Thanksgiving Restaurants for Rent in Atlanta, GA

Thanksgiving Restaurants for Rent in Atlanta, GA

Plan your Thanksgiving feast in one of the best eateries in the city

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Top Thanksgiving Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

If you’re wondering how you can make your Thanksgiving in Atlanta a bit more special, here’s our offer: a festive Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant! Take your loved ones for an outing to an amazing restaurant, and we guarantee that you’ll be spending a fantastic time over the luscious food the city is famous for. And with Tagvenue’s help, you will find the ideal space that suits your needs and wallet. So hop on our platform, start scrolling through our list of the best Thanksgiving restaurants in Atlanta and book your favorite in a flash!

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Thanksgiving Restaurants Rental Guide

What are the benefits of hosting a Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant?

1. It is a great time-saving option! - If you live in a constant rush, then hosting a Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant will be the perfect fit for you. Just imagine not having to worry about any shopping, food preparation, or cleaning up after. Sounds amazing, right? You will only need to arrange some details that will take a little time and soon you’ll be enjoying a festive feast with your loved ones. 

2. It will save you unnecessary stress - There is the risk that your guests might not like what you’ve prepared, or may not feel comfortable in a too-small dining room. If thoughts of not catering to your guests’ needs cause you to shiver, a dinner at a restaurant will make you feel at ease and show you how planning a dinner can be enjoyable and stress-free!

3. You will spend a memorable time with your loved ones - Thanksgiving is all about feeling gratitude and appreciation towards the people you have in your life. So why not allow yourself to fully immerse yourself in spending time with your loved ones instead of going to the kitchen and missing out? Having dinner in a restaurant will give you all the time to truly connect and foster your relationships chatting and laughing over fantastic foods. 

Are Atlanta restaurants open on Thanksgiving? 

The answer is: yes! There are plenty of restaurants across Atlanta that are open on the holiday. So leave the stress of preparing Thanksgiving home this year and leave it to professionals that are ready to spoil your palate with a true Thanksgiving feast. If you already have a specific place in mind where you would like to invite your guests for an outing, we recommend checking in advance if it’s open on regular hours. In case they’re not, you can schedule your celebrations a bit early on, or even after! Or why not make use of our smart engine? Once you type in the date, guest number, and other details, you’ll be presented with a curated list of fantastic restaurants that are open on Thanksgiving. Trust us, you will find one that matches your style and budget in the blink of an eye!

How can I elevate my Thanksgiving dinner? 

Would you like this year’s Thanksgiving to feel really special? Or maybe you’re looking for ideas to start your one-and-only family tradition? Consider the ideas we’ve listed below. They will not only boost your celebrations but make them truly memorable and fun!

Theme - Themes always make the celebrations exciting. Think outside the box and instead of organizing a cliche turkey and pumpkin feast, add some character to the event. You can go for picking a dominant color scheme and grace the table with some bold, colorful accents, or even go over the top and host a Boho or tropical dinner!  

Music - Nothing sets the atmosphere better than good music. Make a playlist with your favorite hits and let it play in the background during dinner. Help everyone get in a good mood, as they hum and bounce their heads to the rhythm of the music. And who knows, maybe later your dinner will transform into a dancing competition? 

Games - Once you’re all full after dinner, get everyone’s brain cells working with some fun games! Playing games is a fantastic way to spend quality time and connect with your loved ones while having a bit of friendly rivalry and laughter. Good fun is guaranteed! And to match the games to the occasion, you can go for Thanksgiving bingo, or trivia featuring tricky and interesting facts about the holiday. 

Food! - Many people can’t imagine Thanksgiving without turkey topped with cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes. But how about adding an unexpected twist to the menu? Surprise your guests with some unique side dishes, such as lemon potatoes salad, vegan pot pies, or cheese and garlic pull-apart bread. Or invite your guests for an unforgettable dining experience and try out different cuisines from around the world. We guarantee that everyone’s palate will be spoiled. But don’t forget to include any food options that accommodate your guests’ allergies and restrictions!

Movies - Invite your guests over for a joint movie watching of your favorite series. Maybe a Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, Friends, or Games of Thrones marathon? With a glass of wine or hot chocolate in hand, you will spend a fantastic time commenting on the plot and questioning the movie characters’ choices! 

A city stroll - Get those calories burned after a festive dinner and take everyone for a walk around the block. Everyone will feel the atmosphere of joy in the air, and enjoy the bustling atmosphere, especially when you take them Downtown. Also, Atlanta is full of fantastic parks, so why not head over to Piedmont Park, Grant Park, or Central Park to soak in calming views of the surrounding greenery?

FAQs about Thanksgiving Restaurants in Atlanta, GA

How much does it cost to rent a restaurant for Thanksgiving?

For special holidays such as Thanksgiving, restaurants usually charge per person. Prices start at around $60 up to $99+ and generally include a three-course meal and drinks. However, don’t hesitate to ask venue managers for individual price options, as well as discounts. (All data from

How far in advance should I rent a Thanksgiving restaurant in Atlanta?

Having a festive Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant is getting more and more popular each year, so book your space as soon as possible! We recommend doing so once you’ve set your initial budget, and no later than 8 weeks before the holiday. It will give you enough time to find the ideal restaurant with the right ambiance and menu.

Where in Atlanta can I find the best restaurants to host a dinner on Thanksgiving?

If you want to give an upscale feel to your celebration, we highly recommend Buckhead and the restaurants on the W Paces Ferry Road and T.Harvey Mathis Parkway. If you can’t imagine missing the match during your dinner and cheering on the team, then check out Lenox areas where you can either host a dinner or Thanksgiving lunch. In case you’re interested in restaurants located Downtown, then you should definitely check out the Hotel District.

Do restaurants serve traditional dishes on Thanksgiving?

Most restaurants do! Their menus are specially crafted on that day and feature traditional roast turkey, turkey stuffing, beans, mashed potatoes, etc. If you would like to pass on the traditional Thanksgiving menu, they also offer other foods but keep in mind that their everyday menu can be limited on that day.

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