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On a lookout for team building venues? Here at Tagvenue, we know how important it is to bring everyone in the workforce closer together, so we’ve got you covered! Whatever activities you have planned for your team, in Singapore you will find all the venues that will answer your needs. Whether it be one of the Downtown Core’s many bars and restaurants, versatile function venues in Rochor, or beach-houses and boats on Sentosa Island, there’s loads to explore in this vibrant city! Hop onto our search bar, set your requirements, and you will be booking your venue in no time!

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Team Building Venues Hire Guide

Having a well-bonded team that knows its strengths and weaknesses, and likes to work together is a guarantee of success for your organisation. A team that works together towards a common goal and is prepared to take on new challenges together is an asset to the company. That’s why, besides focusing on training and obtaining qualifications, you may want to consider arranging team-building activities. These can range from informal get-togethers to formal sessions led by a facilitator. Whatever you decide, remember the goal is to build a cohesive team.

Why is team building important?

Team building brings people together. By doing collaborative tasks that are unrelated to work, you get a team instead of individuals. From a next-desk colleague, who you do not want not to trouble with your work-related problems, to a coffee-break friend who’s more than happy to help you out in any situation - that’s the goal of team building. Team members, once they get to know each other, become not only more accepting and understanding, but also happier to help each other out, thus making everyone’s work more fun and effective.

Thanks to performing team-bonding activities you improve communication within the team. People who focus only on communicating about work-related tasks may have trouble interacting on other matters, like conflict solving. After they get to know each other and talk to each other in a non-work-related environment, the communication related to work will go more smoothly and confusion-free.

Getting to know people you work with builds trust. People are more open and encouraged to share their weaknesses. If team members trust their colleagues, they know they can share a problem to work it out with the team, instead of breaking their heads over it alone. Even though each person is focusing on their daily tasks, team members that trust each other are more willing to help out if the need arises.

Building self-awareness among team members is another great goal for carrying out team-building activities. Through various activities and tasks, employees learn about what they are good at and what their teammates excel in. Being aware of strengths and weaknesses within the team will make work go smoother because the tasks will be delegated to the right people. This way the work will be more productive and your team will be able to achieve company goals faster and more efficiently.

Since you know why team-building is important, we have prepared some ideas for team-bonding activities.

  • Cooking workshops. Nothing brings people together like a shared meal. It tastes even better if you can prepare it together. For smaller teams, you may want to prepare one complex meal where each person is responsible for one task or have everyone prepare the same dish simultaneously, helping each other out through every step of the recipe.
  • Outdoor activities. Take your team away from their screens and freshen up the atmosphere. Go outside for a scavenger hunt to encourage communication or maybe just go for a picnic or BBQ, to combine outdoor activities and cooking together.
  • Community work. Doing community service is a great opportunity to bring the team together, while also doing something good. Look for places where you can help as a team and where you can put your company’s values into practice. Let the team work together towards the best way to organise the help.
  • Office trivia. This is a great idea for a small, but fun activity. You can assign some people to prepare questions about the company and the employees, or maybe the field in which you work, and have other colleagues answer them. It’s an exercise that is work-related but allows for a bit more fun in the office space. You can combine the trivia with a shared meal.

If you already know what you will do with your team, check out our suggestions for some great team building venues:

  • HUONE Singapore - an unusual venue with unique spaces that can be used for various team building activities. If you are looking for a space that will take you out of your corporate mindset - this is the place for you.
  • Happen - a bright and creative space ideal for all types of team-bonding activities. The team can create a valuable experience but in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • City on A Hill - cooking class, art workshops, music lesson, or maybe a yoga class? Whatever you have planned for your team you can do it here!
  • Crane @ Robertson Quay - a coworking venue that is great for both a team-building event and a business meeting. The relaxed atmosphere and casual design can boost creativity and enhance collaboration.

If you’re connecting with your team remotely, you can still organise a virtual team bonding experience. There are many ideas online that you could use for your team-building activities, but we can help you here as well. Check out The Best 25 Virtual Team Building Activities in 2022 and let us take care of the rest!

Team Building Venues in Singapore FAQ

Which Singapore districts are best for hiring a team building venue?

Downtown Core, the city’s main hive of business activity, is a great district to start your hunt for a team building venue. North-east from Downtown Core lies Rochor, a diverse district full of venues for outside-of-the-box bonding activities. Head to Sentosa Island if you’re looking for a more elegant setting. Here you will find a range of luxurious boats and beachside spaces ideal for a corporate retreat.

How much does it cost to hire a team building venue in Singapore?

Price-wise, hire fees range between S$35 to S$350 per hour or S$100 to S$4080 per session. If you’re looking for cheaper venue hire, the lower prices can be found in Rochor and Geylang Serai, while the Downtown Core and Sentosa Island cater towards larger budgets. Keep in mind that the day of the week may also influence the pricing, with weekend hires being more expensive than weekday ones. (Based on data from Tagvenue.)

What should I keep in mind when looking for a team building venue in Singapore?

It’s important to find a venue that will match the type of activities you are planning for your team. Check the capacity of the venue to make sure everyone will be able to fit in comfortably. Find out if the venue you are planning to hire has all the equipment you need. Look for a venue that will fit your budget and will be easily accessible to everyone participating.

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