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Top Fun Christmas Party Venues in Sydney

It’s Christmas time! What better way to celebrate the holiday spirit than throwing a Christmas party? There are a lot of great reasons for throwing your party at one of the fun Christmas party venues on our list! Whether you just don’t have enough room at the office, or you want to spice up your party by hosting it in a special location, you can find some great options for your festivities here on this page! See how easy it is to secure a fantastic venue for your Christmas party in 2022!

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Fun Christmas Party Venues Hire Guide

Looking for a space to have lots of fun during the Christmas season? Sydney is an incredible place to party, no matter the occasion. Whether you want to have a family-friendly dinner or a couple drinks with your friends, we’re here to make sure that you’ll have a great Christmas experience in 2022. Here's a couple of things worth keeping in mind:

  • Scheduling – Christmas is a busy time of year, and the chances are that not everyone on your guest list will be available on any given day. Choose a date well ahead of time, and don’t sweat if not everyone can come. Remember to send your invitations early in advance, too! Scheduling in advance also has the advantage of making it easier to hire your venue - the closer to Christmas it gets, the harder it becomes to book a specific venue for the exact timeframe you want.
  • Decorations – Many of the venues on this list offer great spaces for your Christmas party; however, you may want to check to see what kinds of decorations are available and what decorations you will need to bring yourself.
  • Activities - Find some cool things to do for a work Christmas party! If you’re throwing a work Christmas party, you’ll want to plan out some fun activities and other cool things to do at the venue. For example, you can start with some cool icebreaker games for friends or family. Sometimes you have to encourage participation and get people mingling before the real fun can begin. If you want to have fun in your Christmas party venue, things like Christmas karaoke or dance parties could be an interesting way of mixing up the old formula.

    If you need some inspiration, we made a blog post about some of our favourite office Christmas party ideas. We hope you try some of them for yourself!

How to secure a fun Christmas party venue

Start way in advance. If you’re serious about finding the perfect venue for your Christmas party, it’s best to be ahead of the curve. That means starting your venue search way before the season. Get started sometime around June or at least 6 months before Christmas. That way you will be able to get almost any venue on the timeframe you want, and make it way easier to schedule a time that works for all the guests. 

Choose the best location. The most important thing about picking the right venue location is finding out how you’re planning to get there. For example, booking a place in your neighbourhood allows you to get there easily by foot. But if you want to use a car, taxi or bus, you need to look out for a couple things:

  • Parking - Does the venue offer parking options, or is there public parking close-by?
  • Bus stops - How close is the nearest public transport stop and do you have a direct connection there?
  • Distance - How far is the venue from your place? It’s a good idea to estimate how much you need to spend on a taxi.

Figure out the headcount. Make sure you get large enough space for your guests by finalising the list early. Most of your friends/family will know if they can come to your party, especially if you invite them early. When you get the headcount, you can use a filter to view only the venues that have the capacity to suit your event.

Pick the main theme/activity. While there’s nothing wrong with spontaneity, it’s best to plan at least one fun activity or feature to help the guests break the ice. Anything from a fun dress code to a family friendly game will do the trick. If you want to go with something like a dancefloor or photobooth, make sure you have enough space to make it happen.

Make a shortlist of appropriate venues. Now that you have all the important information figured out, it’s finally time to put all of it into our search engine and search through the list of fun Christmas venues that suit your needs.

Find out the details from venue managers. VMs know their venues best, so they’ll be able to answer all your questions and arrange specific things like food, drinks and additional amenities. Make sure you’re on the same page before you sign your hire agreement.

Choose the best option for you. When you figure out the venue you want to hire, just follow the instructions, read through the terms and conditions of the venue and sign off on your booking. After that, you won’t have to worry about anything as the venue will handle all the details.  Always confirm your booking before the event takes place and make sure that everything is ready for your amazing event.

If you follow our advice, you should have the ultimate Christmas venue lined up for 2022. Got any more questions? Here are some of the most frequently asked ones:

Fun Christmas Party Venues in Sydney FAQ

What is a fun Christmas party game we can play at our party?

Our favourite Christmas party game is the white elephant gift exchange. This is where everyone brings a gift and puts it in a pile with all the others, everyone gets a number and takes turns picking a gift from the pile! This can be a fun game that helps everyone get into the Christmas spirit; there are even fun variants where you can implement stealing and sabotage!

What about the music at the event?

Music during the Christmas party is probably as important as the food and activities! After all, music is what puts people in the right mood. Whether you want to hire a live band or just make a hot Christmas playlist, we strongly recommend having some classic Christmas tunes at your party – it can add a lot to the party’s feel.

How much should I expect to pay for an interesting Xmas party venue in Sydney?

If you want to find an interesting space for a Christmas party in Sydney you should expect prices between AU$100 and AU$3000 per hour. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What are the best areas to venue hunt in Sydney?

While you can’t go wrong with the CBD, due to its great connectivity and abundance of Christmas party venue options, you can get better prices away from the city centre without sacrificing quality. Kings Cross offers a bunch of amazing restaurants and atmospheric function rooms, while still being easy to get to by bus or light rail. Out of all parts of northern Sydney, we strongly recommend Manly, as it offers a great view of the ocean while being away from the most crowded parts of the city.

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The whole experience was great - from booking the party right through to the end. Staff, venue and food were terrific!
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Booked Creative Studio Space at San Telmo Studio
Hellen was very accomodating, kind and helpful The venue was spacious and had most of the items that we needed at the time Accessible as it is close to public transport and available off-street parking

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