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Find the perfect photoshoot location without any fuss. Whether you are looking for a location on the golden sands of St Kilda beach or amid the cafes and stalls of Queen Victoria Market, we have just what you need. Start planning your Melbourne photo shoot today!

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Photo Shoot Locations Hire Guide

Discover all of the exciting locations Melbourne has to offer for your next photoshoot. Consider natural locations such as the Yarra River, architectural wonders like the Parliament House and Steps, or in the cute cafes and artistic back streets of locations like Hosier Lane -- Melbourne has it all. 

Photo Shoot Locations in Melbourne FAQ

How do I hire a photo shoot location in Melbourne?

You will need to apply for a filming permit if your photoshoot falls into certain categories. For example, if your photo shoot involves more than 6 people (including the crew) and requires more than one camera and limited equipment. You also are restricted if your photoshoot will impede traffic or pedestrian access to public areas. For exterior locations, there may be time restrictions during which you will not be able to conduct your photo shoot. For private locations, these restrictions will also apply.

How much does it cost to hire a location for a photo shoot in Melbourne?

Whether you choose a private or public location for your photoshoot, you will need a filming permit from the city, as well as liability insurance and costs for incidentals such as parking. To rent a public location in Melbourne will cost from $305 per hour, up to four hours for $730, and four-plus hours for $1462 per day. In private locations, costs will vary, however, prices can range from $1000 to as high as $2000 per day depending on the size and standard of the space.

Which districts in Melbourne are the most photogenic?

When deciding on the most photogenic districts start by choosing whether you need an area of natural beauty or an urban location. Next, consider some of the following amazing options for your next photoshoot. For locations that make the most of Melbourne’s beauty, consider local beaches such as St Kilda or Brighton or areas along the Yarra River. For more urban locations consider the famous street art found on Hosier Lane or the historic vibe of Tattersalls Lane. Popular landmarks such as Flinders Street Station or Melbourne University are also lovely. Fans of chic and modern will enjoy Federation Square spots or the Eureka Skydeck. Finally, if the mix of urban and nature is your favourite, consider beautiful locations in city green areas such as the Treasury Gardens, the Royal Botanic Gardens or the Royal Exhibition Building Carlton Gardens which date back to 1880.

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