Team Building Venues in Liverpool

Team Building Venues in Liverpool

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Top Team Building Venues in Liverpool

More than just home to the Beatles and the football club, Liverpool is one of the most vibrant cities in the UK and an excellent place to plan team building activities and events. Maybe you’re looking for a quirky space in Vauxhall to strengthen team bonds? Or perhaps a big room in Everton to host a workshop is exactly what you and your workmates need? Regardless of your requirements, we’ve got a list of some of the best team building venues in Liverpool. Have a look through our smart filters and see if you can find a place that’s perfect for you!

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Team Building Venues Hire Guide

So what kind of team building activities are in vogue at the moment? Well, with Liverpool’s quickly growing business scene, corporate team building events are all the rage with places that mimic popular TV shows like Dragon’s Den, The Apprentice and Masterchef. The list includes more hands-on activities that take your team out of their element, such as simulating survival situations in a hostile environment – Bear Grylls, anyone?

You’ll also find the ever popular options well represented, with escape rooms, team races, and interactive arts workshops easy to find and get involved with. Beyond this, you can also choose from a selection of bars, clubs, and restaurants that are happy to hire out their private function rooms for self-designed team building activities that need their own space. These venues provide the perfect backdrop that you can further customise for any kind of activity. What’s more, Liverpool offers a wide range of versatile workshop spaces to use, so if you’d like to organise a cooking class or something along these lines, we’ve got you covered.

At this point you might be thinking, where are all of these places located? If you’re interested in cooking and crafts related team building activities, a good place to start looking would be around Chinatown. Focus your search around Victoria and Harrington for the more casual corporate events, such as game shows and escape rooms. Many popular team building options require you to provide a location for the event organisers as they will come into your space to set up a scavenger hunt, game show, etc. Where should you go in this case? The area around Fleet Street and Hanover Street abounds in more open and customisable meeting spaces and halls. Last but not least, if you’d like something more central, have a closer look at team building venues in Albert Dock, Ropewalks and around the Baltic Triangle.


FAQs about Team Building Venues in Liverpool

How much does it cost to hire team building venues in Liverpool?

Because you can host a team building in various kinds of event spaces, which wildly range in size, prices for hiring them can also vary greatly. Larger venues in Liverpool often have a set minimum spend requirement. The cost of the minimum spend varies and depends on the venue's size and the time of day or the day of the week you intend to hire the selected venue. Typically, a daytime event costs less than a nighttime one. You should budget at least £500 and up to £1500 or higher for a daytime hire, while an evening function may cost you up to £2000 per evening. There can be a minimum spend requirement per session, with prices ranging from £100 to £1500 or more. The hire fees might vary depending on your venue and are determined differently for each kind of event space. The hire fees per session might be anywhere between £120 and £1500 or higher. The hourly rates range from roughly £60 to £100, while the daily rates range from £95 to £350. The cost per person at team building venues in Liverpool usually starts at about £25- £30. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What are some of the best team building venues in Liverpool?

  • There are fantastic conference venues and meeting rooms we can help you book if you are organising a rather professional team building. The Boardroom at Avenue HQ Mann Island, located in Liverpool’s City Center, is ideal for smaller teams with room for up to 14 people. The Boardroom at The Royal Liver Building is a magnificent location for slightly bigger gatherings and will definitely impress your team and inspire their creativity.
  • The amazing PINS Social Club is here to make sure that you and your team have a great time. This event space can be ideal if you're looking for a location with delicious food, wonderful drinks, and a variety of entertainment options. Playing ping pong, bowling, or any other activity you choose during the evening will be enjoyable for both you and up to 80 of your teammates at this wonderful venue.
  • Maybe all your team needs is to unwind with a great movie. The Light Cinema is an incredible venue that accommodates up to 112 people. Enjoy a movie and have a discussion about it with your team- we are confident that this will provide you with the ideal chance to learn about their perspectives.
  • Perhaps you'd be interested in a blank canvas, open-space venue. We've got you covered. The Grand Hall at The Florrie can accommodate up to 390 standing people for the ultimate team building. The Victorian Gymnasium at the same venue may be perfect for smaller gatherings. Perhaps you can hire a band and have a great time mingling with your teammates.
  • Maybe what your team really needs is a place where you can relax, have some delicious food and beverages, socialise, and engage in enjoyable team-building activities. If so, we highly recommend you check out Revolucion de Cuba, the Main Bar at Tempest on Tithebarn, or Battle Bar Liverpool.

Why is it important to host team building events regularly?

If you want to make sure that your team is getting along, it is crucial to spend time with them doing something enjoyable and creative outside of work. Making your team more socially cohesive will ensure that everyone is communicating effectively and feeling understood, which is crucial for high-performing teams. These occasions can enhance your team's creativity and boost its productivity in the long run. You can hold events that are designed to help your team members get better at a specific skill or group of competencies.  Hosting team building exercises frequently will improve your team's problem-solving abilities, it will give them the chance to develop trust among one another, and will help everyone stay clear of misconceptions and possible disputes. The advantages are truly endless.

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