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A picturesque wedding in Albert Park - doesn’t that sound ideal? If you’re on the lookout for the perfect venue in this part of Melbourne, look no further! Tagvenue is a one-stop-shop for finding your dream setting to celebrate your marriage. Whether you’re on the lookout for a small intimate ceremony on the lakeside or a hall large enough to invite hundreds of people, we are here to help you find the perfect match! Discover the best wedding venues in Albert Park today and get one step closer to your dreams coming true!

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Albert Park Venues Hire Guide

Located a short drive southeast outside of Melbourne’s CBD, Albert Park is a picturesque suburb that is excellent for residents and visitors alike, combining a small village atmosphere with proximity to the beach and lovely renovated Edwardian and Victorian era terrace houses. Albert Park itself, as well as Albert Park Lake, are the perfect locations for cycling, dog walking, sailing and rowing, and also boast sporting ovals, playgrounds, restaurants and a walking track.

When you think of weddings in and around Albert Park, the area around Albert Park Lake is a very clear standout in terms of venues and atmosphere. The north side of the lake and the area around it to the west as you head south towards Middle Park, is full of lovely views for an elegant reception. It is also a good idea to check around Richardson Street and Victoria Avenue, as both streets offer excellent connections for your guests, a variety of wedding venues, and closer proximity to anything else you might need on your special day.

FAQs about Wedding Venues in Albert Park

What are the prices for wedding venues in Albert Park?

Wedding venues in Albert Park hit a sweet spot, as they are generally more reasonably priced than those closer to the city centre while offering high-quality spaces with charming ambience in a lovely location. Here are some averages to keep in mind as you search for the perfect venue:

  • Many wedding venues in and around Albert Park operate on a minimum spend model, meaning you pay nothing to hire the venue but agree to spend a set amount on food/drinks/etc. Prices range from $450 to $2,500 per event.
  • Other places have flat hire fees, starting at around $500 per day, where other items are added to the bill as per usual.
  • Finally, many wedding venues around Albert Park opt for a per person package model, usually charging between $65 and $210 per head. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What is included in a wedding package in Albert Park, Melbourne?

Wedding package offers in Albert Park, Melbourne usually include a set drinks and food menu. The deals can range from a very basic buffet or cocktail menu to a bespoke feast, including multiple plated courses, a bespoke beverage package, and a dessert buffet. At some venues, you can also ask for welcome drinks for all of your guests. Most of the time, the per person prices include the hire costs and other, additional charges. However, always remember to check the pricing details and make sure you won’t be surprised by any unexpected fees! Wedding packages in Albert Park don’t usually come with wedding planning services, DJs, or live music, so you might have to take care of these things on your own.

What are some of the current wedding trends in Albert Park?

If you’re planning a wedding in this part of Melbourne and want to stay on top of the hottest trends and themes, you’re in the right place! Australia’s wedding scene, like any other, is constantly evolving. Here are some of our favourite trends that you could apply to your upcoming special day:

  • Less is more. Call it what you want: minimalism or quality over quantity, this tendency in wedding planning is brilliant for so many reasons! Most of the time, inviting only your closest circle, cutting down on the excessive catering and not going overboard with decorations is better both for the environment and for your wallet! Browse our selection of small wedding venues in Melbourne if you like the sound of this.
  • Create a bespoke menu. Catering has always been an important part of wedding receptions, with sit-down meals slowly coming back into style! While venues might offer pre-made menus, more often than not you’ll be able to customise them to your and your guests’ likes and restrictions. Check out our blog post for a more in-depth look at organising the perfect wedding feast.
  • Ditch the traditions and trends. It might be a bit of an off-sounding trend, we know, but doing things your own way is in! Hire a unique venue, ditch the cake, wear a colourful dress, there’s plenty of ways you can make the whole thing more ‘you’. In Albert Park, organising an unconventional lakeside ceremony is a great place to start! If you’re a sports fan, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the fact that this location serves as an F1 circuit every year. When going for something personalised, why not go all in?

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