate birthday gathering with hearty portions of delicious food. Their semi-private dining room, The Atrium, provides a cosy setting where you and your guests can enjoy great food, engaging conversations, and plenty of laughs. 

And when you’re ready for a change of scenery, step outside the main dining area to enjoy live music and entertainment!

With a focus on locally-produced beer and food, along with live indie bands, The Grace Darling Hotel promises a birthday experience like no other! 

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Hosting a party at home can be overwhelming – from space constraints to post-party clean-up – but dining out at a restaurant is worth every penny! The ambience, service, and delectable cuisine take any celebration to the next level, making you feel like royalty on your special day. So sit back, relax, and let these top venues treat you to an amazing birthday bash in Melbourne!

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How can I make a birthday dinner in Melbourne interesting for my guests?

To make your birthday dinner in Melbourne interesting for your guests, consider choosing a restaurant with a unique atmosphere or special theme. This will help make the event more engaging. You can also add a theme to your party so guests can dress up and show off their creativity! Personalise the experience by including interactive elements like karaoke, slideshows, storytelling, music, etc. Additionally, selecting a restaurant with a diverse menu that includes options for various dietary preferences ensures that all guests will have an enjoyable dining experience.

Should guests be expected to contribute to the cost of the birthday dinner?

In many cases, guests may offer to contribute to the cost of the birthday dinner, especially if it’s a large gathering or a fancy restaurant. However, this should be optional. Guests who wish to contribute can do so voluntarily, but the primary responsibility for covering the expenses typically lies with the host.

How do you book a restaurant for a group without overspending?

First, look for restaurants that offer group dining packages or set menus, as these often provide better value for larger parties. You can also contact the venue manager on Tagvenue about any special promotions or discounts available for group bookings. Another option is to choose a restaurant that allows you to bring your own alcohol, as this can help reduce costs. Finally, be mindful of the day and time of your reservation, as some restaurants may offer lower prices for off-peak hours or days. Also, don’t forget to check out Tagvenue’s curated list of birthday-friendly restaurants, where you’ll find options with special birthday deals and dining rooms for the occasion.

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