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Finding the right spot for a private dinner in Kings Cross can be an exhausting and time-consuming exercise. It doesn’t have to be that way though. At Tagvenue, we have developed a comprehensive listing of all the best private dining rooms in the city. Kings Cross is a fast-changing and dynamic part of London whose appeal as a private dining destination has skyrocketed in recent years. Buildings representing the area’s rich history side-by-side with modern skyscrapers. Don’t wait a minute longer. Dive into the wealth of private dining options that Tagvenue has consolidated. And it’s free. No more blindly trawling the Internet.

Private Dining Rooms Hire Guide

Kings Cross is just north of Bloomsbury and sits at the meeting point of Camden and Central London. Home to the iconic St Pancras and Kings Cross railway stations, it’s experienced a remarkable transformation over the last decade. Now one of the most exciting parts of London, Kings Cross is teeming with shops, galleries, bars, the best private dining restaurants, luxury apartments and beautiful parks.

Find time to visit Searcys St Pancras (the longest champagne bar in Europe), Camley Street Natural Park, the floating Word on the Water bookshop, the Crypt Gallery below St Pancras Church and the buzzy canalside Granary Square. Explore the numerous places to eat in Kings Cross that represent diverse cuisines from Mexican and Italian to Thai and Korean. The area is easily accessible. It is served by multiple London bus routes and (thanks to the two major train stations) rail connections both within the UK and internationally. Little wonder that the world’s biggest search engine Google settled on Kings Cross for its UK headquarters.

As you’d expect, private dining in Kings Cross is deeply diverse. It all depends on what room size you’re looking for and how much you intend to spend. The smallest private dining rooms have a capacity for just 10 guests while the largest can sit up to 300 guests.

There are different pricing models for group booking:

  • Minimum spend is the most popular pricing type for private dining in Kings Cross. Here, you are not paying for the venue. Rather you have to spend the specified minimum amount on meals. Minimum spend rates depend on not just the size and location of the venue but also whether the event takes place is in the morning or evening. The prices typically range from £300 to £10,450.
  • Hire fee pricing models cover the space only. They thus exclude the meals taken during the private dining event. Hire fee may be per hour, per session or per day. Rates start from as low as £84 per hour and may be as high as £774 per session.
  • Per person pricing plans charge based on the number of attendees per session. Rates range between £20 and £30 per person per session.  

What about the most popular spots in the district? The area around St Pancras Station has by far the highest number of private dining venues in Kings Cross. Perhaps half of Kings Cross private dining rooms for hire are here.


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