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Want to hire a film studio with a green screen? When production schedules are tight, you want to ensure that you have everything you need at the perfect price point. There are many great green screen studios all across the city, and Tagvenue is ready to help you find the perfect one for your next photo shoot or movie sequence. What are you waiting for? Check out our list of green screen studios available for hire in Sydney and start your production today!

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Green Screen Studios Hire Guide

When starting your search for a film studio with a green screen, it’s best to start by considering what you’re going to use your green screen for, and then make your choice accordingly. Start by asking a few key questions: What size green screen does your shoot require? Will you need additional space for your cameras to move around? Do you want your green screen to be spread across multiple walls, or even the entire room? 

There are plenty of green screen studios for you to choose from all across central Sydney. Areas such as Waterloo, The Inner West or Central Business District, are great places to search for the perfect studio for your next movie production, TV show, photo shoot or creative project. Hop on our platform and use our smart search filters to make this process a breeze!

Our top tips for hiring green screen studios in Sydney:

  • Plan your shoot. It’s good to have a strategy in place for what you want to do on a green screen. Whether it’s a stock photo shoot or a movie scene, a reference sheet or scenario will not only help you to specify what exactly you need from your space, but also to use your time in the studio more efficiently.
  • Set a budget. You can’t start looking for studios if you don’t know how much you’re willing to spend. Check if the studio is priced per hour or per day, and if they include additional studio equipment or hire it for a flat fee. Costs will depend on the location, type of the green screen, and size of the studio. But whether you need small photo backdrops or  full cyclorama sets - you can find them all on Tagvenue.
  • Broaden your search. Did you know that many photo studios also offer green screen backdrops? Make sure to consider different types of photo and video studios, recording rooms, podcast studios and creative spaces. Feel free to check out the city centre for well-connected venues, or look further afield, searching for more affordable options. There are many creative ways to find the perfect studio space for your budget.

Thanks to a great community of Australian actors, and the famous Sydney Film Festival, the city is full of different studios and green screen spaces for photographers, directors, streamers, and producers. Luckily, Tagvenue is here to help you find the perfect option. 

Why not start by checking out some of our favourite green screen studios in the area?

Studio 1 at Dragon Image Sydney - a professional green screen studio in Artarmon, featuring a large cyclorama green screen and a range of different studio lighting options for hire.

Film Studio at Chippen Lane Studios - located right around Prince Alfred Park, Chippen Lane Studios offers a beautiful green screen set for artists, video producers, and production companies.

Studio 1 at CV Studios - this Waterloo studio features a large set with a green screen backdrop and lots of flexibility.

Studio/Creative Space at Mana Creative Studio - a green screen photo studio with natural and studio lighting located right by Military Rd.

Studio 2 at Corpcast Productions - this green screen studio specialises in commercial video production and live streaming, with a soundproofed green screen room and a dedicated control room. It’s located in Annandale, close to Federal Park.

4 reasons why you should use a green screen in your project

  • Consistency. With a green screen, you don’t have to worry about weather, natural lighting, or things you don’t want in your shot. Working from an enclosed studio with no distractions, and the option to use any background footage you want in your project, the process will be that much easier and quicker.
  • Flexibility. Green screen is a blank canvas you can fill with any photo or video you want. Therefore, the possibilities are limitless. Your models or actors can stand in front of an iconic landmark, or a beautiful landscape, without the need of actually travelling there. A ton of visual tricks and effects can be used with their help. With a skilled video editor and a plan, you can use a green screen studio to turn your wildest dreams into on-screen reality. They are great for photos, too - as the editor can change the background to any colour or pattern without losing image quality.
  • Ease of use. With a well-lit green screen studio and basic photo or video editing software, you can start reaping the benefits of using green screen in no time. Look for programs that have a chroma key feature, or some sort of way to erase a certain colour from an image or a video. Some of these are very inexpensive, or even free for you to download!
  • Low cost. Compared to similar sets that use LED screens instead, green screen studios are a relatively inexpensive way to introduce special effects, or record high-quality scenes with completely custom backgrounds.

Green Screen Studios in Sydney FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a green screen studio in Sydney?

For more affordable options look to studios in outlying neighbourhoods around Erskineville, Tempe, or Sydney Airport where you can find hires as low as $500 per day. For more expensive studios closer to Central Sydney, expect rates for half-day hire during the week to range between $450 to $950, while whole-day hire can range between $625 to $1,500. (All data from Tagvenue.)

In which Sydney districts can I find the best green screen studios?

Green screen studios are available across the city. Greater Sydney offers a wealth of studio space with the latest green screen technology, but some areas are more popular than others. There are many great studios for hire on the North Shore and Central Sydney that benefit from being centrally located yet still with easy access to major roadways. Make sure to check out outlying areas as well, particularly along Mitchell Rd. area in Erskineville where you will find a number of larger studios with easy access to the M1 and Sydney Airport.

What equipment does a green screen studio normally have?

A green screen studio is not unlike most other photo or film production studios. When hiring a green screen studio space, the green screen should be included in the price. However, some studios will only offer a basic package and you must hire the green screen separately. Green screens can come in many shapes and sizes, so make sure the studios offer the size you need. Green screens require separate lighting for the left, right, and front so it’s best to make sure that the studio offers other lighting for the shoot itself. For video shoots, you may also want to double-check that there are screens for playback, as well as teleprompters and audio equipment if needed.

Can I find green screen studios in the North Shore?

The calm, suburban area of North Shore has a surprising amount of high-tech green screen studios available for hire. Start your search around Neutral Bay and Cremorne, and then take a ride through the M1 towards the Naremburn neighbourhood.

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