Conference Venues for Rent in Washington, DC

Conference Venues for Rent in Washington, DC

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Top Conference Venues in Washington, DC

Welcome to Washington, D.C.! The country’s capital offers many fantastic conference venues that are more than ready to help you organize your next event. The city is a rich resource for conference organizers. It offers numerous hotels that offer ample space and professional equipment, as well as function rooms, cultural venues and conference centers that are perfect for your needs. And the good news is that you can find them all on Tagvenue! So why not start browsing our curated list now? Whether you are hosting a seminar, a forum or a convention, you’ll find the ideal space for your needs within minutes!

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Conference Venues Rental Guide

Washington, D.C.  is a thriving city filled to the brim with exciting venues of all types that are perfect for conferences of all shapes and sizes. And here at Tagvenue, we specialize in venues, so you couldn’t have chosen a better platform to find a space for your conference! We will be more than happy to help you find and book a venue that matches your vision. So why not start browsing our curated list of conference venues now? Our smart filters will definitely match you with the DC spaces that tick all of your boxes. 

A guide to organizing a conference in Washington, DC 

Thorough planning is key to hosting a successful conference. That’s why we recommend starting by making a checklist that covers all the essential steps that you need to take to make the event happen. You’ll be much more confident during the whole process and won’t suffer any setbacks. 

To help you out, we’ve created a quick roundup of all the essentials that you need to address to pull off a conference of any size and subject. So skim it through now! 

Establish your goal and vision - What’s the goal of your conference? To discuss important business matters, present different perspectives in the academic world, share the best practices in the educational field, or spill the tea about new scientific discoveries? Without establishing the goal of your conference, it will be difficult for you to envision the whole event and find a venue that will match your purpose. Take some time to decide and once you do, you will see how easy it will be for you to plan out the other conference elements!  

Set a budget - Now, let’s talk about money. Establish how much you are able to pay for the whole endeavor and what part of the budget will go for all the important things such as the venue rental, equipment, catering, transportation, conference giveaways, cleaning and serving staff, etc. It will help you avoid overspending because you’ll thoroughly consider your options and choose the ones that match your price range. 

Pro tip: Try to look for offers that have package options which include such essentials like equipment, furniture (chairs, tables, stands, boards, etc.) or catering. When you compare the costs, it may cost much less than if you were to organize everything separately.  

Draw up a guest list - How big of a conference are you planning? Even an estimated size will help you determine how much room you need to fit all the expected attendees comfortably. You’ll know exactly if the venue that you’re considering will accommodate everything that you’ve planned and avoid renting one that is too big/small. 

Embrace the equipment - Will you need projectors, computers, WiFi, AV equipment, etc.? Take some time to decide what you need and look for offers that provide all the essential equipment. It will spare you some time on renting the gear from different companies, and there’s a high chance that the venue will give you some discount when you use in-house services. Just ensure that everything meets your standards and works smoothly before the conference!  

Consider the catering options - Although it isn’t necessary to provide full catering at a conference, you should at least offer some beverages like coffee/tea and snacks that everyone can grab during breaks. Nowadays, it’s the bare minimum if you want to host a successful conference. But if you really want to leave a lasting impression on the attendees, consider having a buffet or some finger foods. This is especially important if your conference is going to last all day. Luckily, many conference venues in D.C. offer in-house catering, so you can easily choose a package option that will cater to everyone’s needs.    

Choose a convenient location - Location has a huge impact on attendance. If you can, try to pick one that is within the city’s central area, like Downtown, West End or Dupont Circle. They have plenty of accommodation options that can be useful for out-of-town guests and great transportation links so everyone will reach the destination without a fuss. 

Delegate the tasks - Don’t act on your own! Hosting a conference is a big deal and doing everything on your own can quickly leave you out of steam. Try to pick a few colleagues who can help you with the organization. For example, you can ask one person to take care of the equipment, and another one to tackle the catering, invitations or goodie bags. The point is that it will make the whole process much smoother and you won’t feel so overwhelmed.

Send out the invitations - You should send the invitations early on. Ideally, it should be around six months before the event. Don’t worry if you don’t have everything settled at that time! The main goal for sending invitations this early is to inform your guests about your event so that they can mark the date on their calendars. You can always send a more detailed invitation and agenda closer to the date.

FAQs about Conference Venues in Washington, DC

How much does renting a conference venue in Washington, D.C. cost?

The final cost will depend on many factors such as the size of your event, duration, date and personal requirements. Hourly fees range between $400 to $1000+ while full buyouts can go up to $54000. It is also possible to rent a venue per person, and in Washington, D.C. you should expect to pay anywhere from $75 to $300+. Just keep in mind that these are the general prices so it’s best to ask the venue manager for an individual offer based on your requirements. (All data from

How far in advance should I book a conference venue in Washington, D.C.?

When it comes to conferences, you should secure your first-choice option at least one year in advance. This will leave you with plenty of time to decide on other important conference elements and you will be able to book the best venue option in your price range. The worst you can do is to wait until the last minute as you will have much fewer options to choose from because the majority of the best offers will be already fully booked.

Where in Washington, D.C. can I find conference venues?

Start your search in the areas close to Downtown, such as Dupont Circle, West End and Logan Circle. They are well-known for a wide range of conference venues that will suit your needs like business centers, historical halls, exhibition halls, hotels and universities. Plus, they’re the perfect option if you’re planning to invite many town guests. These areas are vibrant and offer great entertainment options such as restaurants, bars, live music venues which they can explore after the event.

What is usually included in a conference package?

This will mainly depend on the offer, but usually, a conference package includes the rental fee, catering and basic equipment like projectors, flip charts, WiFi and microphones. Some hotel conference venues may include accommodation in the package offer. However, remember that each offer differs so to avoid any unpleasant surprises, ensure that you know what you’re paying for before signing the contract.  

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