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Want to hire a film studio with a green screen? When production schedules are on the line, you want to ensure that you have everything you need at the perfect price point. There are many great venues all across the city, but start your search where these studios are in great supply. Check in Sydney’s North Shore, Inner West and Central Sydney for all-inclusive film studios with the green screen you need.

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Green Screen Studios Hire Guide

When starting your search for a film studio with a green screen, start by searching for studios that can meet your technical needs. What size green screen does your shoot require? Will you need a dry or wet hire for your upcoming shoot? Sunlight or props? Greater Sydney offers many excellent options both in the districts of Central Sydney, the Eastern Suburbs, and the North Shore, but check out other excellent options in outlying neighbourhoods, particularly if your equipment needs are quite specific.

Green Screen Studios in Sydney FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a green screen film studio in Sydney?

For more affordable options look to studios in outlying neighbourhoods around Erskineville, Tempe, or Sydney Airport. There you can find hires as low as $500 per day. For more expensive studios closer to Central Sydney, expect rates for half-day hire during the week to range between $450 to $950, while whole-day hire can range between $625 to $1,500. Half-day hire on Saturdays can cost around $900. You will get what you pay for in most film studios in the city, so if you need a wet hire or extras such as an on-site sound studio or a particularly large green screen, expect to pay extra. 

In which Sydney districts can I find the best film studios with green screens?

Film studios with green screens are available across the city. Greater Sydney offers a wealth of studio space with the latest green screen technology, but some areas are more popular than others. As a major urban area, proximity to transport links, and better options for hire space can affect the quality of the studio. There are many great studios for hire on the North Shore and Central Sydney that benefit from being centrally located yet still with easy access to major roadways. Be sure to check farther out, however, particularly along the Mitchell Rd area in Erskineville where you will find a number of larger studios with easy access to affordable catering in local restaurants as well as the M1 and Sydney Airport.

What equipment does a green screen studio normally have?

A studio with a green screen is not unlike most other photo or film production studios. When hiring a green screen studio space, the green screen should be included in the price. However, some studios will offer a basic package and you must hire the green screen separately. Green screens can come in many shapes and sizes, so make sure the studios offer the size you need - 180 degrees, fully painted walls, ceiling and floors, etc. Green screens do require three stand lighting for the left, right, and front. Also, make sure that the studio offers another lighting for the shoot itself. For video shoots, you may also want to double-check that there are screens for playback, as well as teleprompters and audio equipment if needed.

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