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Tired of looking for the perfect small private dining rooms? How about getting someone else to do it for you? Here at Tagvenue you can find the perfect venue with only a few clicks. So if you’ve been looking for smaller dining rooms in New York City, you’ve arrived at the right place. This city has an extensive culinary scene just waiting to be discovered. Did you know that NYC is home to many celebrity chef restaurants ready to cater to private dining events? Explore Tagvenue for both well-known as well as hidden gems and find your perfect small private dining room in NYC today!

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Small Private Dining Rooms Rental Guide

Have you been searching the web for small private dining rooms in NYC, and had trouble finding the perfect spot so far? Prepare to have your questions answered with a little Tagvenue magic, our carefully designed filters will show you New York City’s restaurant venues which are absolute top quality. We have private dining rooms fit for any budget, so you have a grand selection of event spaces to choose from. Expect a wide range of restaurants, rooftops, bars, lounges, terraces and more.

And the culinary scene? We don’t have to tell you that the number one food in New York City is pizza. With restaurants all over the world trying to replicate this typical NYC dish, this is surely one of the safest options to pick out there. And it’s also one that your guests are going to fall in love with. If you’re heading out for brunch, then make sure to order one of the city’s famous bagels, or its pastrami or corned beef sandwiches. Some fanatics say you can’t make these dishes NYC style anywhere else! And if you decide to finish off with dessert – cheesecake is definitely one of this city’s staples. Have you got guests visiting from out of town? Then don’t let them leave the restaurant without trying at least one of these yummy foods!

A wide selection of dining venues is one thing, but organizing a private restaurant party is quite another. Have you thought about all the when’s, what’s and why’s yet? If you need some help, then check out our guide to organizing an event, and get ready to have the perfect small private dining party in New York City!

How to organize a private dining party? 

There are many things to keep in mind when organizing a private dining event in NYC. In case you missed something, we’ve prepared a list of what to look out for before your dining room gathering.


Have you decided which part of the city you would like to host your small private party in? New York City is large, so if you’re organizing a private bash for your closest friends or family, it could be a good idea to ask them if they have any location preferences. Check out the reachability of the restaurant venue, and how close it is to certain metro or bus stations. A lot of small private dining rooms at Tagvenue are spread out across Manhattan and Brooklyn, so check out which areas are of interest to you!


How much are you willing to spend on your private dining experience? New York City has a reputation for being quite pricey, but you can find plenty of affordable restaurants with private dining rooms as well. Want some tips on how to make the booking experience more budget friendly? We recommend that you check if the restaurants offer any BYOB options, which can reduce the cost of the venue rental. If you’re a fan of home cooked meals, but prefer having someone else wash the dishes for you, then you’re going to love this option. If the situation allows it, you can opt for splitting the bill with your guests. This is a great solution if your private dining option involves a get together with friends. And if all else fails, try to negotiate the price with the manager of the venue, who knows, maybe you’ll be able to get a few dollars off your private dining event!

Guest list

How many people are you planning to invite? Are these just your closest family or friends, or are you having some special guests coming as well? Perhaps you’re throwing an intimate networking party, or an integration for your employees? Whatever the occasion may be, and whoever you plan to have at your small private dining room party, make sure that your guests RSVP, so you don’t overpay for the venue. Also, it’s good to just have a peace of mind about who’s coming, and who’s not. 

Date and time

This is one of the most important aspects of private restaurant venue rental! Chosen a date and time yet? Most dining events take place somewhere during the afternoon or evening, but if you want to, you can always opt for a great breakfast or brunch. Enjoy a delicious meal during early hours, and it can actually save you a couple of bucks as well. Managers like to reduce the price at unconventional hours. Once you’re set on the date, book the venue preferably around 6 weeks in advance. 


Have you thought about the types of decorations you would like to have at your dining party? The decor can make your special event much greater. From home-made accessories, to beautiful flower arrangements. As long as it’s not glitter, and it’s not messy, the venue should have no problem with you bringing in something extra. Maybe you’d like to bring something that will be unique to your guests? Search the web for some fun decor ideas and transform your small private dining room into a setting that truly amazes!

We hope that now you have some ideas on organizing your private dining experience in NYC, but if you still need a few tips and tricks, check out the FAQ section below.

FAQs about Small Private Dining Rooms in New York City, NY

What types of special occasions can I celebrate in small private dining rooms in NYC?

In a private event setting, it is common to celebrate mostly intimate gatherings. You might like to invite guests for engagement parties, bridal or baby showers, as well as birthday parties. If you happen to have a small coworking event, or a meeting, then small private dining rooms in New York City are ideal venues to have such happenings as well.

What’s the price for small private dining rooms in New York City?

Prices start with a minimum spend of $600 per session. Since you will not be having a large party, you can expect prices to be lower than in the usual big venue spaces. Expect average price of around $2500. You can also check out small restaurant venue options which offer price per person – sometimes it is the cheaper option. (All data from

What theme should I choose for my private party in New York City?

Having a theme for a small party is quite popular. Make sure that it matches the event or the special occasion that you are celebrating. You can opt for particular colors for your event, depending on the occasion, and go with some pastel colors, or choose vibrant yellows, blues, and oranges. Some other options include: dress-up, DIY, Bohemian or movie themed. What will you pick as the theme for this private dining party?

Which small private dining rooms in NYC can I book today?

Time for our favorite part! Get some inspiration or go and book one of these awesome small private dining rooms straight away. Why don’t you start off with checking out The Library at The Raines Law Room at the William? This gorgeous room at this fine venue is not only a unique cocktail bar with private dining, it also offers services like mixology events and team-building exercises. Perfect for any occasion! And if you prefer something a little more low-key, why don’t you check out St Tropez West Village? This fantastic venue offers private dining options to die for, check it out for yourself!

Guest Reviews of Small Private Dining Rooms on Tagvenue

Suzette S.
Booked The Terrace at The Raines Law Room at The William
My client and her guests are still raving about the birthday celebration hosted at The Raines Law Room at The William. The facilities are beautiful, the cocktails were spectacular and the food mouth watering. Our social media followers have been very engaged with our postings for the celebration held here. We'll continue to share this space with our future clients and look forward to returning.
Ariana M.
Booked Entire Space at Cafe Skye
Cafe Skye helped me host a party for 26 friends. The venue went above and beyond to accommodate our preferences. The owner Cameron was extremely organized and easy to work with. The staff at the party was amazing — even the chef and kitchen crew checked in to make sure we had a nice time. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to host an event.
Shiva L.
Booked Velvet Room at Velvet Brooklyn
Great venue! Phil is very responsive and helpful in answering questions in working with you. He helped with cake cutting and setting up the music. Highly reccommend

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