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Need a film studio with a green screen? While studio hire is a popular option, green screen technology can still be a bit of a niche market in the state of Victoria. However, there are a few choice options in the city, so be sure and look at studio offers in the Docklands, St Kilda and central Melbourne.

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Green Screen Studios Hire Guide

Make sure your production enjoys the best that the city has to offer, check out studios in the downtown area offering both dry and wet hire with green screens. Whether you are filming a music video or an interview, a green screen can elevate any production as the only limitation is the breadth of your imagination. Hire offers for film studios vary widely in Melbourne, so make sure to nail down your needs with the studio manager before signing any contract.

Green Screen Studios in Melbourne FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a green screen film studio in Melbourne?

Dry hire predominates in the film studios that offer a green screen in this city. Expect to pay around $600 to $700 for a full day hire of a basic studio package including the green screen. Half-day for this type of studio will come in at approximately $480. Some studios offer the green screen as an optional hire for around $150 on top of the basic studio package, a possibly cost-effective solution for a multi-day shoot. Wet hire for a fully fitted out studio in Melbourne will cost around $1600 for a full day.

What essential equipment should a green screen studio have?

Hiring a fully equipped studio for your film shoot is an excellent way to save money. However, whether you choose to hire a basic package or a more expensive one, certain elements are required to make your green screen shoot successful. The studio should offer a green screen - there are different size screens and different configurations but the best practice is to find a studio with a coved green screen that incorporates a corner and floor. Omnidirectional lighting is also important, as are cameras that can do static shots. Also, make sure the studio is large enough for you to make full-length shots of actors so you can really take advantage of the technology. 

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