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Ready to attract audiences and share your thoughts? There is no better way to reach out and communicate than with a podcast. And there is no better city in which to hire one than in Sydney. Check out your options below, and start putting those ideas together because you'll be booking your podcast studio in no time!

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Podcast Studios Hire Guide

Podcasts are pretty popular today, and they are a great way to take your creativity to the next level. Check out all the options in this New South Wales city for excellent studio hire from the Central Business District to the lovely suburbs. With so many options from basic and beginner to full-on professional, Sydney is a great place to book a studio, and Tagvenue is the place to start.

Podcast Studios in Sydney FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a podcast studio in Sydney?

Many studios will offer hire packages that can be great for beginner podcasters and include a technician to help run the session and show you the ropes. You can start your hire with them by booking a one-hour session for around $80 to $110. For full-day hire, expect to pay about $440 for 8 hours. For good cost savings, consider booking a series of sessions ahead of time. Many studios offer discounts.

Which Sydney districts have the best podcast studios?

Start your search for a studio in the North Shore. There are many easily accessible options near the Pacific Highway, stretching from areas around the Sydney Harbour Bridge out to Crow's Nest, Greenwich, and Gore Hill. 

What equipment should a podcast studio have? 

When hiring a podcast studio, start by considering the microphone. You will need a microphone with great technical specs and enough for every person who will be attending the taping. A mixer and an audio interface, or an all-in-one board, are necessary to ensure that the audio quality is high. If you want to add a video element to your podcast, many studios will offer the proper hire equipment. Good wifi is also a must, as well as live streaming equipment. The room itself should have soundproof panelling and foam. If you are unfamiliar with any of the equipment, be sure to hire an audio engineer for your first few sessions until you learn the ropes.

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