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Did you know that Houston is a great place to start a business? It’s no surprise since this city is brimming with all types of small meeting spaces. That’s why hosting your meeting at an affordable rate in almost every part of Houston is pretty much guaranteed to be a stress-free process! Whether you’re trying to grow your business, get your hands on that next project, or sell that marketing plan, you’ll find plenty of outstanding small meeting rooms that will  fit your requirements like a glove in no time. With Tagvenue’s assistance, browse through the best ones and rent your preferred space now!

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Small Meeting Rooms Rental Guide

We get it: you want to be productive and successful, but don't know where to start. Well, sometimes all you need is the right workspace, aka a small meeting space, to meet your business partner  or hold a brainstorming session with internal stakeholders. Whatever the reason, there are several things to understand when renting out a space. Confused? The venue experts at Tagvenue have your back with some useful suggestions! 

Why should you rent a meeting space?

A meeting room is a designated space for holding meetings. It’s particularly useful if you don’t have an office space yet or if you simply need to hold a meeting in a location outside your office. Other than that, you may also want to rent out these spaces for training sessions, office lunches, client meetings, and strategy sessions. Small meeting spaces are excellent for te these purposes if you’re hosting  ten or fewer people. 

While we all know that Steve Jobs started his journey in a garage, we’re also aware that garages or basements don’t inspire trust in future business partners! Plus, your idea might not be as big as Apple's! Therefore it’s vital to inspire confidence by holding your business meetings in the right place. From budding entrepreneurs to corporations, any business person can benefit from renting a small meeting space. Let’s take a look at the elements that make meeting rooms a convenient place to host your future gatherings.

Classy and professional 

Say no to jerry-rigged presentations! First impressions will determine the success of your enterprise. It’s not only about that firm handshake but also the atmosphere in which the meeting is held. Top-notch meeting spaces are your go-to if you’re planning to get your hands on that million-dollar contract. These rooms are equipped with up-to-date technology to ensure seamless presentations and conference calls. Fumbling with your laptop or presentation tools once your guests are here can make them feel like you came to the meeting unprepared, while having everything in place when you arrive makes it much easier to deliver a feeling of confidence to the attendees. Venues like San Felipe Meeting Room at Anchor Office and Medium Conference Room at GalloWorks are perfect for your next event. They both provide Wi-Fi facilities and flat TV screens for your presentations for less than $70 per hour.

Keep up with style 

Small rental meeting rooms never go out of style as they are constantly updated according to the client’s requirements. So you’ll certainly not come across any ramshackle venues when browsing our marketplace. These venues ensure that they keep up with the requirements of modern companies, with bright rooms, inspirational decor to boost motivation, and the latest technology. Meeting rooms are appealing to larger companies as well since they often venture out to new locations to establish their presence and assess opportunities. In short, small meeting rooms allow businesses to put their best face on with new partners and investors.


Putting your best foot forward often starts with your venue selection. When you’re planning an important meeting for the future of your company, the location undoubtedly matters. While it’s not compulsory to rent out a venue in a central location, it’s always favored by businesses. Consider renting out meeting spaces in the following areas where your attendees can navigate without any issue:

  •  Downtown Houston- commercial district, excellent commute, urban vibe, and green spaces
  • Second Ward- great for business, outdoor activities, easily accessible, diverse restaurants
  • Midtown- commute through the MetroRail, upscale eateries, great entertainment options
  • Montrose- eclectic vibe, LGBTQ-friendly, famous for its art scene

Wondering if it’s challenging to rent out one of these places? The short answer is no! Rental fees are low compared to other places in the U.S. so finding a business space to rent won’t be too tough. You may also rent out a spot at coworking spaces to satisfy your need.

The right amount of space

We all dread showing up to a meeting space for a pitch and finding it empty. You may seriously doubt your potential when faced with such situations. However, with smaller rooms, that won’t be an issue. You’ll find yourself either in a room for less than 10 people or a room for a one-on-one session, which is perfect if you loathe those empty spaces. Room sizes should match the guest size of the meeting. You wouldn’t want the room to look like a child in an oversized suit! Rooms that are too large for smaller meetings tend to look unprofessional due to the unoccupied space. However, it’s essential not to pick a room that feels cramped. You’ll find many rooms for the event that feel just right in terms of size, location, and decor.

Back up spaces

If you have a company based in Houston, you probably already know how tough it is to have access to the internal meeting space, chances are it will  always be busy with some other project, brainstorming session, or meeting. By having a few rental ideas at hand, you’ll never have to worry about where to hold your next meeting. Meeting spaces aren’t just a lifeline; they are the first step to any successful meeting. When you need an extra place to meet, meeting room rentals are an upgrade. They’re cleaner, with excellent equipment for presentations, and simply set a true  professional tone.

FAQs about Small Meeting Rooms in Houston, TX

How small can a meeting room be?

Small meeting rooms are perfect for any guest size below 10. Medium-sized rooms can accommodate 10-16 people. You can find the right small space that fits your guest size by simply using Tagvenue’s guest filter when browsing for your small meeting room. 

Are meeting rooms and conference rooms the same?

Both can be on the smaller side and accommodate your meeting needs. The difference is that conference rooms can be larger and are mostly used for video conferences for outside members to virtually attend the meeting. Many meeting rooms are, however, equipped with the same amenities as conference rooms. 

As a startup, do I need a small meeting space?

All types of business meetings are likely to require an exterior meeting room on a regular or occasional basis. For sales pitches, brainstorming sessions, product launches, or internal training days, these spaces are ideal for start-ups that may not have an office yet for holding meetings. They provide a stronger image of the company and instill trust.

What can I expect to pay for a small meeting room?

Rental costs for meeting rooms can be anything from $25+ an hour to $200+ for a day. The best way to know whether the price is worth the money is to take into account the size of the meeting space, its location, and the additional services provided. If you’re in doubt, we recommend enquiring with a few venue managers to get a clearer idea of the rental costs. (All data according to Tagvenue.)

What are the best areas to rent a meeting space in Houston?

Houston is home to an array of distinct neighborhoods. East Downtown is known for its convenient transit and a mix of ethnic restaurants that you can take your guests to after the meeting. The Museum District boasts great public transportation, museums, and luxurious accommodations that will impress your future partners! Great Uptown, is a family-friendly neighborhood that’s also famous for its high-and mid-rise office spaces. Montrose is also a great option for entertaining your guests. Home to excellent restaurants, meeting spaces, and LGBTQ-friendly clubs, Montrose scores high in the best location field.

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