Wedding Restaurants for Rent in Houston, TX

Wedding Restaurants for Rent in Houston, TX

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Top Wedding Restaurants in Houston, TX

We know that hiring the perfect space for your Big Day is one of the most important things on your wedding checklist. That’s why we’ve come up with a curated list of the best wedding restaurants in Houston, making it easier than ever to find your perfect space! Whether you’re looking for a modern setting or a classic location with cuisine that will literally knock everyone’s socks off, you can be quite sure that our advanced search engines have got just what you need! So start browsing now because your dream wedding venue is only a click away!

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Wedding Restaurants Rental Guide

Eating in a restaurant that offers fantastic food and a one-of-a-kind ambiance is already a wonderful experience. So why not choose this amazing space for your wedding, and enjoy an incredible experience surrounded by your closest friends and family?

Houston has an array of fantastic restaurants in all shapes and sizes that will be more than happy to help you organize your dream wedding reception. So why not check out your options on Tagvenue? We have a great selection of wedding restaurants that can be booked exclusively for your event. Choose a restaurant with a spacious private room for your wedding ceremony and reception, or a rooftop terrace for a great view of the city lights. Perhaps one with rustic charm on the outskirts of the city, or a blank canvas space that will let you organize everything from scratch? Whichever one you choose, trust us – your guests will love it! So start your search today for the ideal wedding space by taking our search engines for a spin! 

How to organize a wedding in a restaurant?

Weddings are special events that celebrate the union of two people. For many, this is also an opportunity to bring together their families and friends. With a full guest list, it is key to select the best venue possible so that everyone can enjoy themselves to the fullest. That’s why we’ve prepared some useful tricks on how to organize a wedding in a restaurant so you and your guests can have the most memorable experience possible. So start reading and thank us later! 

Set your budget. Deciding how much of your wedding budget can be spent on the venue will help you pick a restaurant that meets your needs. And remember – there is always a way to make things cheaper for yourself. You can even pick a space that has a beautiful interior so further spending on decorations for your celebration won’t be needed.? But before taking any further steps to rent the restaurant, sit down with your partner and your wedding planner and decide what your perfect restaurant venue will need. 

Create a wedding guest list. Trying to figure out how big of a venue you need for your wedding reception? Then start by putting together a guest list! Even an estimate will help you pick a restaurant that will have enough space to make everyone comfortable and ready to celebrate. Whether you're planning a casual reception at your favorite local restaurant, or an elaborate affair in a fancy Michelin star venue, you need to figure out the guest list first. After all, it's hard to plan and book a venue when you don't know how many people are coming!

Choose a convenient location. The closer your chosen restaurant is to your home or church where the ceremony will be held, the fewer expenses on transportation or accommodation you'll be facing. But if there are no good options in your area, don’t worry! Just make sure the space you choose has decent transportation options, as well as access to a parking lot so that everyone can get there with no fuss. 

Choose a restaurant with the right vibe. One of the primary steps toward organizing a successful wedding is to choose a suitable venue. You should consider whether you want an intimate ceremony or if you would prefer something more lavish. If you want your wedding to be less formal, then you could opt for an outdoor restaurant with plenty of space for guests to mingle and celebrate as they see fit. Conversely, if you want something more formal, then an indoor venue may be more appropriate for your event. A good way to choose is by asking yourself: what kind of atmosphere do I want for my wedding? Take the time to visit your short list of favorites, Once you can see it with your own eyes, you may start your research for the ideal space.

Choose food that is good for everyone. Your wedding meal is the star of the day, so make sure it’s one to remember! Inject some personal style into your wedding day, and base your wedding menu around your favorite foods. If you're fond of Italian food, then why not go with a Mediterranean theme? Perhaps a truly TexMex cuisine is what everyone loves? And if you and your partner are serious foodies, then choose dishes that will tantalize your guests' taste buds! 

Plan out the setting. Determine how you would like your guests to be seated. Some restaurants have fixed table arrangements, so if that’s the case, then it's best to know this in advance and plan out the best way that you can manage with the given set of tables. The well-being of your guests should be your main priority, so make sure they won’t feel crowded, or too far away from the next person. 

Decide on desserts and the wedding cake. Discuss with the manager at an early stage if you can bring your own custom gourmet cake and desserts. Many restaurants will allow this if they don’t have any preferred vendors, or their own pastry chef, but make sure you know the deal about any cutting fees that may be charged per slice or at a flat rate.

FAQs about Wedding Restaurants in Houston, TX

How much does it cost to rent a wedding restaurant in Houston?

The cost of a wedding in Houston depends on many factors, including the number of guests, the size of your wedding, and the location of your reception. But generally, in Houston restaurants, prices start at as low as $139 per person or range between $2000 to $4000 per minimum spend. (All data from

How far in advance should I rent a Houston restaurant for my wedding?

In general, you should look to book your reception venue about a year before your wedding. If you're getting married during the wedding season (May through August), you may need to start even earlier to have the best venue options available. But if you’re thinking of an intimate wedding with less than 50 guests, it’s possible to secure a great venue even 6 months before your wedding.

Who pays for the wedding expenses?

There are no hard rules on that matter. Traditionally, the bride's family paid for most things, but today, both parties can contribute, as well as their families. Some couples even pay for everything themselves! You can set some helpful guidelines to consider when planning who pays for what. 

Can you recommend some wedding restaurants in Houston?

Sure thing! Here are some of our favs: 

Eugene’s - Fancying some unusual surroundings? This private dining room can take you and your guest to another century while the varied cuisine will spoil everyone’s palates.

Lonesome Dove - A charming ceremony and reception site with rustic touches is the perfect choice for couples who want an intimate and cozy celebration. This venue also provides 3 consultants to help you plan your big day.

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