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With its multiculturalism and pro-business environment, Singapore is the place to learn and grow. If you’re looking for workshop venues here you are sure to find it! This bustling metropolis is a great backdrop to any event you can imagine. Set a professional tone to your workshop, provide a homely vibe to your cooking class, or add a touch of luxury to your makeup workshops in one of Singapore's many venues. Want to know more? Search through our listings, compare photos, prices, and reviews and book your workshop venue with Tagvenue today!

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Workshop Venues Rental Guide

Up until now, you were the person who was sitting in a room, taking part in a workshop, and now the time has come for you to step up and talk? The transition may not be easy, but we’re here to help you out!

Workshops are a great tool to learn a new skill, try a new technique, or work through a problem. For example, corporate workshops are a great way to get to know your colleagues in a different environment, break out of your well-worn thinking patterns, and develop your professional skills. Arts and crafts classes may help you unwind and find new hobbies. In a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, you are provided with a safe space to try and fail.

If you go to a workshop with a teacher or instructor, they will help you make your learning process much smoother. They will provide you with insight and guide you through any dilemmas that may occur. Because workshop groups are usually smaller, you know you will have the attention you need, but also you won’t take anyone’s time with your questions, because it’s a learner environment - everyone is there to learn, so your question may help others as well. You can exchange ideas and knowledge with other participants, making it an unforgettable learning experience.

What to remember about when organising a workshop

Before you start, think about the end. What do you want the participants to know or learn after they attended your workshops? What skills or techniques do you want to teach them? How big should the group be for everyone to be able to work comfortably? How big of a group can you handle to be the best instructor for everyone? Setting a clear target will help you prepare the best way to achieve it. With a precise goal, your preparations will be most efficient.

Write a program. Once you know the goal for your workshop group, write a program on how you will get them there. Think carefully about what the participants need to do, how much time it will take them and what their work should look like. By visualising the workshop you will know what you need to prepare for it, what tools or equipment is necessary. A program is also needed for advertising. Your potential clients will know what they’re signing up for, so you’re more likely to secure a group for your workshops.

Plan your work. You already know the goal and the program, so it may seem like the hardest parts of organising a workshop are past you. If you’re not the kind of person who carries an internal Excel sheet, it’s better to write down all the points you have to remember about before the workshops. If you need to buy or order some materials, schedule the time for them to be shipped to you. If you would like to invite some experts or co-hosts, remember they can take time to answer, so don’t leave that to the last minute. Planning your work will help you stay on track and avoid panic when you miss something out - because you won’t.

Don’t overdo it. Workshops usually focus on one particular skill or technique, or on solving one issue. Although you may use your entire expertise to teach or lead that one workshop, the participants are far from gaining your level of knowledge with just one class. Keep that in mind when you’re drawing up the workshop to not tire out the participants. A good idea might be to prepare a list of resources for your participants to turn to after your workshop or to leave your contact info for them to reach out to you with further questions.

Write up a budget. Once you have everything ready, sum up all the expenses you will face. Review the costs of buying materials, inviting experts, renting a venue, and running a marketing campaign. Once you have worked through each point, you can set up a price for your workshop and see whether what you have planned is feasible. It’s better to know your limitations before rather than after you placed all of your orders. A good idea might be to ask the participants to pay for the workshops in advance. This way you can secure your funds for the preparations and know before the workshops how many people will come. And even if they won’t come, you won’t lose your money, because they have already paid.

