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Ready to find your perfect wedding venue in Kent? Lovely landscapes and the beautiful Kentish coast are wonderful choices for weddings of all shapes and sizes. Check out all the listings below for an amazing range of choices from historic estates to modern sleek restaurants or cosy pubs. Start your search on our platform today!

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Wedding Venues Hire Guide

What parts of Kent are most popular for a wedding?

Easily accessible from London and rich in lovely spots, Kent is a popular wedding destination. The Kentish coast is a particular favourite, known for its white cliffs and beautiful beaches. Check out Dover, Herne Bay, Ramsgate or Folkestone for many popular venues with stunning views and a lovely sandy coastline. For those searching for a historic theme, the cathedral town and literary favourite of Canterbury offer many popular venues that are particularly suitable for smaller weddings. The rural countryside also offers many options for hotels with spas or golf courses eminently suitable for a weekend-long wedding celebration, particularly Boughton and Ashford.

How can I book a wedding venue in Kent?

Kent offers a wealth of choices, so the first key strategy to booking any venue here is to decide on the type of wedding you desire. Are you planning an intimate celebration or a large one? Historic-themed or modern? With so much on offer, creating a shortlist might seem a daunting task, so that is why you should make sure to check out the listings on online marketplaces like Tagvenue. With these types of platforms, you can filter out unsuitable venues quickly, and then focus solely on those venues that offer the right size, price and ambience.

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