Green Screen Studios for Hire in Manchester

Green Screen Studios for Hire in Manchester

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Top Green Screen Studios in Manchester

Looking for green screen studios? Getting started on your search is easy, as Manchester has many great options for studios with the latest green screen technology. Whether you need a studio in the city centre or are content with an accessible option in the suburbs, Manchester has just what you need. Start with options within the Inner Ring Road and consider checking out the studios around outer areas such as Old Trafford and West Gorton. Be sure and explore other options around the Manchester RIng as well if you are looking to avoid any congestion within the city’s inner streets.

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Green Screen Studios Hire Guide

Finding the perfect studio for your green screen shoot should not be complicated in Manchester as long as you are clear about your technical needs. You need to be ready to ask the right questions of the studio managers with whom you will be speaking. Set out a list of questions about the issues that matter most to you, whether it is technical - can the studio offer lighting rigging, grips or even post-production technology or a basic issue - does the studio offer dressing rooms or rehearsal rooms? Make sure that your session in a green screen studio is a success by being clear with the studio upfront to make sure all of your needs will be met.

FAQs about Green Screen Studios in Manchester

How much does it cost to hire a green screen film studio in Manchester?

Costs for a green screen studio will vary widely depending on the size and fit-out of the space. You should be able to find a well-equipped green screen studio from £340 to £400 for all-day hire. Day rates can be found at a discounted rate if you are hiring for an extended period. Some studios will charge overtime if you run past 18.30 or want to start before 8.30. Expect some extra costs as well, including liability insurance as well as electricity charges. (All data from Tagvenue.)

In which Manchester districts can I find the best film studios with green screens?

When looking for the best studios with green screens, you will be spoiled for choice in Manchester’s downtown. There are numerous studios on offer in the inner ring, so check out your options around Manchester Cathedral as well as south of Portland Street. Take a look around West Gorton and Ardwick as well if you are looking for something with accessibility but that is not smack dab in the downtown scene. Greater Manchester offers some wonderful green screen studios as well, so take advantage of your choices in Old Trafford and Newton Heath

What equipment does a green screen studio normally have?

A green screen is not unlike most other photo or film production studios, however, the green screen should be included in the price. However, in some cases, studios will offer a basic package and the green screen must be hired separately. Green screens can come in many shapes and sizes, so make sure the studio offers the size you need - 180 degrees, fully painted walls, ceiling and floors, etc. Green screens will also require at least two tripod lights, and make sure that the studio offers regular lighting for the shoot itself. For video shoots, you may also want to double-check that there are screens for playback, as well as teleprompters and audio equipment if needed.

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