Find the venue. Once you know what you’re doing it’s time to find the perfect venue for your workshops. The space you want to work in can amplify the results and add value to what you’re delivering. Even if your budget is tight or you would rather spare money on the materials, using Tagvenue’s search engine you are sure to find just what you need. To help you out we’ve prepared some venue suggestions for you:

  • Chill@5 NTU Alumni Club Located in the heart of Singapore, this venue offers a versatile and flexible event space with multi-purpose rooms suitable for a range of workshops and sessions. The adaptable rooms allow for customized arrangements, from cooking classes to brainstorming sessions, and foster innovation and creativity in a cozy and homely environment.
  • Frasers Tower - equipped with state-of-the-art technology Frasers Tower is an ideal venue to host your corporate workshops. Professionally designed rooms, which can host both smaller and larger groups, will make your next corporate training go without a worry.
  • City on A Hill - a cheerful venue offering numerous spaces suited for a wide variety of events. A seminar room and coworking booths provide professional space for a corporate meeting. A dance studio will be a great fit for your fitness class, while a music studio is a perfect space for all the music learners. Providing even a kitchen studio City on A Hill is the venue for any workshops you could come up with!
  • Mindful Space - this versatile event space is great for fitness and wellness workshops. The mirror wall and spacious flooring are great for practicing. Acoustic wall panels and a high-quality audio system allow for music workshops to take place here. At request, a projector, training chairs, and other amenities are available.
  • HUONE Singapore - an award-winning venue suitable for all sorts of events. Giving a contemporary twist to a meeting space, HUONE is sure to meet your wildest expectations. Choose one of the uniquely designed rooms for your corporate workshops, brainstorming sessions, or even creative endeavors.

Work out the future. Even before you do your workshop, think about what you could do after it. Think about a follow-up session or a workshop where you will demonstrate a similar or complementary skill or technique to the one you just taught. If you would like to go in-depth into the subject, perhaps you could organise a class or a master course. Propose it to your participants while they’re in your workshop. This way you will be sure the info gets to them. You may offer a special discount or a bonus to ensure their interest in your future work. A good idea might be to encourage the participants to share their experiences via social media, so more people will know about your workshops. It would be great if the attendees followed you and your future projects on their own, but a little encouragement won’t hurt you and it may go a long way.

Do a dry run, especially if you’re doing your workshops for the first time. Test the equipment you’re planning to use and check the materials you’ve prepared for the participants. If you’re planning to use any software make sure the attendees know it or you will be able to explain it clearly. See if you scheduled the time properly. If it’s possible, do the dry-run in the rented venue or at least visit it before the workshop to see if you will be able to do what you planned in that space.

What to do if you are afraid of failure

If you use our tips, preparing a workshop should become much easier for you. But if your inner critic judges every step of your work, even the easiest task may become a daunting one and instead of enjoying the process and the workshops themselves, you cry your eyes over them. We’re very sorry it’s happening to you and we want to help you, so we’ve prepared some tips to help you overcome that fear.

Prepare. Getting ready is important not only for your participants but also for yourself. If you are prepared for every step and possibility that may come and you know what you’re doing, you will not be afraid of failure. Imagine the worst that could happen and be prepared for it. This way, if it really does happen, you won’t panic and you will calmly approach any obstacles.

Be ready to learn. Every situation we face in life is a learning opportunity. Treat your workshops as one as well. Even if you’re doing them for the 100th time, you can still learn something new to get better for your next event. Take notes after the workshop. Write down what went well and what went wrong. Use those notes the next time you organise a workshop to prepare better and avoid mistakes.

Realise you’re not the best. But you’re also not the worst. Yes, there are many people who might be better than you, but chances are they won’t come to your workshop. People who will come want to learn from you. They recognise your knowledge, expertise, and experience are good enough for you to be a teacher in that area. May that feeling be a driving force for you to learn, grow and develop on your own.

Treat yourself like a friend. Imagine it’s your friend organising the workshops. Look at what you’re doing from outside, and look at the hard work you’ve done. If it was your friend - what would you say to them? Would you encourage them or criticise them? Don’t clip your wings with your own thoughts. Be good to yourself as you’re good to the people around you.

Pro tip: If the workshops lie within your interests, hobbies, and passion, which we assume they do, share your feelings and excitement with the attendees. Even the most alluring subject can be overshadowed by a non-engaging teacher. Show your participants why the skill or technique you’re teaching is so fun or how it can be used in their professional or everyday life. This way you can ensure people will want to learn more from you and come back to your classes. Your passion and enthusiasm will make the work for both you and the participants much easier and more fun!

