Music Venues for Hire in Birmingham

Music Venues for Hire in Birmingham

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Top Music Venues in Birmingham

Are you looking for an amazing venue to showcase your music? Take to the stage right here in Birmingham. There are some incredible music venues to choose from. Whether it is a lowkey pub show, or a stage with professional lighting and sound, there is a spot for every performer and band. Finding the perfect stage for your performance can be a bit of a challenge, however, Tagvenue can help you find the one you have been dreaming of. Browse and book with us today with just a few clicks!

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Music Venues Hire Guide

Birmingham has a rich musical history, UB40 or ELO, anyone? So you can be sure that the music venues in this city will be ready and willing to provide a first class hire experience. 

What to consider when choosing the music venue:

  • Capacity - will the venue be big enough for your event? If you are looking for a private hire, then clearly you will have some idea of your guest list. However, if you are charging admission for a band or other event, you will need to understand the fine print of who can fit where.
  • Atmosphere - is this the right kind of atmosphere for your event? If you will be looking for a venue for engagement reception for a swing band, you definitely don’t want to hire a Goth club. Make sure you head over and check the venue out, or ask for pictures or videos from the event manager.
  • Sound - What are the acoustics like? And if it is a performance that will require a soundboard, is there an engineer on site to help resolve issues and get the performance started? Check with the venue manager, and get specific if necessary, because if the sound is not good, no one will have a good time.

Hire opportunities for music venues in Birmingham can range from halls, to actual theaters, function rooms or even pub tap rooms. The choice is yours. Most of the most active venues can be found within the A4540 ring road and have quick and easy access to public transport. If you have a fondness for rock history, consider heading outside the city centre to investigate the Hare and Hounds on High Street. This pub is the first place where UB40 ever played, and is still known for its live music.

FAQs about Music Venues in Birmingham

What should I expect in a music venue?

There is some gear that should come standard with every music venue so you get the best possible sound for the audience. First and foremost, every venue should come with a professional sound system so you will be heard loud and clear. Depending on the size of the space, the person working the soundboard may mic up your amps, but this is not always necessary. A professional sound system is useless unless there is a live audio engineer to work with you, so this is imperative. Outside of this, be sure that there is enough space for everyone but not too much space that your show seems empty.

Where are the best music venues in Birmingham?

There are plenty of great music venues all over Birmingham. Of course, you are going to find some great music venues in the city centre. If you are worried about parking and loading gear into the venue for your big show, then places like Digbeth will be great for your performance, as it is less congested and you still have plenty of great public transport options available for your guests to get to the performance.

Which are the best music venues in Birmingham?

The Castle and Falcon – This is a classic venue just ready for you to rock out on. It has everything you need for a great show like an elevated stage and great acoustics so you can sound your best.

Chinawhite – Here you will find an elegant live music venue that can host up to 350 people. This is a great venue if you are all about having great visuals and a great sound.

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