Filming Locations for Hire in Melbourne

Filming Locations for Hire in Melbourne

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Top Filming Locations in Melbourne

Searching for a location in this film-friendly city? You’re in luck, Melbourne offers a range of diverse Filming Locations for any shoot. Check out your options in the city’s many parks and gardens, as well as in the Docklands and its riverside green spaces. Don’t be afraid to hit the streets either, with 15 precincts in the city, each different in character and style, finding the perfect filming location is just a few short clicks away! Scroll through our listings below and check out our search filters to find the filming location perfect for your needs.

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Filming Locations Hire Guide

Finding the perfect filming location starts with knowing your own needs. So before you flip through your options, choose whether you need a waterfront location, a city street or garden, or perhaps a cafe or unique house or apartment. Whichever it is, Melbourne has a multitude of locations that are sure to meet your needs.

If you are looking for a street location in the heart of the city for your next film shoot, check out the neighborhoods in Central Melbourne. Little Italy is a popular choice and is an area rich in history and energy. Check out its picturesque streets lined with Italian restaurants, cafes and ice cream shops. For another exciting downtown location, why not consider planning your shoot in Chinatown? Filled with amazing restaurants, cultural venues, businesses, and places of worship, this area is well known for its character and design.

If you are searching for a striking cityscape, head over to Collins Street and incorporate some of Melbourne's finest Victorian architecture into your film shoot. If you want a fashionable precinct instead, consider Paris End at the top end of Collins Street which is filled with high-end fashion boutiques. 

Need a stylish interior location for your film shoot? Prahran offers a wide range of venues in different styles. Whether it is a modern room, vintage French interior, or rooftop with an amazing view - you will find it there. Prices for hiring a filming location in Prahran range from $300 to $3500 per session

If you are looking for a house for your shoot, why not check out Menzie’s Creek? This area is filled with beautiful, large farm houses in both the Tuscan and French style and is surrounded by green areas with plenty of trees. 

Perhaps you are looking for a large open space room for your film production? In that case you can choose from a wide range of venues to suit your needs in areas such as Brunswick, Fitzroy North or Preston. They are jam-packed with different sized open spaces that offer different capacity and price ranges, from $55 to $110 per hour.

La Trobe Street is a major street located right next to the CBD. It will surprise you with its unique outdoor spaces like rooftop pools and terraces. The unique atmosphere will surely add extra spark to your film. The street is especially spectacular at night with views of nearby skyscraper lights. 

Take your crew to the waterfront and set up your shots in the sleek and modern Docklandsor along the gardens and lanes alongside the Yarra River. Filming here is truly an unforgettable experience. Hire a boat and you explore the best views of the city. You can also shoot at the magnificent Glass Pavilion overviewing the river. 

5 questions to ask yourself before choosing the filming location in Melbourne

  • What is my budget?

How much money are you ready to spend on a filming location? Tally up the cost of your location hire, as well as the cost of the crew, permits and equipment that you will need for a film shoot. You will be surprised at how quickly the costs add up. Setting your budget early, and planning for unexpected expenses will make the whole process go more smoothly.

  • Should I visit the location before the shoot?

If you want to be totally prepared for your shoot, then the answer is yes. Visiting the filming location before you start will help you get to know the area better.  Take photos and draw sketches of the area so you prepare a plan of where you will set up all of your film equipment.

  • Are there restrictions on filming in certain locations?

Remember if you are filming on a private property, you must ask the owner for permission. You will also need to sign a contract with the person or business whose property it is and be prepared to pay a fee. If you are planning to film in Melbourne’s public spaces you may need official permission as well. We recommend checking the City of Melbourne website for further information. 

  • What if I change my mind and decide on a different location?

If you are not able to make the shooting location due to bad weather or other reasons, be prepared to notify the location as soon as possible. If you cancel within a specific time you may be entitled to a refund. If you are using the Tagvenue platform to book your filming location, check the details of cancellation policy on the platform. However, we recommend that you contact the manager of the venue as well.

  • When is the best time to start filming at my chosen location?

Did you know that the hire price of a filming location can differ depending on the date and hour you want to use it? If you are focused on keeping costs, the best hours for booking your filming location are usually in the early morning. Try to avoid booking your filming location on Fridays and weekends. On those days venues are usually full of people and the noise from the street can interfere with your work.


FAQs about Filming Locations in Melbourne

Which locations in Melbourne are the best for filming?

There are many fantastic and photogenic locations in the city. For large-scale outdoor spaces check favourites such as the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), Olympic Park, or the popular Yarra Promenade in Southbank that runs up to the South Gate Mall. Also, check out the cobblestoned and characterful Banana Alley, which runs along the Yarra on the North bank. The Royal Botanic Gardens, The Royal Arcade and the Victoria Army Barracks on St Kilda are wonderful historic locations for any production. The Causeway is also fantastic, and this narrow laneway between Bourke Street Mall and Little Collins Street is a popular filming location.

How much does it cost to hire a filming location in Melbourne?

Fees for public locations will range from $500 to $1500 depending on the location and duration of the filming. Also, be aware that there may be incidental costs related to parking, insurance, and cleanup. Some areas of the city, such as the Melbourne metro system, parliament, or local museums, charge separately, so check with them directly for prices. Other private areas such as commercial offices, cafes, carparks, malls, houses, or hotels will vary in price depending on the individual offer, however, fees generally start at $800 for smaller spaces and rise up to $2000 or more. (All data from Tagvenue.)

How do I hire a filming location in Melbourne?

You will need to apply for a filming permit if filming involves more than a total of 6 people (including the crew). Also, a permit will be required if your equipment consists of more than one camera, microphone and vehicles or large props. If filming will block traffic or pedestrian access to any public areas you are also required to secure a permit. Some busy exterior locations in the city will have time restrictions and at those times you will not be able to schedule your filming. These restrictions and requirements also apply to private homes and businesses.

What types of venues can be used as filming locations?

In Melbourne, you have an abundance of potential filming locations to hire. You can hire a professional studio with gear or you can go on location and set up your shoot in one of the city’s picturesque landmarks, restaurants, boats or even houses. Keep your eyes open in this beautiful city and start planning your next production.

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Misterjay 1.
Booked Photography and Video Studio at Photography And Design Australia
Was the perfect set up for what we needed and with our lack of experience the help that was given was priceless.
Sarangi R.
Booked Warehouse Space at Bighouse Arts
Myself and my dance partner hired this for a full day. We are from Sydney so coming to Melbourne and filming a dance video was a bit anxiety inducing but thank goodness for the Bighouse Arts team, as they were absolutely easy to work with and super helpful. The venue was the perfect fit for the aesthetic we were going for but I do think this is an extremely versatile venue if you are wanting to film content. We are grateful to have been able to shoot our video here as it was such a seamless and efficient process. Big love to Eileen and Camille for assisting us during our little journey :).
Julie C.
Booked Main Studio at Love to Dance Studios
A beautiful clean studio with everything you need. Excellent communication and the host was extremely accommodating to our needs. Highly recommend and I would definitely book the studio again in the future.
Lina L.
Booked Apartment 26 at Anton Venoir Interiors
We had a wonderful experience hiring this venue for our film project. Tony was lovely to work with and very helpful!

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