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Discover the amazing Melbourne wedding venues in Northern Suburbs. Renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and versatile offerings, Northern Suburbs has everything you need to celebrate your marriage. Whether your dream wedding venue requires an intimate, cosy setting or a lavish and grand space, rest assured Melbourne's Northern Suburbs have the perfect space for your wedding. Explore Tagvenue to discover an extensive selection of wedding venues and event spaces in this exciting area. So don't wait any longer. Dive into our listings, scroll through your options, find your perfect match, and plan an unforgettable wedding.

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Why hold a wedding in North Melbourne? There are many good reasons, but most important are accessibility and pricing. North Melbourne is still located centrally enough for all your guests to arrive without a hitch, but the prices are lower than in Melbourne CBD. Another major reason for picking this district for your wedding is its unique atmosphere and selection of venues. From spacious halls that you can transform to your liking, to hip bars and restaurants, the variety of spaces is unbelievably great. North Melbourne is known for its modern, newly renovated industrial spaces that will give your wedding the personal touch you desire. If this is something that fits into your vision, hiring a wedding space in this district could be the perfect choice for you.

When it comes to areas that are most popular for wedding venue hire, there are several you should keep in mind. Starting with the area around Toll Road and Macaulay Station, there are many interesting and alternative spaces with unusual interior design and standout decor choices. Here you can also find several blank canvas venues, that will help you create the wedding you dream of from scratch. Next, you should look around the intersection of Arden and Chetwynd Street if you are looking to hire a unique bar, pub or café for your wedding. 

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