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Top Unique Conference Venues in Melbourne

If you stumbled across this page while searching for unique conference venues in Melbourne, you don’t need to search any further. Here you can choose from of evergreens, hidden gems and other cool Melbourne spaces for all kinds of conferences. We’re listing a wide range, from loft spaces in South Wharf to glass pavilions facing the harbour. No matter if you’d like to hire a space close to Melbourne Airport or somewhere in the city centre, we’ve got you covered. Take a look for yourself!

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Unique Conference Venues Hire Guide

Organising a conference that stands out from the crowd can be a difficult task That is why we want to give you some pointers to consider before deciding on a venue:

  • Match your venue with the conference – When you choose to pick one of the unique conference venues on this list, make sure your conference fits the venue style. For example, if you want a hybrid conference event where people can have a picnic and network at the same time, a place that has an outside area would be the right fit. You can find plenty of these in the southern areas of Melbourne, specifically South Yarra and Prahran. If you’re going to discuss industrial design, a warehouse in Brunswick will make the perfect match.
  • Setup – It’s obvious that you will need a space that will fit all of the guests, but you may not have thought of the kind of layout you need. Check out the different types of seating arrangements that a venue offers and decide if it’s something you can work with. Unusual conference venues may call for an unusual setup, too, so it’s better to think about in advance.
  • Don’t forget the details – Venues often have a list of features that summarise everything they offer. This can be anything from audio arrangements to an alcohol licence or natural light access. Make sure that the features of the venue reflect the type of event you’re about to arrange. What is the decor like? Will vegans be able to enjoy an extensive menu?

You’ll want to keep your spending as low as possible, but still being able to enjoy these unique conference venues in Melbourne. That’s why we wrote down the price ranges for you, so you know when you’re thinking too big or small:

  • Hire fee – If you want to have a solid estimation of your expenses, going with a fixed price is your best bet. These fees range from $600 per session (up to 80 guests) to $5,500 per day (up to 300 guests). In Melbourne, this pricing type is usually used in halls, warehouses and other spaces available for dry hire.
  • Minimum spend – You’re leaving the catering up to the venue? No problem – pick the minimum spend option. You won’t be charged for venue hire as long as a previously agreed amount has been spent on refreshments. This amount goes from $2,000 per afternoon (up to 150 guests) to $5,000 per evening (up to 350 guests). Most bars and restaurants in Melbourne are working on a minimum spend basis.
  • Package per attendee – Then, there’s also the option to pay only for the people who actually show up which can be a weight off your shoulders (depending on your past experiences with organising events). Prices start at $25 (for 60 guests) and go up to $48 (for 400 guests)

Still, have some questions on your mind? Below we answered a few of the most frequently asked ones:

Where do I find the most unique conference venues Melbourne has to offer?
Great question! You’ll find some of the most unique conference spaces of Melbourne around the Old Melbourne Gaol and Southgate. These one-of-a-kind conference spaces are located underground and in small lounges within cosy bars.

How are lighting and acoustics?
It’s a smart question since you’ll want to have excellent lighting and a place that doesn’t echo your voice. While most conference venues in Melbourne seem to fit this standard, it’s always helpful to ask the venue manager. Hiring an unusual conference space means you might need to put some extra effort into getting the sound and the lights all right.