Thanksgiving Restaurants for Rent in Houston, TX

Thanksgiving Restaurants for Rent in Houston, TX

Indulge in turkey and mashed potatoes in one of these amazing venues

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Top Thanksgiving Restaurants in Houston, TX

Have you been searching for the perfect place to eat some mouth-watering turkey? Yup, it’s that time of the year again - let’s celebrate Thanksgiving! If you’ve been looking for the ideal Thanksgiving restaurants in Houston, you’ve come to the perfect place. Here at Tagvenue we specialize in searching for each city’s top-notch dining places, and you’re going to be amazed at this year's top picks. Grab a coke, a beer or whatever you please, and sit down for a short five-minute rental guide on the best Thanksgiving restaurants Houston has to offer.

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Thanksgiving Restaurants Rental Guide

Are you in the festive mood yet? If not then prepare to get that warm fuzzy feeling after searching for the perfect celebratory venue, and checking out the food options. Over here at Tagvenue, we are all about turkey, gratitude and family gatherings. Celebrate with your family and friends and feel the love all around, it’s time to get ready for the dining experience of the year! We have special restaurants prepared just for you, from small and cozy locations to big party venues (if you fancy going all in). Imagine all of those delicious main courses, chocolate pudding desserts and some sneaky drinks to make the night even more fun. Crafted beer anyone? Maybe you’ll even find some pumpkin spice options, after all - who doesn’t love pumpkin spice, especially in autumn?

We know that every family has its own traditions, maybe you have some meals which you can’t imagine going without during Thanksgiving. Perhaps your dinner table is usually decorated in a special way for this special occasion. Or you play some family games after clearing off the table, and can’t see yourself changing that for anything else? Well, if you decide to rent a venue, you won’t have to forget about any of those things, because your requests will surely be listened to. Most locations allow bringing your own decorations, as long as they are not too messy and don’t disturb the staff. So if you want to have something special and personalized, talk to the host and worry no more. Most restaurants allow many BYOB options. So if you have a homemade treat that you can’t do without, don’t fret about not being able to bring it to the Thanksgiving dinner. And if your family is up for some games, then search through some of our laid-back venues and organize the games you wish. If this doesn’t have you convinced, then maybe some of our venue renting tips will.

Benefits of booking Thanksgiving venues

No mess, no fuss, no stress

Yes, the typical holiday celebrations with families can cause a lot of stress, a lot of clearing up and someone getting into a spat sooner or later. With event venue renting however, you can avoid all of that and get straight to the good part. Leave the cooking to the chef, leave the cleaning to the staff, and just indulge in each moment, unshaken by any unpleasant events. What better way to feel thankful, than when you can actually be thankful for everything that’s taken care of for you. To be honest, not only are you going to be happy about this choice, but so is everyone else when there’s nothing to be grumpy about!

Savor family connections

The benefits of booking don’t stop on the no fuss part, surely you’re going to be even more happy about the family time you can enjoy. Whether you’re keen on family celebrations or not, a Thanksgiving dinner is hopefully going to make you feel grateful for the family that you have. With everyone in a great mood and smiles on their faces, you’re bound to feel more connected to the people you love. If you have some long lost family members, or ones that live on different sides of the continent, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to refresh those family bonds. Have a drink over the roast turkey, play a game with the younger ones if you’re up for it, or, if the opportunity presents itself, take a few embarrassing pictures of your favorite drunk uncle. Could this be the party that you will remember for years to come?

So much fun

I think we can all agree that going out in itself is just, simply fun. Houston has many amazing attractions to see or visit, if you want to do something else along the way. Check out the local monuments, museums or parks for some extra family bonding activities. And once you’re done, enjoy the Thanksgiving dinner, play family games and forget about work and other stressful things for a few hours at least. 

Leave when you want to 

And if family events bring a cold shiver down your spine, or you just need a quick getaway, then a venue is also the ideal place for escaping when you need to. If you’re just not feeling like you really want to attend this family celebration, then excuse yourself and worry not about having to explain yourself. Venue renting is, honestly, the best option for all!

Do you feel ready to book the perfect Thanksgiving restaurant now? We certainly hope so, because it’s time to search and book the location for your family event. Explore our listings, and give yourself some time to filter out the perfect restaurant for you and your family or friends. Check out the FAQ section if you still have some worries.

FAQs about Thanksgiving Restaurants in Houston, TX

What’s the price range for Thanksgiving restaurants in Houston?

The price range for Thanksgiving restaurants in Houston starts at around $1000 and ends at more or less $7500 per session. Depending on the venue capacity and location, the prices will vary. For more affordable options, ask the manager for a BYOB option or if you’re planning a smaller party check if the venue offers rental prices per person, rather than per session. (All data from

Are restaurants in Houston open on Thanksgiving?

Although some venues may be closed (please check with the host), you will find that a lot of restaurants will be open on this happy day. Search and filter out the places that you’d like to rent and don’t worry too much about the places being open. The owners want this day to be special just for you!

How long in advance should I rent a Thanksgiving restaurant in Houston?

Definitely think about quite some time in advance, since this is one of the most popular times of the year to book restaurants. For a smaller party, think 6 to 8 weeks in advance, for larger parties even up to half a year in advance. This gives the restaurant a chance to prepare, and you will have definite peace of mind, and one less thing to worry about.

What’s the most popular Thanksgiving cuisine?

Thanksgiving cannot happen without the delicious, traditional golden glazed roast turkey. Our mouth is watering with the thought of the yummy, perfectly mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries and the turkey stuffing. Can you smell it already? Get in touch with the manager before renting  a venue, and ask if they serve all of this wonderful traditional food. In the worst case scenario that they do not serve a dish that you love, you can always ask for a BYO option.

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