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Rooftop Venues for Hire in Melbourne

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Top Rooftop Venues in Melbourne

Looking to catch some sun while having a few drinks with your friends? Maybe about to host a summer party for your company with some nice views? If so, you might be interested in one of the rooftop venues available for private hire in Melbourne! We’ve done the legwork so you don’t have to and put together a list of some of the best rooftop bars, terraces, and wedding venues in Melbourne’s CBD and beyond so have a look and find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Rooftop Venues Hire Guide

So you’ve decided to book a rooftop venue in Melbourne? There are a few things to keep in mind before you book to ensure you maximise the best possible venue for your money:

  • Temperature – Melbourne can get a wee bit toasty in some months of the year, so unless your rooftop venue is well-covered, keep an eye on the weather forecast so you don’t end up in 40-degree heat!
  • Views – No sense in hiring a rooftop terrace in Melbourne if you’re staring at a brick wall, so check what’s around your venue! Lucky for you, our search includes plenty of photos to make this simpler.

Wondering how much does it cost to hire a rooftop space? Prices vary based on size and location, but here are some averages to get you thinking:

  • A minimum spend model, where you pay nothing to rent the room but agree to spend a set amount on food and drinks, is most popular with prices between $500 to a whopping $40,000!
  • A flat hire fee, with food and drinks added to the bill as per usual, is not very common with one venue on our list at $25,000 for 340 guests.
  • A per person model is also available, with many Melbourne rooftop venues charging around $50 per person.

Where can you find the best rooftop spaces in town? The answer is simple. Make a triangle between Flagstaff Gardens, Carlton Gardens and the Yarra river and you’ve got yourself the location of some of Melbourne’s best rooftop venues with more located just a stone’s throw north in Fitzroy and Collingwood!

Rooftop venues are some of the most exquisite and popular venues in all of Melbourne. Take in the stunning skyline and the beautiful weather and enjoy a party in a bespoke and beautiful setting. No matter the occasion, a rooftop venue is the kind of place that everyone will love, as they offer incredible views and plenty of photo ops for your feed. Your rooftop party should be one to remember, and Tagvenue is right here to help your party go from run of the mill to the talk of the town.

There is no one shape or size for rooftop venues in Melbourne. They come in all sizes and can be open-air, covered, or semi-covered, so if rain is what you are worried about, you are sure to find a party space that is right for you. Here are a few of the amazing kinds of parties you can throw in one of Melbourne’s premier rooftop venues:

Cocktail Parties – What better place to gather than on the roof of a highrise? Melbourne is full of incredible rooftop bars and lounges that scream class. Your guests are sure to love everything about the new and interesting setting for your celebration and they will be even happier with the photo opportunities while they are dressed to the nines. If your guests are dressed elegantly, they are best accompanied with a delicious cocktail or glass of bubbly. 

Birthdays – Celebrate your birthday this year in style. Rooftop bars are an excellent choice for you to gather friends and family and party the night away. Being that the setting is already stunning, you don’t have to go overboard with all of the decorations; let the space speak for itself. Just don’t forget the cake!

Banquets – These are more suited for larger venues, but if you have a bunch of people gathering for a nice sitdown lunch or dinner, consider a rooftop venue. Your guests are sure to be impressed, especially if they are coming in from out of town. Banquets are a time to celebrate and discuss big events or to recognise hard work, and rewarding yourself with a banquet atop Melbourne’s skyline is the way to go. This is a perfect way to say “we made it”.

Business Events – Whether you are celebrating another successful quarter, brainstorming your next big idea, or hosting a networking event, one of Melbourne’s rooftop venues is the space for you. With many spaces located in the CBD, odds are your next venue is right around the corner from where you do business. If you want to do something off the clock, then rooftop venues make ideal spaces for some afterwork drinks just as a friendly thank you to all of your employees.

Rooftop venues are the place to be for your next party. They can handle just about any party you want to throw and take the style and aesthetics of your party up ten notches. The biggest issue with throwing a party at a rooftop venue is finding the right one. Don’t worry, Tagvenue can help with that. We have curated a list with the best venues that Melbourne has to offer and also offer some intuitive filtering tools so you can find the perfect venue depending on just about every factor you can think of for your party. So don’t wait and book today!


FAQs about Rooftop Venues in Melbourne

How do I organise a rooftop party?

Organising a rooftop party is just like organising any other party. You are going to need a reason to party, even if it is just some friends meeting up, set a budget, send out invites, and work with a venue manager for the best results and to make sure all of your guests are taken care of with plenty of food and drinks.

What are some of the best rooftop venues in Melbourne?

Some of our favourite rooftop venues in Melbourne are:

Two Hands Rooftop Bar Outdoors – This is a great venue with a tropical feel that is perfect for a more laid back party where people can enjoy some daiquiris and margs in the sun. Two hands is a more intimate venue, making it best for birthdays and hen parties.

Rooftop at onesixone - Looking to bring your rooftop party to the next level? With a large dance floor, DJ booth, and vibrant atmosphere, this Prahran High Street venue will easily wow your guests.

The Top Bar – Here you will find an elegant space that screams for an unforgettable night. This is a medium-sized bar that is great for company and cocktail parties. The bar is elegant and only the second prettiest thing next to the view.

What are ways to cut costs at a rooftop venue?

Rooftop venues may seem like they are one of the most expensive choices for parties, but you can have a rooftop party without having to break the bank. The best way to make sure you don’t go over budget is to limit the amount of people you invite, because the less people you have the less you will have to pay for food and beverages. If you are going to have more people, for example, for a business networking event, consider a minimum spend venue. Here you will only have to pay for the amount of refreshments you buy and pay a hire fee that is free or next to nothing.

Which areas are the best for finding rooftop venues in Melbourne?

Melbourne has some amazing rooftop venues to choose from. Most of them are going to be located in the CBD and Southbank, which makes it super convenient for people to get to especially if people are coming in from out of town. These locations are not only easy to access but are super impressive for all of your guests no matter the occasion you are celebrating.

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