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Singapore is a cutting-edge and vibrant city-state that is home to many recording studios that will be perfect for your podcast. The city offers beautiful podcast studios ready to suit any need, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran. Many studios offer services that include top notch audio recording gear, as well as audio engineers who can help your podcast stand out from the crowd. Many of the studios we are offering are centrally located, which will make getting to the studio the only thing easier than recording your podcast.

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Podcast Studios Rental Guide

You’ve been listening for years, and now you want your voice to be heard. We can’t wait to tune in! Singapore is an exciting creative hub, and is the perfect place to launch a unique podcast. Tagvenue can help you find the perfect studio for your needs, including a range of modern equipment that will suit even the most veteran podcaster. Starting a podcast on your own can be difficult, so booking a professional studio is a great way to keep your focus on content and promotion, without the hassle of having to learn the ins and outs of professional audio equipment.

The location of your studio can act as a source of inspiration for your podcast. The Civic District is host to modern studios that are easily accessible for all, making it a great location to rent a studio. Geylang is a place where cultures come together and with beautiful studio options, this neighborhood is an ideal setting to host a podcast. Located on the Singapore River, the historic River Valley has amazing podcast studio spaces in a stunning, less-crowded part of the city.

Podcast Recording Tips

Make sure you have the right equipment

When producing a podcast, having the correct equipment is just as important as having something to talk about. Fortunately, when you book a professional studio, most of the gear is ready and waiting in the studio. The neighborhoods of Kampong Ugi and Geylang have plenty of options for studios 

When negotiating your rental, it is always best to check with the manager if the studio has the right equipment and if it is included in the price. Vital recording equipment that you might wish to enquire about are:

  • Professional grade microphones, like the Shure SM7B
  • Proper acoustic treatment
  • Pop filters
  • Mixers
  • Studio-quality headphones
  • Proper lighting (if there will be a video)
  • Video cameras
  • Tripods


Before you ever hit ‘Record’, there is a fair amount of work that should have already gone into creating your podcast. Research is key to gaining a deeper understanding of the topic you will be talking about. Listen to what other podcasters are saying on the topic, and also do a fair amount of reading on the topic so you can speak with authority on the subject. If you plan on having a guest, collaborating with them in advance is a must. When you understand exactly what the guest is contributing to the conversation, you can plan your podcast accordingly. Once your research is complete and you’ve had a discussion with your guest, you should finish constructing your discussion outline. The outline is important, as it offers structure to your podcast and allows you to direct the discussion and construct a cohesive narrative. This outline should include an introduction, the main topics of discussion with details on specific elements that you will be talking about, and an outro. The introduction and outro can be scripted to accommodate sponsors, but the discussion itself should leave room for riffing.

What gear should I bring?

Most of the studios listed on Tagvenue come equipped with state of the art digital recording gear, such as interfaces, microphones, and sound deadening to ensure that your voice is heard as clearly as possible. The Hive Studios in Kallang offer just about everything you will need for recording a professional sounding podcast. The most important thing that you can bring is a well-prepared outline or script of what you will be discussing. Coming prepared with materials to discuss is incredibly important because it ensures that your conversation will flow seamlessly and you will also sound confident and comfortable about the topic at hand. Many studios also offer only audio services, so if you would like there to be a visual element to your podcast, you should investigate the offer, as you may wish to bring your own camera with memory cards, batteries, and a stand or tripod. In the event that you decide against hiring an audio engineer, you should bring your own external hard drive with at least 32 GB of memory. If you choose to hire an audio engineer, they may also have some recommendations as to which gear you will need on top of whatever is available in the studio. Depending on the level of service you choose, they can also record the podcast and edit it when your session is over. Regardless, it is best to bring your own hard drives to make sure that you have an original recording of your podcast.

Is it worth renting a professional space to record my podcast?

Of course. Renting a professional space is key to elevating the quality of your podcast. When you rent a space to record your podcast, these spaces often include the means to achieve a professional sound, crystal clear video, and the experience of audio engineers to boost your production value. Tagvenue will help you find the perfect space that is equipped with everything you need, all you need to do is browse our listings. This saves you the headache of having to research or buy expensive gear and learning how to edit audio and video. Renting a studio space gives you the freedom to focus on the creative side of production. 

Podcast Studios in Singapore FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a podcast studio in Singapore?

Each podcast studio in Singapore sets its own rates based on the services and equipment included in the price. The amount of time you spend in the studio will make the largest impact on the final cost. Usually, you can hire a podcast studio in Singapore for $20 to $100 per hour or up to $160 per two hours. Some studios even offer an option to rent their space only for 30 minutes, which can cost anywhere around $60 and less. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Where in Singapore can I find the best podcast studios?

Singapore is full of professional podcast studios, especially in the Central Region. Many of the locations are highly accessible from all sides of the city, as they are close to the Central Area of Singapore. When looking for good podcast studios, you should definitely check out the districts of Bukit Merah, Rochor, Kallang or even Geylang, which all offer a variety of appropriate venues.

What essential equipment is usually included in the price of the podcast studio?

Essentially all studios that focus on sound recording and podcasting come with a set of professional microphones and headphones for you and your guests. The high quality of the audio is usually insured by isolation on the walls. Most of the time, podcast studios have an audio engineer available for hire. Studios also usually offer mixers for you to use during the recording and post-production stage, as well as software for all the stages of the creation of your podcast. Sometimes, you can hire a person at the studio to take care of the editing of your recording or if you do not want to do it yourself.

Which are the most popular podcast studios in Singapore?

The Hive Studios has a specific podcast studio that is fully equipped with everything you need to get the perfect sounding show.

TVC Studio comes equipped with sets that would be great if your podcast demands a visual element.

Roar Studios offers an aesthetically pleasing recording studio with top of the line recording equipment.

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