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Top Creative Art Studios in Melbourne

Searching for a space in Melbourne where you can really unleash your creative impulses? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you are searching for blank creative art studios ready to inspire your artistic spirit or unique spaces that are waiting to be filled with your energy and effort, we have the perfect space for you. Are you ready to start your next artistic endeavor? So, what are you waiting for? Enter your requirements in the smart filters and check out our listings for Creative Art Studios for hire in Melbourne. 

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Creative Art Studios Hire Guide

Boasting a vibrant art and music scene, Melbourne has earned its reputation as Australia's cultural capital. It should come as no surprise that this thriving city can give you a pretty hefty dose of inspiration. However, sometimes you need an extra boost for your inspiration, and that’s where the creative space has an important role to play. So hop on Tagvenue’s curated listings of amazing creative art studios in Melbourne from lovely Bayside to the urban sprawl of Central Melbourne

At Tagvenue, we know that creativity comes in all forms and types, and we’ve got the range of creative spaces to prove it. The creative space concept was invented to activate creativity and these spaces are environments that offer the tools, technology and resources to help you turn your ideas into reality. Not sure which type of space will suit your needs? Let’s take a look at some of Melbourne’s most common types of creative spaces. 

Large conference room

Looking for a place to launch your next Sprint Planning session? This type of venue is perfect for a larger group needing to brainstorm or push a product forward. The type of venue usually includes the resources needed for a few hours of creative planning, including white boards, reliable WiFi, and the latest meeting tech. You’ll find some of the city’s best conference rooms on Bridge Road, Queens Road or Swanston Street.

Production studio

If you would like to take your filming, podcasting or photoshoot to the next level, a production studio is a very good choice. With its wide range of professional gear, a noteworthy project is just a few short steps away. When planning your production, always check with the studio manager about the studio fit out before finalising the hire. While you may want to use your own equipment, many studios also offer equipment as part of the package. 

Dance Studio

Dance studios come in all different types and sizes. These spaces are designed for activity and usually offer a large space with a non-slip floor, as well as mirrors and a barre. These creative spaces are fantastic for rehearsals, dance practice, pilates or yoga classes. You can also use the venue for photoshoots. For some amazing dance studio options, check out Tagvenue listings in Barretta Road, Lobb Street or Aylesbury Drive.


There is no better kind of creative space than a warehouse. It is essentially a multidisciplinary creative studio and co-working hub that will ensure that your team’s imagination can run wild. Some of the best warehouses available on Tagvenue are located in Coburg North and Oakleigh South.


Workshops are the perfect place for your team to brainstorm. For designers, artists, thinkers and musicians, they're fantastic creative spaces. Some of the most magnificent workshops available on Tagvenue are located in Brunswick East and Richmond. They have a unique, extravagant design beyond your expectations. They can take your clients' breath away and become a topic of endless conversation. This will certainly help you make a great first impression.

Creative Suite

Creative suites can be used for all types of endeavours whether you are looking for a space to engage in writing, rehearsal or a work meeting. Visit this type of creative space and find out how it can increase your creativity. A creative suite usually includes a flat screen TV, Wi-Fi and audiovisual equipment.

Board room

A board room is a large high standard meeting room designed for executive meetings. However, these spaces can also be incredibly useful for regular client meetings and high-level discussions. A board room will include a table, chairs and a flat screen TV and usually high quality video conferencing capabilities. 

What to know when hiring a creative art studio

Your budget. Can you afford to choose a more expensive creative space, or are you searching for a cheaper option? On our platform, you can use the slider to select your price range, and our platform will show you listings that fit your budget. 

Room size. Are you planning to brainstorm with 5, 10 or 15 people? Do you need a lot of space for your rehearsals, or is a small room with a few chairs just right for your needs? Answer these questions before deciding on your creative space in order to make the best choice possible. Then hop on our platform and search for your perfect creative space using our capacity slider.

Equipment. Depending on the venue, you may either bring your own equipment or ask if it is possible to hire it. For instance, some studios will include some equipment in the hire fee. However, we recommend that you ask the manager of your chosen creative space to find out whether they provide their own gear.

Professional help. Even people with work experience sometimes struggle with modern equipment. There's nothing more valuable than having someone you can ask for help if something doesn't work as expected. If you anticipate any technical difficulties, ask if the venue has a technical staff willing to assist. 

Cancellation policy. Always find out about the venue's cancellation policy before finalising your booking. Then in case you must change your plans, always let the managers know as soon as possible if you will be unable to attend on the scheduled date. You should be able to get either a full or a 50% refund if you cancel within a specified amount of time before your arranged booking.

FAQs about Creative Art Studios in Melbourne

How much does it cost to rent a creative art studio in Melbourne?

Prices will differ depending on many factors, such as the quality of the facilities, the size of the space and the length of the hire. The average per hour cost for renting a creative space in Melbourne ranges between $25 to $330 per hour. If you are choosing a session or per day option instead, expect prices to range from $165 to $15000. (All data from

What are three of the best creative art studios?

Undoubtedly, the best creative spaces to hire are Warehouses, Workshops and Studios due to their multitasking capabilities. They can be used for different manners of creative work such as business meetings, studying sessions, or project managing. They not only help you focus but open your mind to new ideas as well. When you struggle to decide on the type of creative space for your project, we recommend searching for one of these types of venues.

Can I find any creative art studios in the Port Phillip area?

Yes, there are many creative spaces available in the Port Phillip area. From small studios to show your concepts on the white board to large spaces for rehearsals and creative spaces to take photos. Some of these spaces have beautiful views of the bay. They are located within walking distance from Australia’s famous beaches. You can find creative spaces just next to Brighton Beach, famous for its lined, colourful, Victorian bathing boxes or on St Kilda Beach, with its palm-lined boardwalk and well-renowned St Kilda Sea Baths.

Which Melbourne's districts have the best creative spaces?

Find the perfect creative studio space for your needs, whether you are searching in Port Melbourne, Coburg North or anywhere in between. Whatever your creative needs, Melbourne’s got high-tech spaces and basic blank canvas studios galore. Start your search by narrowing down your needs and letting that lead you to the options that will suit you best.

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