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Time to get creative! Start your next artistic endeavour in one of these perfect Melbourne studio spaces, both large and small. Take your search to the city and check out your options, and you’ll be booking your creative studio in no time. Check out your options below and book without any fuss!

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Creative Studio Spaces Hire Guide

Creative Studio Spaces in Melbourne FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a creative space in Melbourne?

Get ready to be creative in the studio or space of your choice. With various options for rent, you will find something that suits your budget and needs quite easily. Prices will vary depending on the size of the creative space and the duration of the hire. Some studios will offer the option of paying by the hour, ranging between $35 to $50 per hour or by the day with a half-day session costing $250 and a whole day around $450. For longer-term hires, prices can range between $400 to $2,900 per month depending on the space and the hiring package you choose. 

Which Melbourne districts have the best creative studio spaces?

Find the perfect creative studio space for your needs, whether you are searching in Port Melbourne, Coburg North or anywhere in between. Whatever your creative needs, Melbourne’s got high-tech spaces and basic blank canvas studios galore. Start your search by narrowing down your needs letting that lead you to the options that will suit you best.

Which types of spaces can be used as creative spaces?

Creative spaces are places that will allow you to explore the full extent of your imagination. The space you choose can be either blank canvas or come equipped with equipment and access to tools. Be sure to check out dance studios and photo studios for excellent and roomy spaces with lots of room for your creative project. Other options are studios designed for artists, which can enable you to access speciality equipment for your project. For other convenient options, consider meeting rooms which often offer conference rooms on an hourly basis. Also, you can find lower-cost options for short term hire in function rooms, community halls and local libraries.

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