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In Melbourne and looking for film and TV studios ready to satisfy your needs? No matter if you are an amateur film maker or professional film location manager, get ready to hire a fantastic studio for your next project in this great Australian city! Popular for filming, this city has many production facilities and studios for hire. Whether you are searching in the Central Business District or further afield in the South or the East of Melbourne, Tagvenue will help you find the perfect studio for your production!

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Film and TV Studios Hire Guide

Discover the perfect film and TV studio for your next production! Melbourne offers an abundance of studios for all sizes and types of productions and provides fantastic opportunities for both professionals and beginners in the filming industry. Are you facing difficulties choosing the perfect studio for your shoot? Worry not! Tagvenue has prepared some recommendations of the best film and TV Studios in Melbourne. Also, make sure to check out our tips on how to hire a film and TV studio and choose the best option possible for your needs.

Before going straight to filmmaking, it’s important to divide your film or TV production into phases. It will not only help you keep track of what is going on on the film/TV set but also control the tasks assigned to your crew.

Production phases

Before starting to film, your production must go through the development phase. This phase consists of creation, script writing, and organising the film project. As the budget is being set, auditions are underway and the location is scouted.

Once your film or TV production finishes the development phase you can go to pre-production. The pre-production phase will include finalising your script, hiring the cast and crew, deciding on locations, finding equipment, and setting up a shooting schedule. When planning your shoot, it is best practice to check if your chosen studio offers equipment hire. Always ask the venue’s manager for more information.

Production phase is where the main photography (filming) for the movie or TV show takes place. It is a challenging and highly collaborative stage, when all the cast begin to work and the magic happens. In order to capture all the necessary footage, the camera operators and grips follow the shooting plan laid out by the director and cinematographer. The hair, makeup, and costume departments take care of the actors, presenters or guests appearance, while they are rehearsing their scenes. While choosing your film and TV studio, make sure it provides a proper hair and make-up area to keep your actors, presenters or guests looking good on camera. 

When principal photography is finished, the production can go to the next stage which is post-production. During this phase, editing, sound mixing, and any special effects are applied. If the director decides that a scene isn’t good enough, they may require reshoots. Once different post-production crews complete their final edits and the director decides the film is complete, it moves on to distribution.

Film and TV production is a tough nut to crack. However, you can ease the process when it comes to finding the film and TV studio for your shoot. These tips will help you decide which studio to choose from the abundance of film and TV Studios in artsy Melbourne:

Where do you want your shoot to take place?

Make sure the film and TV studio meets your requirements and expectations. It's important to check that your studio is soundproof before filming, so that it won't disturb anybody, and also prevent unwanted noise from being recorded. If you are planning to use the studio’s equipment make sure it is all in good working order. Also check whether it is included in the hire fee or if you will have to pay extra for it. If you are specifically looking for a TV studio, bear in mind that there may also be visiting audiences. As such, the design must include waiting areas, as well as a secure check-in area with metal detector arches and bag scanners. Various front-of-house provisions including catering, restrooms, and cloakrooms should also be considered. 

What is your budget?

Filmmaking is a costly endeavour itself. Keeping on budget is crucial in this case. In order to keep your budget in balance, remember that film and television studios are generally more affordable in the suburbs than in the city centre. Venues usually rent their spaces by the hour or an event. Remember to plan your budget for every phase of your film production and don’t forget to include unexpected expenses. Very often the hire price of a film and TV Studio will differ depending on the day on which you want to book it.

Do you need additional equipment?

Equipment is a crucial part of every film and TV production. If you are planning on bringing your own gear, and prepare it beforehand. Before filmmaking, make sure all of your equipment is working properly and none of it needs fixing. If you happen not to have the equipment needed, ask your venue’s manager if the studio provides it or search for local companies that provide equipment hire.

How much space do you need?

This mostly depends on the size of your crew and the amount of equipment you want to bring into the studio. If you are recording on a small-budget, most likely a small green screen studio will be just right for your production. However, the bigger your crew and the more gear you want to bring, the bigger your go-to film and TV studio should be.

What type of scene do you need?

Bear in mind that different types of productions need slightly different types of studios. The type of studio you choose depends on your needs, so make sure you choose the right one. Whether you need a studio with cyclorama, green screen or any other backdrop, you can use the Tagvenue platform to find the one for you.

FAQs about Film and TV Studios in Melbourne

Where in Melbourne can I find film and TV studio options?

You can find most film and TV studios in the city’s downtown area. The Dockland Studio, with six stages and a workshop, is located in the redeveloped precinct of The Docklands. Nearby Port Melbourne offers several options, including sound studios. Other studios are in the easily reached West Melbourne suburb of Yarraville. South Melbourne down through to St Kilda are also excellent areas for investigation and have several studios of various sizes. Looking farther afield, Forest Hill, Richmond and Thornbury have options for studio hire that are not so susceptible to downtown traffic.

How much does it cost to rent a film and TV studio in Melbourne? 

Rates for hiring a film and TV studio in Melbourne will vary depending on the size and complexity of the studio you hire. You can expect to pay around $300 for a half-day session and around $500 for a full-day dry hire of smaller to medium-sized studios. After-hours filming rates can cost around $350 for 3 hours. For larger studios, dry hire costs will start at $850 for half-day and $1300 for a full day. There are optional extras for larger studios that can be added to the costs, including air conditioning, cyclorama, lighting grids, projection rooms, and additional workspaces. (All data from

What equipment should a film and tv studio offer?

When hiring a film and TV studio, expect to spend time looking through various dry hire options. Some studios may include basic lighting rigs, monitors, and extra spaces for rehearsals, makeup, art workshops, or wardrobe rooms. However, this depends on the studio, and offers do vary widely. If these are not included in the hire package, studios usually provide the option to hire them on an item-by-item basis. More technical equipment and lighting are not usually included in the price. However, studios can help you arrange the hire of any needed equipment separately.

Which Melbourne districts have the best Film and TV Studios?

Film and TV studios are found all over Melbourne. The ones with the highest reviews according to Tagvenue’s customers are based in Altona, Cheltenham and Prahran. Tagvenue’s customers praise it for its large range of equipment, great contact with studio managers and the fact that the studios look just like the pictures! You can check venue reviews in our venue listings by clicking on the 'Read all’ button under the photo of a venue, right next to the star rating.

Guests Reviews of Film and TV Studios on Tagvenue

Booked Emerald Hall at The Russian House
We booked the Emerald Hall on relatively short notice but Elmira was more than accomodating and very helpful through the entire process. She went out of her way to make sure all questions were answered and even took the time to show another room that may have been more suitable. The space itself has a professional and european architectural feel which was perfect for what we were looking for. During the actual day of the booking Elmira was again always very helpful and even took the time to setup the space before we even arrived. Definitely would recommend the space for anyone considering it for events, professional photoshoots, weddings or anything else - also thanks again to Elmira for the amazing service right from the start till the end aswell, cannot recommend highly enough.
Sam H.
Booked NY Loft Photo/Video Studio at La Fabrica NY Loft video & Photo Studio
The space was huge! And it had so many beautiful spots and props for set dressing for a film shoot, we were able to utilise the space so well to look like multiple locations. Loved it so much!

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