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Private Dining Rooms in Soho, London

Find and book the best private dining restaurants in Soho

Top Private Dining Rooms in Soho

Are you looking for the best private dining restaurants in Soho? Maybe interested in making a group booking in some of the most unique restaurants in the area? Sounds like a plan to us! Have a look through our page where we’ve put together a listing of a ton of restaurants with private dining rooms all over Soho, available for intimate dinners and group booking while maintaining that air of exclusivity that Soho is well known for.

Private Dining Rooms Hire Guide

If you’re a fan of high energy entertainment, an interesting mix of dining, nightlife, shopping and attraction that there are no places better for you to explore than Soho. Dean, Frith, Beak and Old Compton streets form a truly lovely area at any time of day, with fantastic evening entertainment with the famous Ronnie Scott’s Jazz calling Soho it's home. You can always catch a show on Shaftesbury Avenue if theatre is more your style, or head on over to Carnaby Street, Oxford and Regent streets and the iconic Liberty's department store. Truly something for everyone, including, as you’ve probably guessed, some of the finest restaurants in the city.

Soho features some of the most fashionable locations in the city, and this includes its restaurants. Naturally, this means that you’re often looking at the higher end of the price spectrum, but how much should you plan to spend on a private dining room in Soho?

  • Some of the most interesting options operate on a minimum spend model, meaning you pay nothing on the room but agree to spend a set amount on food and drinks. Prices vary with room size and location but plan something in the £200 to £2000 range (with some notable exceptions trending higher) and you’ll be set.
  • If a flat hire fee is more your preference, many places average between £150 - £500, with food and drinks added to the bill separately.
  • Finally, some private dining rooms in Soho use a per person spend model, with many charging around £15-90 per person. This can be an excellent choice if you’re uncertain how many people will attend your function.

If you’re looking for private dining rooms in Soho, London you really can’t go wrong with anywhere in the West End, but there are a few places that stand out even more than you’d expect. Check around Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square, moving towards the Strand to the east to find a selection of some of the best Soho has to offer. Combine your outing with a stroll through the scenic Soho Square Gardens and you’ll find some elegant locations, particularly around Dean Street heading towards St. Anne’s Churchyard Gardens. You never know what you’re going to find in Soho, and there are a wealth of hidden gems both in terms of restaurants and other attractions. Have a look for yourself!

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