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Top Art Studios in Melbourne

If you’re searching for top art studios in Melbourne then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Tagvenue, we list some of the city’s chicest halls and galleries that are perfect for art workshops, exhibitions, showcases, and much more. Spanning from north to south of the city, these creative spaces are easy to hire and available in a range of city centre and suburban locations. To begin your search, take a trip over to our smart venue finder now and secure your ideal space!

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Art Studios Hire Guide

In Melbourne city centre, find warehouses, workshops, and art studios with plenty of character and versatility. Ideal for hosting art exhibitions, you can invite up to 250 guests and make it a stylish black-tie soirée, or more laid-back affair. Showcasing old industrial character, as well as baroque-style elegance, these spaces are also good photography studios, offering plenty of flexibility and an interesting backdrop to a photo-shoot or photography class. With prices ranging from $990 to $1690 per day, or $120 per hour, there’s also great value for money. 

North of the city centre, Brunswick is a small district with plenty to satisfy the artist within you and boasts large and open art galleries, or small studio spaces. The galleries are ideally suited to hosting networking events, workshops, and exhibitions, while the studio spaces are perfect for artists looking for their own small and temporary space to display and sell their works. Prices are again flexible, starting at $550 and rising to $3500 per session, with discounts for afternoon, evening, and day hire.

In South Yarra, choose from private garden areas where you can hold outdoor painting and drawing classes, or gritty industrial spaces that can host expositions or meetups for art lovers across Melbourne. From $70 per person, or $100 to $161 per hour, these spaces are available for hire throughout the day and can host crowds of up to 120 standing guests.

Fitzroy is a highly desirable suburb known as a cultural hub for the live music scene and street art. Citizens praise it for its public transport accessibility, top-notch restaurants and vibrant nightlife. It’s well known as an artsy and eclectic suburb of Melbourne and you will find all kinds of artistic spaces there. Hiring an art studio in Fitzroy will cost around $50 to $150 per hour

If you are looking for a studio overlooking a beach, St Kilda would be a perfect choice. Hiring an art studio in the St Kilda area will range from approximately $140 to $160 per hour. Windsor is a beautiful inner suburb 5 km south-east of the Melbourne CBD. Not only is it home to historic landmarks such as the old post office, Telstra exchange tower or Swinburne University Campus but it is also a hub for new design, such as the award-winning Windsor Fire station. If you want to hire an art studio in Windsor, expect costs to range from $100 to $175 per hour

Heidelberg West is a small suburb 10 km north-east of the Melbourne CBD. While this area may not be the first area that comes to mind for studio hire, it offers numerous affordable options. If you want to hire a studio in Heidelberg, expect prices ranging from $64 to $69 per hour. If you are on a strict budget, we definitely recommend looking at the art studios in this area.

What should I consider before hiring an art studio in Melbourne?

Budget. Setting your spending limit ahead of time will definitely save you from headaches later.  Art studios come in a range of sizes and costs, so whether you want a large well-equipped art studio or  just a basic art studio without any extras, use the Tagvenue search filters to help you find the perfect space for both your needs and wallet. 

Size. When deciding on how big an art studio should be, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. It all stands on your needs. So while choosing the size of your studio, focus on the type of artwork you are going to do there and how much equipment you will have to operate there.

Reviews. No matter if you are experienced at hiring an art studio or are just beginning, it is always a good idea to check the reviews beforehand. Knowing that the venue you're going to has positive reviews and a good reputation will help you avoid unnecessary stress.

Location. Different locations offer different possibilities so while choosing an art studio make sure that the location suits your particular needs. For instance, if you need a view of the sea from the window we recommend choosing studios in the St Kilda area. However, if you prefer something with an urban feel why not search for an art studio in Fitzroy?

Cancellation policy. If you must cancel your booking, always let the venue manager know as early as possible. In most cases, if you cancel within a certain time before your booking date, you may be able to get a refund. 

Equipment. What furniture do you need in an Art Studio? If you are a photographer, it will be crucial that your go-to studio has backdrops, lights, tripods and taborets. If you are an artist make sure the place provides rolling carts where you can put your brushes and paints, drafting tables and print racks to put your work of art on when it is ready.

FAQs about Art Studios in Melbourne

Where in Melbourne can I find the best art studios?

Our customers have offered many positive reviews for the Love to Dance Studio in AltonaWell reviewed art studios are also available in Brunswick. For example, check out That Paper Joint - Art Studio. If you're looking for something in the south, try Artfulyoga in St Kilda or Toffee Studios in South Melbourne.

What kind of equipment can I expect to find in an art studio?

What you find in the art studio will adepends on the type of creative work you are going to do in the studio. If you are a photographer, check if the art studio provides proper equipment and backdrops. Lights should be available in every studio no matter the type of creative work you are going to do there.

How much does it cost to hire an art studio in Melbourne?

Studio prices start around $30 per hour and can reach as high as $175 per hour, depending on your studio's location, size, and purpose. Expect to pay between $495 and $5000 for a full-day  hire. (All data from

Can I hire an art studio in the suburbs of Melbourne ?

There are art studios available not only in Central Melbourne but also in the suburbs. Take a look at areas such as Moorabin and Clayton for some great choices.

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