Rehearsal Dinner Venues for Rent in Atlanta, GA

Rehearsal Dinner Venues for Rent in Atlanta, GA

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Top Rehearsal Dinner Venues in Atlanta, GA

Amazingly diverse and charming Atlanta is home to a plethora of phenomenal dining spots, so whatever vision you have for your rehearsal dinner, get set to find the perfect venue that suits all of your needs and requirements. Prepare to be spoiled with delicious food, a gorgeous setting and outstanding service! Hop on our search engine, type in all of the necessary details and start your search! You’ll be amazed at all the options for rehearsal dinner venues in Atlanta. Start your hunt now with Tagvenue!

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Rehearsal Dinner Venues Rental Guide

Rehearsal dinners usually kick off your wedding weekend, so it’d be a good idea to make it as much fun as possible! It’s completely up to you what type of rehearsal dinner you organize, whether it’s a formal sit-down dinner or a laid-back barbecue in the backyard! A rehearsal dinner is a great way to get you ready for the big day, so make sure you host it in a fantastic venue! Atlanta is home to many restaurants and gorgeous wedding venues, so finding the perfect one shouldn’t be too much of a problem. No matter what you decide on, we’re sure you want your event to be special, so, to help you out, we’ve put down a few ideas that’ll make your rehearsal dinner memorable and fun.

Rehearsal Dinner Ideas:

  • Pick a theme. Your rehearsal dinner should represent you as a couple instead of going for a common and underrated theme. Ideally, stick to the wedding theme, but it’s not a must. You can get inspired by your rehearsal dinner venue and its color scheme, the happy couple’s favorite activity or their beloved place where they had their first date or the day they got engaged.
  • Make a playlist. You’ve searched high and low through the lists of greatest songs and your old playlists in order to find the song for your first dance, so this is your chance to blast out those tunes you love. Basically, with the music that’ll be played in the evening, you’re setting the tone for the festivities to come - regardless of whether there’ll be dancing or not. If you want live music to accompany your rehearsal dinner, why not splurge on a live band?!
  • Bespoke beverages. If you’re planning to serve alcohol during your rehearsal dinner, why not create custom cocktails?! You can have your favorite drinks served but under different names - why not call the bride’s drink of choice after her and do the same with the groom’s drink? Make sure there are mocktails for those who don’t drink alcohol and let the libation serve as a tasty nightcap.
  • Guest book. This is another opportunity to have a memento from such a special time. At the wedding, the guests might get distracted by a lot of fun or simply forget about the guest book. This is why we recommend you set it up for the rehearsal dinner instead. The relaxed atmosphere is an ideal setting to pen a special note or advice for the future. In case someone misses the chance to do so during the rehearsal dinner, you can set out the same book during the reception.
  • Provide other activities. If you want to get the party started early, think of preparing various activities for the event. Simply skip the typical formal dinner and do something lighthearted instead. And the best part of fun activities? Such a casual start will make it easier for your family and friends (who may not know each other very well) to mix and mingle! For active couples and their guests who don’t like getting bored, we suggest social games, like cornhole, Pictionary, or anything else that’ll make the guests laugh and interact.
  • Create forever memories. If you’re working with a big budget, you can hire a professional photographer to take lots of pics throughout the evening. But in case you don’t want to splurge on a rehearsal dinner or you’re looking for something unique, we have a fantastic solution for you! Have disposable cameras on the tables and encourage guests to snap pics during the event! Let them get creative (and silly) and take photos of the moments you might miss!
  • Give meaningful gifts. It’s customary for the couple to gift their guests during the rehearsal dinner, but don’t feel like you have to break the bank to prove to your pals that you appreciate them a lot. Choose a gift that’ll go with the rehearsal dinner’s theme or go for something practical - whatever you decide on, make sure it’s personalized! 

Rehearsal Dinner Decorations:

Before your event starts, spruce up your rehearsal dinner venue! In case you’re lost for ideas, we’ve jotted down a few ideas:

  • Incorporate personalized details. Display photos that were taken at different stages of your relationship, from the first date all the way until the engagement. Customize the weekend’s program by putting some details about your relationship and love story. And how about providing your loved ones with handwritten notes thanking them for being with you on such a special day.
  • Flower arrangements. They are much more than basic centerpieces and bouquets. Fresh blooms will add plenty of color to your party, as well as make the event more elevated and personalized - especially if you choose your favorites
  • Balloon decorations. You can keep it simple and put up plenty of balloons in the theme color of your party, or go a step further and fill them with helium so that they levitate above your heads. And let’s also not forget about foil balloons that come in various shapes and sizes!

FAQs about Rehearsal Dinner Venues in Atlanta, GA

Who gets invited to a wedding rehearsal dinner?

There is no golden rule when it comes to a rehearsal dinner guest list. Usually, the party consists of a tight-knit group of family and friends that will be participating in the ceremony, such as immediate family members, bridal party members, or perhaps out-of-town guests. Depending on your rehearsal dinner budget, you can either extend or shorten the guest list!

How much does it cost to rent a venue for a rehearsal dinner in Atlanta?

Atlanta’s huge selection of rehearsal dinner venues will suit every taste and budget. Rental fees can vary between $100 and $5,000 per session. You can also rent out the space for a few hours with hourly rates ranging from $35 up to $125 per hour. Some of the venues around the city offer special packages - the prices start at $20 and get up to $49 per person. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

Where in Atlanta can I find the best venues for a rehearsal dinner?

One of Atlanta’s hippest neighborhoods, Little Five Points, boasts various restaurants serving international food, as well as vegan options. In the summer months, you can host your rehearsal dinner on one of the outdoor patios. Downtown Atlanta is home to many restaurants, both high-end and affordable, as well as hotels where you could host your rehearsal dinner without a doubt. Head to Buckhead if you’re on the lookout for great spaces ideal for all kinds of events, from intimate dinners to lavish gatherings. You can also check out Centennial Park District and its plethora of phenomenal venues.

What are some of the most common rehearsal dinner mistakes to avoid?

Here are some aspects that’ll ensure your rehearsal dinner is a smashing success:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to book the venue.
  • Don’t make the night all about rehearsing - after all, rehearsal dinners are known as the “party-before-party” for a reason.
  • Serve all kinds of alcohol and remember about mocktails and soft drinks for all of the non-drinkers.
  • Think through the guest list and make sure that the attendees aren’t going through a feud with each other.
  • Don’t let the rehearsal dinner last too long - remember about the beauty sleep before the Big Day and end the party around 10.30!

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