Christmas Party Cruises for Hire in Sydney

Get in the festive spirit along the Parramatta River

Top Christmas Party Cruises in Sydney

It is that time of year again and you're opening your party planner on a blank page, hoping for fresh ideas to make this year’s Christmas party more unforgettable than the last. An original fun game? A special drink? Costumes? No need to go to such lengths! We know exactly how to make your Christmas party stand out – hire a boat! Sydney is the perfect place for Christmas party cruises, with beautiful views from Five Dock Point to Elizabeth Bay. You can hire anything your heart desires - from a party boat to a luxury yacht -- for an informal lunch cruise or a high class evening soiree. Use our smart filters to optimise your search and inquire about your favourite one directly through our website.

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Christmas Party Cruises Hire Guide

As organising a boat Christmas party in Sydney can be uncharted territory for many, we have come up with some tips & tricks to make this process easier for you:

  • Book in advance – Christmas party venues (and especially boats) in Sydney are very quickly booked, so make sure you plan your party as soon as possible. Try to set a date well in advance to make sure you hire your favourite boat and don't have to settle for second best.
  • Check the weather – Weather in December in Sydney is known for being very agreeable, however, there is still a considerable possibility of rain. Make sure to check the weather forecast before the event and ask the manager if there is a possibility of setting up a cover over the deck. If that isn't an option, consider getting in some festive raincoats.

In the end, it is up to you to create a vision for your Christmas party, whether it is just enjoying a view of the skyline and the Sydney Opera House on Sydney Harbour, or sailing all the way to Watsons Bay or Manly. No matter what, we will help you make it come to life.

Christmas Party Cruises in Sydney FAQ

How do I plan a Christmas party cruise?

Planning a Christmas party cruise is not rocket science. Nevertheless, organising your party will require some planning skills, of course, especially when it comes to such things such as budgeting, food, and choosing the entertainment. Because it’s  a Christmas party, consider checking out our Christmas party games blog for some helpful tips!

What are the best Christmas party cruises in Sydney?

You will find plenty of amazing choices for hiring a great Christmas party cruise in Sydney. Here are just a few of our favourites:

My Way – This is a large party boat that is great for company parties where you will be expecting larger turnouts. It’s  a great venue for sipping some drinks while cruising down the river and celebrating the season and the end of another quarter.

MV Star – This is a medium-sized boat with an unforgettable roof deck that will enable you and your guests to celebrate the holiday under the stars. The boat also offers an elegant dining room

MV Ocean Blue – This is a small ocean cruiser which is incredibly luxurious. The cabin is adorned with soft leather and polished wood panelling, so you are sure to have an elegant event in one of the nicest settings for your Christmas party that you could imagine.

How much does it cost to book a Christmas party cruise in Sydney?

You may think that hiring a boat in Sydney is an expensive option, but we will prove you wrong! If you take a closer look, you will find  a wide range of prices on the market, and some already include food and  drinks and other services in the price. One of the most popular pricing models is a hire fee, which fluctuates between $55 – $11000. You can also choose to pay $79 – $170 per person, or go for a minimum spend model that can range from $1650 – $10000.

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