Photo Shoot Locations for Rent in Las Vegas, NV

Photo Shoot Locations for Rent in Las Vegas, NV

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Top Photo Shoot Locations in Las Vegas, NV

If you're looking to take some photos in Las Vegas, you're in luck. The city has a lot to offer, from beautiful spaces to unique backdrops and locations that are perfect for your next photo shoot. Whether you're looking for a cozy little spot to take some portraits of your family, or an opulent space in which to create some truly amazing fashion images, there is no shortage of choices here. If that doesn’t sound convincing, then maybe we’ll let the venues do the talking. Scroll down for some amazing photo shoot locations in Las Vegas today!

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Photo Shoot Locations Rental Guide

Whether you’re a total beginner or an advanced professional, you have to know that renting photo shoot locations can sometimes be a chore. You have lots of stunning locations, offers of various prices, and the hosts are offering different types of amenities in each venue. You are sure to be faced with questions. How to choose the perfect location? Is the price reasonable for what they have to offer? Should I look into getting additional equipment or book a space that already offers what I want? Filter through our list of photo shoot locations, and hopefully the answers will come to you soon enough. With our guide, we hope to add some insight into different aspects of renting locations, as well as some ideas of what you can do with the space once you’re there.

If you’re just starting out, you might be asking yourself: what can I even shoot in these locations? Should I invest into renting a space, or would it be better to check out some other cheaper spots? And while we are all for experimenting with your photography skills and the types of photos you can produce, we will tell you that there is nothing better than learning photography in a controlled and professional environment. This is exactly what you will get if you rent a space here at Tagvenue.

Here are the types of photography you can shoot in most of the city’s photo shoot locations:

  • Wedding photos. Whether you want to take photos for a client, or just want to document the big day for a friend, there's no better place to find the perfect backdrop than Las Vegas. The Strip is filled with gorgeous hotels and casinos that will make any couple feel like royalty on their special day. You can also check out beautiful outdoor locations which will be great for their wedding photo shoot.
  • Engagement shoots. Engagement shoots are a great way to get comfortable with the photographer before the wedding day arrives. They also give couples an opportunity to connect with each other and capture some amazing moments together before they're joined as one!
  • Portraits. Whether it's portraits with friends or family members or individual portraits for your portfolio or website, portrait photography is always good for business! You can get some great shots at any number of different locations around town.
  • Family photos. The venues we’ve picked out for you will make even the most camera-shy family members feel right at home. Create the memory of a lifetime for the adults as well as the kids, and remember to create a great atmosphere and prepare a fab theme. They’re bound to love it!
  • Baby photo shoots. Studios are fab spaces for baby photography. Newborns and babies are some of the most challenging subjects to capture, but they're also some of the most rewarding. Create beautiful shots by curating the scene from scratch, and make sure to check the photo theme with the baby’s parents. Prepare some beautiful decorations and let the camera do its magic!
  • Product photography. This type of photography is perfect to shoot in a studio if you want to have lots of control over your environment. But as long as you have good lighting, product shoots can be done in any type of venue. If you have products for sale, or if you’re shooting products for your clients, it's important that your photos accurately represent them. You don't want customers thinking that you're selling wallets made out of leather, when they're actually made out of pleather. 

Types of photo shoot locations to rent

If you're looking to shoot indoors, there are plenty of options for you. The first thing to consider is how much space you need and how many people will be involved in the shoot. Make sure to check out the budget, and if there is an option to make the renting process more affordable (by splitting the cost or negotiating a discount). Decide how long you will need to rent the space for and how many people should be in your crew. And once you get that sorted out, you might want to check out the following locations:

  • Warehouse spaces (e.g., a vacant warehouse that has been taken over by local artists). These spaces typically have high ceilings and lots of natural light. Perfect for wide-angled photography, shots can be vibrant and dynamic, or still and emotional. 
  • Art studios (e.g., art galleries that have been converted into photography studios). These spaces are often large enough to accommodate a few people (or even an entire crew) and provide a variety of different backdrops that can be used during your shoot. These locations are perfect for portrait photography, and any other types of family photos.
  • Casinos and hotels. The casinos in Las Vegas are iconic landmarks that can definitely be used as backdrops for photos. Why not write to some hotels in Las Vegas that allow photo shoots on their property? Check out the different styles and themes!

FAQs about Photo Shoot Locations in Las Vegas, NV

How much do photo shoot locations in Las Vegas cost?

You can expect to find photo shoot locations at a price range of around $50 to $200 per hour. Check out spaces on the more affordable side, such as the Entire Studio at ShotsByDre for only $60 per hour. There are also a couple of more expensive options, such as Entire Venue at Nine Twenty, for $1000 per hour. (All data from

What are some of the best photo shoot locations in Las Vegas?

You can check out some of the professional studios located in Southeast Las Vegas, such as the Studio at Wildcard Studio LLC. The professional services offer a good price for the space and equipment available inside. And close to it, you can find Cyclorama at Photo Bang Bang, which is located in South Las Vegas. For a price of $100 per hour it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Do photo shoot locations in Las Vegas offer equipment?

Many photo shoot locations in Vegas do offer  some basic equipment such as backdrops, lights, light stands, tripods, etc. However, the offer will not be overly extensive, and you will need to take care of basic things such as cameras, microphones, reflectors, etc. by yourself. But definitely make sure to contact the host before you book and find out what’s included in the offer when you book the space.

Do I need insurance when renting photo shoot locations in Las Vegas?

You should absolutely always have insurance when renting a photo shoot location. The problem with renting spaces when other people are involved, is that there’s a bigger chance for things to break or the crew to get hurt. It’s better to have insurance and be prepared if the worst actually happens.

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