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Top Wedding Venues in Oxfordshire

Planning a wedding in Oxfordshire? Just look at our list of amazing venues. Whether you are looking for a traditional ceremony and reception in Oxford or a Grade 1 listed house in the countryside around Banbury you can be sure to find it on Tagvenue. Start your search through our listings today and we promise, you’ll be making that booking in no time at all!

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Wedding Venues Hire Guide

What are the most popular locations for weddings in Oxfordshire?

With some of the most beautiful countryside in the country, Oxfordshire offers unparalleled opportunities for couples planning their bespoke wedding. Oxford is a popular option for those seeking venues with a touch of that historic town, including pubs and university spaces. In the countryside can be found Grade 1 listed homes and historic barns. Check out places such as Banbury, Abingdon-on-Thames and Wantage, among the many urban centres of Oxfordshire, for popular vintage venues with a strong romantic feel.

How can I book a wedding in Oxfordshire?

If you are hoping to book a wedding in Oxfordshire, start your search on an online venue platform such as Tagvenue. With thousands of listings available for search, this type of marketplace can ensure that you restrict your search only among those venues that are close to your particular need. You can use the smart filters to make sure your search is as precise as possible, and we are sure that you will find that you have assembled a shortlist in a very short time. Once you have chosen the venues you want to book, start talking with the venue managers and settle on a single booking of an amazing venue for your dream day.

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