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Top Filming Locations in Bristol

If you’re looking for filming locations in Bristol, you’re in the right place! Bristol has a diverse range of filming spots, including picturesque harbours, historic buildings, urban landscapes, and countryside scenery. This variety allows filmmakers to create different settings without travelling too far. Here at Tagvenue, we’ve made sure to list all the top indoor filming locations which will make a perfect backdrop to your next production. Whether it’s a modern office space, an old church or even a historic manor house, we have something for everyone. So don’t wait any longer! Take our search engines for a spin, and book the perfect filming location in Bristol in minutes!

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Filming Locations Hire Guide

Discover exciting locations for your production without any fuss. Bristol is filled with options and is a popular UK destination for crews. Head to the harbour for exciting exteriors or stick to the city streets to uncover historic neighbourhoods with business and flats ready to hire. Modern city blocks also dominate the scene, with open-air sites and sleek, fashionable indoor locations available. 

FAQs about Filming Locations in Bristol

How much does it cost to rent a filming location in Bristol?

When hiring a Bristol location, you must secure permission from the city council office for all public areas. Prices will range from £50 to £1500 per day, depending on the location and the size of the crew. The cost of interior locations will vary depending on the property and negotiation with the owner. The average price for private homes in Bristol is around £750 per day

Where in Bristol can I find a picturesque outdoor filming location?

For a modern aesthetic, Temple Quay and Millenium Square are popular locations for shoots. For a more historic look, check out All Saints Lane or Corn or King Streets. Some are very distinctive and may even seem familiar, such as the Christmas Steps. Along the harbourside, check out locations like the numerous sailing ships, such as the SS Great Britain. The Bristol Marina or the M Shed are also popular choices. Within easy distance of the city, the seaside locations of Weston-Super-Mare and Clevedon are also in demand for shoots.

Which Bristol neighbourhoods have the best indoor filming locations?

When searching for interior filming locations, Bristol has numerous options, particularly for historic venues. The neighbourhood around King Street features multiple exciting indoors spaces, such as in The Old Vic theatre. Caledonia Place and Clifton are also exciting options, such as The Old Square Club. The area around Broad Street is another excellent location, offering choices such as the Edward Everard Printing Works.

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