Holiday Party Venues for Rent in San Francisco, CA

Holiday Party Venues for Rent in San Francisco, CA

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Top Holiday Party Venues in San Francisco, CA

The most wonderful time of the year is coming! So get your best outfit ever ready and start planning your amazing holiday party now! No matter if you’re planning a cheerful holiday feast with your family or an annual Christmas bash for your company, here on Tagvenue, we will help you find the best venue that caters to your needs and budget! So, take our smart filters for a spin and scan through our carefully curated list of holiday party venues in San Francisco, from Mission District to Union Square and beyond. You will be picking your favorite one in a matter of minutes!

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Holiday Party Venues Rental Guide

With the holiday season coming, everyone seems to be in high spirits, waiting with excitement for those special days filled with love, and presents, of course. So why not amp up everyone’s excitement a little bit more by organizing a holiday party! It’s the perfect excuse to gather your favorite crowd to relax together, have some fun and chat over delicious food and drinks. You may also want to treat your employees to a fantastic dinner and thank them for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. But don’t settle for some mediocre, disheartening, simple celebration with some Christmas music and limp snacks. Show that you care for your people and organize a holiday party they won’t soon forget! To do so, check out our crafted list of key elements to consider when planning a party. Your party preparations may be short and sweet, but the guests will be reminiscing about it long after it’s ended! 

How to plan a successful holiday party guide

Budget - Settling on your budget is one of the key elements you should always take into account when planning a successful celebration. Don’t rush, carefully calculate the costs of the venue rental, food and beverage options, decorations, and whichever other attractions you’re planning to incorporate in your party. We recommend making a simple spreadsheet to track down all the costs related to the party organization. It will be a big help when the time to find your dream venue comes. Also, make sure to make use of our smart filters! You will be presented with a curated list of fantastic venues that match your price target.   

Date - Pick the date as soon as possible. The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year and the best San Francisco venues will be booked well in advance. So not to find yourself with less options to choose from, don’t wait until the last minute to start your venue hunt. Be flexible and have a range of optional days up your sleeve for the holiday party to take place on. This will increase your chances of renting out the best space out of your price target. Once you’ve got your favorite pick, don’t linger too much and book it so you can focus on other key elements from your action plan.   

Guest list - Think who are you likely to invite for a holiday party. An estimated number of guests will come in handy in narrowing down your search for a perfect venue that will accommodate everyone without bumping each other. Also, it will help you determine which layout – several round tables or a single long one– will be the most suitable to increase everyone’s enjoyment. Make sure to send your invitations early enough so that your guests can save the date in their calendars. 

The ideal venue and its location - A vibrant Mission District? Upscale areas of Union Square, or maybe Haight Ashbury rich in unique quirk? San Francisco’s venue scene is as vibrant as the city itself with fantastic options to choose from! And you can either go with the location near your home or cross the city. But keep in mind that the venue’s location has an immense influence on the attendance, hence the party’s success. So make sure it’s in a convenient location with Muni transportation and car parks nearby.  

When picking the ideal venue, you should also acknowledge the party type you’re planning to host. For intimate family gatherings, you may consider restaurants with private rooms or bars with function rooms that come with different styles and settings. While corporate holiday parties merge well with large venues, such as banquet halls. Whatever your vision though, take some time to consider all the available venue options and pick one that will meet all your expectations.     

Theme & decorations - Elevate your party by picking a fun theme with matching decorations! Your guests will be impatient for the party to begin. Maybe a Winter Wonderland affair, a journey to Scandinavia, or a classic Ugly Sweater party? Wake your inner festive creativity and come up with something fun and original your crowd will be looking forward to. Or simply add holiday-themed decorations, such as wreaths, garlands, Christmas lights, etc. to evoke the mood you’re aiming for. But first, discuss whether adding your own decorations is in accordance with venue policy. 

Carefully plan the menu - A sit-down, full-course dinner with traditional holiday dishes, or maybe a buffet with unconventional treats? Maybe a cocktail party with fancy finger foods to snatch from the table? Spend some time to reckon which option is the right one for your event. Venues across San Francisco either have in-house catering or allow you to bring your own food. Each option has its pros – encouraging your crowd to bring their comfort food to share with everyone is a budget-friendly idea to save a few dollars, while picking a venue with in-house catering options spares some time on picking and hiring the venue and catering separately. Whatever you choose, however, always make sure you’ve discussed all food matters with the venue manager.   

Drinks and beverages - Are you planning to serve drinks at the party? Make sure you ask the manager for package options, as well as about the BYOB policy. Think of spicing things up by serving original alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages from around the globe! Your guests will not only have fun but also get a chance to discover different flavors. 

Think of Christmas party favors - The holiday season is the perfect time to show gratitude for the people you care about. Giving small gifts would be a perfect idea to thank them for the party attendance, as well that you have them in your life. Think of DIY gifts, such as handcrafted Christmas cards, or a goodie bag with homemade gingerbreads or candies. This type of gesture will make them all smile from ear to ear, trust us! 

Venues that are perfect for a holiday party in San Francisco

Are you wondering what venue type would be the perfect fit for your holiday party? Below we’ve listed some popular options that you can explore on our platform and pick according to your needs with the use of our smart filters. But don’t stop with those options, though! We have plenty of venues of different styles you can discover with just a few clicks! So make sure to check them all out before making your final decision.    

Restaurants and bars - San Francisco’s dining scene is simply amazing! Lively dineries and bars in Mission District, trendy Cow Hollow bistros and wine lounges, affordable, funky Tenderloin eateries…Those are just a few of the areas that are dotted all over with bars and restaurants that will add to the mood of the party you’re about to host.  

