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Top Cocktail Party Venues in Sydney

Looking for that perfect venue to host your cocktail party? Sydney is home to a whole array of venues that will make a great backdrop to your next party, whatever kind of vibe you’re after. From bars and restaurants to rooftop bars in hotels and boats, you won’t be short of choice!

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Cocktail Party Venues Hire Guide

Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind while you choose the perfect space:

  • Ambience – What kind of mood do you want for your cocktail party? Will it be a fun, relaxed party or a more formal affair? The venue plays a huge part in helping to create the right ambience, so be sure to look for venues that match the desired mood!
  • The venue setup – Will your guests be stood or are you keen to make sure everyone can be seated? If you opt for seating, have a think about what layout will work best for your party. If you’re planning on having live entertainment or speeches made, make sure everyone has a good view of the staging area from their seats!
  • Catering – Food and drink go hand in hand so you’ll want to think about what kind of food will accompany the drinks. Do you want to serve full meals, light bites or canapes? Will it be a self-serve buffet or are you looking for a venue that can provide waiter service? If you go for somewhere that offers per person packages, some food and drink is often included, so discuss your requirements with your venue host.
  • Location – Is there any part of the city that would be most convenient for the majority of your guests? Are you keen for the venue to have a view over the harbour? What’s more, don’t forget to take the weather into consideration. Depending on the time of year, if you’re opting for an outdoor cocktail party, it may be worth finding a venue that also has an indoor area, just in case the weather decides to turn against you!

Wondering which areas of Sydney are the most popular for cocktail parties? We’ve got some hot spots listed below:

  • Sydney Harbour - With its water-based location, it’s no surprise that this part of the city offers a whole host of great cocktail party venues. The area is not only home to water boat venues but also a great choice of waterfront bars and restaurants with beautiful sea views.
    How about sipping on champagne while you cruise around the harbour and take in Sydney’s sights from the water? If that sounds like your kind of cocktail party, you could think about hosting your reception on one of Sydney’s boat venues. Boat venue hire tends to be priced with a hire fee and you can expect to pay between $850 and $3400 per hour, depending on the size you’re after.
    If you’d rather keep your feet on dry land, another popular option in the Sydney Harbour area is bar venues. Whether you’ll be needing an entire bar or just a separate area to host a small function, there’s a range of bars offering the perfect ambience. They can also a great choice if you’re after a cheap cocktail party venue! You’ll be looking at minimum spend rates of between $300 to $17000 or per person rates between $14 and $50, with most bars falling at the lower end of the scales.
  • Central Business District - If you’re after a hotel function room or up-market restaurant, Sydney’s CBD is the place to look. Rates for cocktail party venue hire tend to be done either based on per person packages or by a minimum spend. As a guide, packages tend to range from around $35 to $75 per person and minimum spends from $300 to $25,000.
    If you’re looking for a more formal venue, you could opt for a hotel function room. Function rooms in the CBD area tend to be priced either with a hire fee or minimum spend. For hire fees, you can expect to pay between $300 and $6800, with most falling at the higher end. Minimum spend rates tend to be around $2000 to $5000 but can go up to around $15,000!

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