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Need a film studio with a green screen? While studio hire is a popular option, green screen technology can still be a bit of a niche market in the state of Victoria. However, there are a few choice options in the city, so be sure and look at studio offers in the Docklands, St Kilda and central Melbourne. Whether you are planning to record a broadcast or a music video, Melbourne’s green screen studios will provide you with state of the art tech for your needs.

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Green Screen Studios Hire Guide

Make sure your production enjoys the best that the city has to offer. Check out studios in the downtown area offering both dry and wet hire with green screens. Whether you are filming a music video or an interview, a green screen can elevate any production as the only limitation is the breadth of your imagination. Hire offers for film studios vary widely in Melbourne, so make sure to nail down your needs with the studio manager before signing any contract.

What can you use a green screen for?

A green screen is a blank green screen on which you can superimpose backgrounds and images during post-production. It offers a great opportunity to level up your marketing videos, allowing you to show important data and figures in the background. It is also commonly used by YouTubers and streamers to add an interesting, eye-catching backdrop to their videos. Green screen is crucial when it comes to filmmaking and is often associated with sci-fi, fantasy and superhero movies.

What are the benefits of using a green screen in your project?


A green screen gives you the opportunity to record your videos such as interviews, webinars or commercials with any backdrop you want. It allows you to layer any background with the photographed or filmed subject. In post-production the green screen is replaced with a digitally generated background.

Save Time 

By using a green screen, you save a lot of time which you would otherwise have to spend on preparing the set up for your film. You don’t have to leave the studio to achieve the wanted setting. Simply place your subject in front of the green screen and add the desired backdrop in post-production.


Do you want your viewers to associate the content you are providing with exactly your brand when you shoot a video for your company? A green screen is a perfect way to do it. You can add the colours and logo related to your brand to the background, so it looks professional and pleases the viewer’s eye. Even if in the future the company changes branding, no worries, you wonʼt have to throw away any good material, you can just switch out the background.

Ease of use

If you have a green screen studio video and software with the chroma key feature, you can start your post-production. Many software programs allow you to remove a particular colour from an image or video. And guess what? They are not as expensive as you may think! You can even download free software, but keep in mind that they may not be sufficient for professionals.

Things to keep in mind when hiring a green screen studio in Melbourne:

Cost. Prior to searching for a green screen studio, you must first set a budget. By defining your price range, you can narrow down the options and make your choice easier. Once you’ve set your budget, just set your price range in our search filters and our platform will show you the fantastic green screen studios available in Melbourne at your chosen price.

Studio equipment. Studio green screen equipment is often included with the hire. If you don't have all the necessary equipment or don't want to lug it around, check if the studio offers equipment hire services. Some venues can even provide a crew to help you with your project and setup. We suggest that you ask the studio’s manager for more detailed information.

Reviews. Some things that you can’t see at first glance, others might  have noticed while using the green screen studio before you. So it’s always a good idea to check the reviews beforehand and discover what other users found amazing and what left them flat. On Tagvenue you can use the 'Show Supervenues only’ filter to find the best reviewed green screen studios in Melbourne.

Size of a studio. How big is your crew? Is the studio's equipment enough or are you going to bring your own as well? Who is the subject of your film? Is it one person, a group of people or maybe a product? To make the best choice, answer these questions before selecting your green screen studio. Then use the capacity slider on the Tagvenue platform to find your perfect green screen studio.

Still struggling with finding the perfect green screen studio?

Here’s a few recommendations for our favourite green screen studios in Melbourne:

Bohemia Bay Studio at Bohemia Bay Studio is located in Cheltenham a few steps away from the Westfield Southland Shopping Centre. Bohemia Bay studio offers unique and versatile space for your photo shoot or filming session. The studio provides equipment for hire (to be agreed with the studio's manager).

Live Stream Studio at Live Stream is just a short walk from Brunswick Station. The studio has spaces to hire for Live Streaming, Filming, Editing and Photography.

The Studio at Atticus Media Located in Fitzroy near Fitzroy Gardens. It’s a perfect studio for green screen filming, video clips and other kinds of creative work. Available for both wet and dry hire. We recommend contacting the studio’s manager for detailed information.

Studio A at HitMaker Studio HitMaker Studio at Port Melbourne offers Chroma Green Screen Cyclorama and Matte White Cyclorama as well. Specifically designed to handle medium-sized productions with limited resources and crew.

STUDIO 3181 PHOTO STUDIO is a filming and photography offer, situated about 300m from Windsor Station. The studio natural light and access to white, black and green paper screens.

FAQs about Green Screen Studios in Melbourne

How much does it cost to hire a green screen film studio in Melbourne?

Dry hire predominates in the film studios that offer a green screen in this city. Expect to pay around $600 to $700 for a full day hire of a basic studio package including the green screen. Half-day for this type of studio will come in at approximately $480. Some studios offer the green screen as an optional hire for around $150 on top of the basic studio package, a possibly cost-effective solution for a multi-day shoot. Wet hire for a fully fitted out studio in Melbourne will cost around $1600 for a full day. (All data according to

What essential equipment should a green screen studio have?

Hiring a fully equipped studio for your film shoot is an excellent way to save money. However, whether you choose to hire a basic package or a more expensive one, certain elements are required to make your green screen shoot successful. The studio should offer a green screen - there are different size screens and different configurations but the best practice is to find a studio with a coved green screen that incorporates a corner and floor. Omnidirectional lighting is also important, as are cameras that can do static shots. Also, make sure the studio is large enough for you to make full-length shots of actors so you can really take advantage of the technology.

Are green screen studios staffed with crew members who can help us operate the equipment?

Some studios in Melbourne offer wet hire, which means that photographers’ assistants and videographers can be hired to help you with your project. You should check the fees ahead of time since these services are often not included in the price of the rental.

Where in Melbourne can I find the best green screen studios?

The best reviewed Melbourne’s green screen studios according to Tagvenue’s customers are located in Chaltenham and South Melbourne. Our customers recommend them for great communication, unique design and cleanliness.

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