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Melbourne is full of charm, with plenty of trendy multicultural spots, a vibrant art scene and laneways adorned with colourful street art. The city offers numerous locations both indoors and out for exciting photo shoots - you just need to pick one.  Whether you are looking for a location on the golden sands of St Kilda beach or amid the cafes and stalls of Queen Victoria Market, Tagvenue has got your back! Check out our collection of first-rate photo shoot locations and book your favourite one today!  

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Photo Shoot Locations Hire Guide

Discover all of the exciting and various locations Melbourne has to offer for your next photo shoot. Be sure to check out natural locations along the Yarra River, or St Kilda and Brighton beaches, known for their beauty, as well as peace and tranquillity, are the perfect areas for romantic event photo shoots. Don’t stop with those choices though, as both the city’s central entertainment hub – Federation Square, as well as Greater Melbourne, boasts both amazing urban and natural locations that are worthy of your photo lens. Architectural wonders like the Parliament House and Steps, Flinders Street Station, Melbourne University or Tattersalls Lane, all lovely and popular landmarks, are some great choices if you want to add some historic vibes to your pictures. Whereas the famous street art found on Hosier Lane or chic and modern Eureka Skydeck is worth considering for fashion and street photography. If the mix of urban and nature is what you’re aiming for in your pictures, consider beautiful locations in the city's green areas of the Treasury Gardens, or the Royal Exhibition Building Carlton Gardens.

Melbourne is ready to offer numerous fabulous photo shoot locations for your next project. It doesn’t matter if you’re organising a commercial shoot, or pursuing a passion project, why not check out all the amazing options on Tagvenue and book your photo shoot location ASAP! 

Key decisions you need to make before starting your photoshoot

It’s always best to plan your needs before your booking, so it’s best to always make a few key decisions before starting your session. 

Concept - Think of a concept first. This will help you determine the type of equipment, props and extra accessories you will need. If you struggle with hitting upon any creative direction for your pictures, you can always focus on one element, e.g. accessories for clothing, such as bags, belts, scarves, etc. Visit photography websites, and perhaps browse through the work of your all-time favourite photographers. Finding a certain vision takes time, so just be patient and you’ll discover your next passion project in no time! 

Lighting - What light will work best with your vision? Natural light or artificial lighting? Some locations, such as professional photo studios specialise only in daylight photography and don’t have artificial lighting equipment on offer.

Equipment - Once you’ve come up with a concept, think of the essential things that you will need during the photoshoot: artificial lighting, backdrops, octa boxes, tripods, lenses, useful props. Make a checklist and use it to ensure you have everything. Also, make sure to ask venue managers for a full list of equipment included in the price so you can plan appropriately. 

Needed space - Will there be any makeup artists, fashion stylists, stage directors or assistants, etc. present during the shoot? If the answer is ‘yes’ then make sure to choose the best location for you and your crew to move around comfortably. Desired indoor locations should also include changing rooms and makeup stations. If you are outdoors, you may want to investigate whether there is space for a hired trailer or equipment. During longer photoshoots, you will probably take breaks, so check whether the location has any spare space where you and your team can catch your breath. 

You can find an amazing range of location choices for your photoshoot all across Melbourne. But to get you started, we’ve made a list of various fantastic photoshoot locations just for you! Be sure to check them out! 

Big Door Studios - a spacious, blank canvas daylight studio rich with industrial soul and within close walking distance of the Central Business District. It features three operational photography studios, creative offices and a loft. It’s a perfect location for shooting commercial photo shoots, however, the interior is very flexible, so you can use the space for any concept you’ve come up with. 

Anton Venoir Interiors - a salon taken straight from a classic 18th century Parisian home nestled right in Melbourne’s design and fashion district. The chic, classy interior and antique decorations perfectly blend in with unique, avant-garde outfits. See it for yourself, and your head will be buzzing with ideas you can convert into pictures! 

Revolver Lane Loft - a loft with a secret entry that opens up into a unique interior rich in grandeur and a quirky ambience that will definitely spice up your pictures. Big windows bring in lots of sunlight, so use them to your advantage if you like, or bring your own gear to snap pictures that will definitely stand out from the crowd. 

Epic Studios - a bright, comfortable warehouse studio with professional equipment such as artificial lighting, backdrops, camera lenses, etc. all available upon request. The studio was created to help artists find a functional and professional space where they can snap portrait/fashion photography pictures as well as commercial shoots. 

Glow Studios - an airy space with two studios available for hire. The toned down colours of the surroundings can help all kinds of professional photography setups. From fashion photoshoots to food photography, you can also use natural daylight to enhance the look of your photos. The studios also feature additional facilities, such as a kitchen, makeup station and changing rooms. 

Those and many more great locations that will suit your creative needs are available on our platform. Explore them all now, and you’ll definitely be pleased with your options! 

Photo Shoot Locations in Melbourne FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a location for a photo shoot in Melbourne?

Whether you choose a private or public location for your photoshoot, you will need a filming permit from the city, as well as liability insurance and costs for incidentals such as parking. Renting a public location in Melbourne will cost from around $80 up to $250 per hour. Keep in mind that many studios offer packages, so don’t hesitate to ask venue managers about your hire options. Also, the use of certain equipment may change your final fee. Some private locations charge from $350 to as high as $2000 per day depending on the size and standard of the space. (All data from

How do I hire a photo shoot location in Melbourne?

You will need to apply for a filming permit if your photoshoot falls into certain categories. For example, if your photo shoot involves more than 6 people (including the crew) and requires more than one camera and limited equipment. You also are restricted if your photoshoot will impede traffic or pedestrian access to public areas. For exterior locations, there may be time restrictions during which you will not be able to conduct your photo shoot. For private locations, these restrictions may also apply.

Where can I find the best locations for a maternity photoshoot in Melbourne?

For a maternity photoshoot, it’s great to use outdoor locations, such as parks, gardens, and picturesque beaches! Imagine a maternity photoshoot conducted in the beautiful rays of a sunset amid the waves! You can use easily accessible St Kilda beach for these photos, or take a longer drive to Williamstown Beach, or Half Moon Bay.

How do I find a photo shoot location?

Do you need an indoor, or outdoor location? Melbourne is a fantastic city that hides many great spots. Search on the internet for quirky spots, or simply take your bike/ car and drive around neighbourhoods! If you spot some amazing spots, mark them on the map. Also, you can always find just what you need with the smart filters on our platform! Choose your size, price and location and then check out your options - we promise, you’ll be booking a location in no time! 

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Sienna Gerin
Booked Warehouse Space at Bighouse Arts
Eileen the venue manager was lovely. We really enjoyed using the coloured backdrops. It was good that there was ample parking. Good value when split between a bigger group.
Sim Firns
Booked Basement Warehouse at Mycelium Studios
The space was BEYOND PERFECT for my photo shoot! If you are looking for a massive open space for a creative photoshoot then look no further than this studio! Marisa was a dream to work with, she was amazingly accommodating and willing to help, with very short notice! Cannot thank her enough.

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