Outdoor venues - Who says you can’t throw a holiday party outdoors! You can always organize your bash a little bit earlier to get everyone in the mood for December. November is a perfect month to organize a holiday party if you want to move your fun to the patio or garden. Also, many venues have heated lamps that will help you stay warm. You can find them in the Marina District

Unique venues - A museum, an art gallery, or maybe a warehouse? If typical event spaces aren’t your thing, discover some original venues that will bring some unmistakable elements to the aesthetics of your party! Explore them in the SoMa district, a treasury of fantastic and unique spaces.  

Some activities to engage in with your crowd to get the holiday spirits flowing before the holiday party in San Francisco 

San Franciscans simply love the holiday season! Events, shows, gatherings – those and many more fantastic attractions, available once-in-a-year, make the residents all excited. So why not make use of them to engage your guests and get them super excited and in the holiday spirit before the party! Trust us, San Francisco’s holiday attractions lift up the spirits no matter the age. So get ready to jump into the holiday mood and scan through our list of activities you can engage in across San Francisco!   

Union Square - It is the beating heart of the holiday celebration, rimmed by magical lights, Christmas decorations, as well as a remarkable display of the shops. And right in the center of the plaza stands a giant Christmas tree. Once it’s lit with thousands of lights, it takes everyone to a true holiday wonderland. You simply cannot miss the chance to see this holiday magic with your own eyes! To add some fun to this experience, make sure to take everyone for a spin at the Safeway Holiday Ice Rink and enjoy its fantastic views of the tree. Also, don’t forget to swing by The Westin St Francis hotel which each year has a sublime selection of sugar castles on display in the lobby. 

SantaCon - Join hundreds of people dressed as Santas for a day of drinking, eating, singing carols! Simply enjoy yourselves, after all, mingling in the crowd is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, as well as spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest.     

Charles Dickens Christmas Fair - Attending the event is like entering the time machine that takes you straight to Victorian London, the home of Charles Dickens. Actors dressed in beautiful costumes, perform and entertain paying tribute to the legacy of Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. Try some delicious food and purchase handcrafted to keep the holiday spirit flowing. 

Shopping Mall stroll - Take your crowd for a shopping spree, but not only! Visit Macy’s Department store which is adorned with beautiful and original decorations, as well as Neiman Marcus across the street. Each year there is an enormous tree in the center of the mall that you can admire from all the floors. Westfield Mall, on the other hand, invites all shopping enthusiasts to admire an interesting, LED Christmas tree hanging upside down under the dome. They’re all perfect spots to snap a family picture and get you even more joyous about the upcoming holidays! 

Go to the War Memorial Opera House - Take your nearest and dearest for an outing to watch a fantastic Nutcracker ballet. It is a traditional ballet performance that you can see only during the holiday season, so it’s definitely a mark of upcoming holidays for many. For those who are not so fond of ballet performances, you can head over to The American Conservatory Theater where you can watch a magical new interpretation of A Christmas Carol. This dazzling performance is brimming with holiday spirits that will contribute to your own festive moods.  

A walk around the City - Honestly, even a simple walk around the city during the holiday season feels special. All main streets are embellished with lights and decorations, so it’s worth taking a stroll with a cup of hot chocolate in hand to feel the holiday spirit wafting in the air. On our part, we can recommend the famous Ghirardelli Square, followed by a stroll to the waterfront of  Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39

FAQs about Holiday Party Venues in San Francisco, CA

How much does it cost to rent a holiday party venue in San Francisco?

In general, expect per person holiday packages to cost from around $30 up to $70+, which usually includes a set food and drinks menu. In San Francisco, cheap holiday party venue rental starts at around $50 per hour or $200 per session. The more exclusive event spaces can cost you over $300 per hour or even $25,000 per day, so the range is really broad! If you're planning a holiday meal in San Francisco, consider a minimum spend party venue. The requirements usually vary from $1500 up to $20000+ per event. (All data from Tagvenue.)

How long in advance should I secure a venue for a holiday party?

The sooner, the better! We recommend starting your search at least 4-6 months in advance so you don't miss out on San Francisco's top-rated holiday venues! The holiday season is one of the most popular times for venue rental, so secure the venue as soon as you’ve agreed on a budget, guest number, and date. That way, you will have plenty of offers to choose from and pick the best one that will cater to your needs and budget. And let's not forget about all the time you'll have to think of decor, catering, and activities

Can you recommend some venues for a holiday party in San Francisco?

Here are some of the best holiday party venues for rent in San Francisco:

Billiard Room at The Blue Light - Looking for a place with an old soul, offering a billiard room to play and mingle with your loved ones during the festivities? Check out this unique holiday party venue in the Union Street district! 

Hemingway Room at Novela - Sign up for a unique Christmas dining experience with artisanal hand-crafted cocktails, unique décor and ambiance! This stellar venue on Mission Street will take your intimate celebration to the next level, with space for up to 45 guests.

The Lounge at Chambers at The Phoenix - This venue is a perfect pick for a corporate holiday party, with space for up to 240 guests and multiple areas to socialize. Their wide selection of beverages, accompanied by cosmopolitan dishes, makes it a perfect Christmas drinks setting! You'll find the venue near the Civic Center.

Can I find a venue for a large corporate party in San Francisco?

The answer is positive! For large venues that will accommodate around 200+ people, we recommend searching in the areas near some popular subway stations, such as Civic Center16th St Mission, or Caltrain Station. Venues like Novela or the Cocktail Bar at Persona are perfect for gatherings of up to 300 guests, but there are larger options, too! Picking a banquet hall, such as the Webster Hall, will allow you to invite around 500 guests, while ballrooms like The Regency Ballroom can fit over 1,000 people.

Also, why don’t you take our search filters for a spin? Type in the guest number in the search bar, and enjoy a curated list of venues that will fit all of them! 

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