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Top Garden Wedding Venues in Sydney

Looking for the very best garden wedding venues Sydney has to offer? You’ve just found it! At Tagvenue, Australia’s ultimate free venue finder, we’re listing a wide variety of garden wedding venues of all kinds, both in Sydney and outside the city. Browse the most beautiful green spaces, from woodland wedding venues and natural reserves to manicured lawns in the city and farms just outside Sydney. Your perfect garden wedding venue is just a few clicks away – have a look at our venue collection and see for yourself!

Garden Wedding Venues Hire Guide

We know what it takes to organise a romantic rustic wedding reception in Sydney! Our collection of garden wedding venues in and around the city contains all the kinds of charming outside spaces you can think of. Always dreamed of getting hitched close to nature? We’re about to make this vision come to life. Have a look at our tips below:

  • Start from writing down the guest list – This is a crucial step towards defining your budget and deciding on the size of your garden venue. If any of your guests have limited mobility, make sure the venue you’ve picked is accessible for them.
  • Consider the acoustics – Garden weddings can be a bit challenging in terms of getting the sound right. It’s always better to test your audio equipment and double check everything before the big day.
  • Have a plan for the lighting – Candles, lanterns and fairy lights are one of the main factors that make outdoor weddings so magical! Keep that in mind when choosing the perfect garden wedding venue. Many spaces include pictures of beautiful lighting setups for garden wedding receptions, so you can get inspired with these.

So, how much does it cost to hire a garden wedding venue in Sydney? We’ve got the answers based on our data and event planning experience:

  • The vast majority of garden wedding venues in Sydney are priced with a hire fee between $1500 and $3000. This amount includes the costs of using the space only.
  • Some garden wedding venues offer special wedding package deals. These are perfect if you’re keen on a hassle-free, all-inclusive option. The rates per person range between $80 ad $150.

What are the most popular locations to organize a garden wedding in Sydney?

  • Hills District – Its rural vibe makes it the perfect destination if you’re on the lookout for rustic wedding venues. What’s more, the Hills District is easily accessible, located just north of Parramatta and connected with the city centre via motorway. And yes, there are actual bushland hills in there!

  • Greater Western Sydney – How about booking a breathtaking garden wedding venue on the doorstep of the Blue Mountains National Park? The western part of Sydney offers such scenic opportunities, and we know where to find the very best spots.

  • Wollstonecraft – This North Shore suburb is packed full with parks, gardens and all kinds of green spaces you can think of. Oh, and it boasts views on the Sydney Harbour to top it all off! What’s not to love? If you’re looking for garden wedding venues not too far from the city centre, Wollstonecraft will make the perfect match.

These are the most popular areas, but keep in mind that we’re listing heaps of stunning garden wedding venues in other parts of Sydney, too. Don’t be afraid to step off the beaten track. You never know what amazing venue gems you might find!

Got something else on your mind? We might have the answers you’re looking for. Have a look at our list of frequently asked questions about hiring a garden wedding venue in Sydney – you can find it below. Happy planning!

I’m kind of on a tight budget. How do I find a cheap garden wedding venue for my big day?

With Tagvenue you can easily browse Sydney’s garden wedding venues in all price ranges. We always do our best to include spaces suitable for every budget. A good tip for finding an affordable garden venue for your wedding is to focus on less popular dates. If you host your wedding on a weekday, you can pay as little as half the price for the weekends!

Do I need a contingency plan for the weather?

Sydney is an amazing place to host a garden wedding reception. The sun is shining on most days of the year, but it’s always better to have a plan B in case the weather breaks down. Ask the venue manager what they can come up with. They’re experienced with wedding planning and will be happy to suggest a solution that might end up saving the day!


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