In the end, the good news is that if you’re afraid and stressed, it means you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. And that’s the step of growth and progress. You’re challenging yourself, you’re changing and learning. And for that, you can be proud of yourself!

FAQs about Workshop Venues in Singapore

How much does it cost to hire a workshop venue in Singapore?

Hire fees for renting a workshop space can be found as low as S$49 per hour, and S$42 per session. Prices will vary widely depending on the capacity and standard of the venue as well as the size and needs of your event. (All data from Tagvenue platform.)

What are the best workshop venues?

When looking for a workshop venue, check with professional venues such as co-working spaces and conference centres. Equipped with modern AV technology these are great for workshops. Hotels are available for workshops as well and come equipped for any catering you might need. You may also consider restaurants or cafes for this type of activity. If you still can't find what you are looking for, consider renting a blank canvas space to change it up to fit your needs.

Which Singapore districts are best for hiring a workshop space?

When looking to hire a workshop space, start your search in the area between Raffles Quay and Outram. With easy access to all parts of the city, this is an excellent location for collecting a group for an event. Look also past Fort Canning Part and toward Marina Centre, as you can find a great many hotels and event spaces here for rent.

What is included in the price of a workshop venue?

The price of a workshop venue usually covers the selection of technology available at the venue, including wi-fi, whiteboards, projector screens, and sound system. Some venues may come equipped with conference call facilities or flatscreen TVs. In the hot city of Singapore venues usually offer air-conditioning as well. To make sure the venue you have chosen has everything you need don’t hesitate to reach out to the venue manager.

Can I arrange the venue to fit my workshops?

Many venues will be happy to accommodate your needs, but keep in mind that there might be some extent to which you can change the space or it may come with an extra charge. Be sure to talk to the venue manager before booking the space to make sure you will be able to use it the way you’ve planned.

Guests Reviews of Workshop Venues on Tagvenue

Valerie S.
Booked Studio11 at Renticulous Studio11
It was a beautiful studio and I like to compliment Samuel for being helpful and responsive. Sound was great, ambience was lovely for our journaling workshop.
Sintija K.
Booked Training Room at N9 Offices (Tanjong Pagar)
Great and clean space, we held a few workshops. The hosts were very responsive, even when we had last minute bookings. Located in ChinaTown with good public transport connections and food establishments. Very clean, some catering was available (water, soft drinks)
Felicia B.
Booked Central Cozy Event Space at Spacing
From enquiry to booking, right up to the event day - everything was fuss free and communication was always prompt. A nice cozy space for small meetings and workshops in a quiet neighbourhood.
Luna A.
Booked Seminar Room at N9 Offices (Nehsons Building)
Staff very very frindly and helpful. Location was great and venue was a steal for the price paid. I am definitely rebooking N9 Offices for my future seminars
Booked Wings of the Dawn Meeting Room at Wings of the Dawn
The meeting room is clean, spacious and has all the facilities we need. Location is centralised too. Highly recommend for training or workshop.
Cuifen P.
Booked Multi-Functional Space of OUS at Only U Space
The sound system was set up; we just needed to on the mic. The contact person allowed us to visit the venue twice to recee and plan out how we wanted to do the event. The contact person provided door passcode and additional videos as we needed to assess the place early.
Booked Seminar Room at N9 Offices (Nehsons Building)
Prompt reply from Sarah. Friendly & helpful team. Room was spacious for 20 pax, clean and quiet environment. Walking distance from the MRT station. Will consider this venue again.
Brian P.
Booked The Vine Ballroom at Metropolitan YMCA Singapore
We just ended a wonderful workshop at Metropolitan YMCA Singapore. I strong recommend this venue for 5 reasons below: 1. Good location (few minutes walk from Stevens MRT station) 2. Conducive, clean and spacious ballroom and discussion rooms 3. Good customer service with friendly staffs and food 4. Reasonable price 5. Free car park, short distance from car park to ballroom and other discussion rooms

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