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Top Filming Locations in Melbourne

Searching for a location in this film-friendly city? You are in luck, Melbourne offers a range of diverse locations for any shoot. Check out your options in the city’s many parks and gardens, as well as along in the Docklands, and its multiple riverside green spaces. Don’t be afraid to hit the streets either, with 15 precincts in the city, each different in character and style, finding the perfect filming location is just a few short clicks away!

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Filming Locations Hire Guide

Finding the perfect filming location starts with knowing your own needs. So before you flip through your options, choose whether you need a waterfront location, a city street or garden, or perhaps a cafe or unique house or apartment. Whichever it is, Melbourne has a multitude of locations sure to meet your needs. Check out the outdoor locations or quirky cafes in Central Melbourne in areas such as Little Italy, Chinatown or Collins Street. Or else take your crew to the waterfront and set up your shots in the sleek and modern Docklands, or along the gardens and lanes alongside the Yarra River.

Filming Locations in Melbourne FAQ

Which locations in Melbourne are the best for filming?

There are many fantastic and photogenic locations in the city. For large-scale outdoor spaces check favourites such as the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), Olympic Park, or the popular Yarra Promenade in Southbank that runs up to the South Gate Mall. Also, check out the cobblestoned and characterful Banana Alley, which runs along the Yarra on the North bank. The Royal Botanic Gardens, The Royal Arcade and the Victoria Army Barracks on St Kilda are wonderful historic locations for any production. The Causeway is also fantastic, and this narrow laneway between Bourke Street Mall and Little Collins Street is a popular filming location.

How much does it cost to hire a filming location in Melbourne?

Fees for public locations will range from $500 to $1500 depending on the location and duration of the filming. Also, be aware that there may be incidental costs related to parking, insurance, and cleanup. Some areas of the city, such as the Melbourne metro system, parliament, or local museums, charge separately, so check with them directly for prices. Other private areas such as commercial offices, cafes, carparks, malls, houses, or hotels will vary in price depending on the individual offer, however, fees generally start at $800 for smaller spaces and rise up to $2000 or more.

How do I hire a filming location in Melbourne?

You will need to apply for a filming permit if filming involves more than a total of 6 people (including the crew). Also, a permit will be required if your equipment consists of more than one camera, microphone and vehicles or large props. If filming will block traffic or pedestrian access to any public areas you are also required to secure a permit. Some busy exterior locations in the city will have time restrictions and at those times you will not be able to schedule your filming. These restrictions and requirements also apply to private homes and businesses.

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