6 Ideas for a Studio Pregnancy Photo Shoot

11 mins read
6 Ideas for a Studio Pregnancy Photo Shoot
Written by: Kate Makulec
August 25, 2023
11 mins read

Ready to capture the magical time of pregnancy? Whether you’re pregnant with your first, third or fourth, the wonderful time of pregnancy is the perfect moment for a maternity photo shoot. 

Beautiful mothers-to-be are ready to step into the spotlight, and with their perfect skin, luscious hair and excitement-filled eyes, it’s the perfect moment to take photos that will capture this special time. 

Examples of maternity photography can be found all over the web, and we know that you want to create memories which will be special and utterly unique. So how can Tagvenue help? We’ve put together a list of fab ideas which will make your pregnancy photo shoot totally one-of-a-kind. And as a bonus, we’ve also got an inspiring list of studios that are perfect for any shoot. So why not check out what Tagvenue has in store for you today!

Maternity Photo Shoot 1
Create stunning maternity photoshoots anywhere!

Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas

The best part about taking maternity photos? You can capture these precious moments, freeze time for your growing family and create an amazing experience for everyone involved. You can be rather flexible with your ideas in a maternity photo session, which is great news! So without further ado, let’s check out some popular photo choices and unique baby bump ideas.

Baby Bump Focus

Baby Bump Photo Shoot 1
Let the baby bump be the focus.

Let’s start with the star of the show. And that, of course, is your beautiful baby bump. And you can let your imagination run wild. Decorate that beautiful belly with paint, dress it up with jewellery (Rihanna might be your inspiration here) or let the apparel do the talking and highlight your belly in a beautiful way. Make sure to look through photos on Pinterest for more inspiration from other innovative photographers! 

And if you don’t feel like getting undressed for the shoot, then how about getting a form fitting dress and doing a more modest maternity shoot instead? The baby bump will be in focus, but you won’t feel as if your intimacy is compromised. It will be the best of both worlds!

Family Portraits

Family Pregnancy Photo Shoot 1
A wonderful moment for the whole family.

Share the moment with your family. If this is not your first pregnancy, then you can be sure that your kids will be absolutely thrilled to have their pictures taken at such a fun photo shoot. It will be like a mini adventure! You can always include the grandparents, the father or even close friends who are basically almost family. Family photo shoots bring your relatives closer together and offer a day of fun for everyone.

And don’t forget your furry friends! They are a major part of the family too. If you have a dog or a cat, include their furry paws or add some writing to the shoot that calls out the pet’s new role as  an older brother or sister to the baby.

Any other ideas? Get your partner or one of the older children to kiss your belly or put their hands on it and make a heart shape. You can also make some cut-outs of hearts and have some family members holding them in the picture.

Little Props

Baby Shoes Photo Shoot 1
Aren’t baby shoes just the cutest?

Is there anything cuter than little shoes, little clothes and anything baby sized? Probably not, and that is why cute baby items are ideal for a maternity shoot. Explore different possibilities with items that suggest the baby’s gender, or ones that include sweet patterns or designs. Better yet, how about you include something that was made by you or someone close to the baby? Little socks made by grandma? How cute!

Make it funny

Funny Pregnancy Photo Shoot Min
Have fun, dress up and enjoy the shoot!

When in doubt, laugh it out. Create funny memories with pictures that will  make everyone laugh! Dress up, put on some funny masks, pull funny faces, or do anything that just says ‘I’m totally myself’ in the picture. You can always add a white board with some inspirational writing as well.

And if your partner is up for it, then why not make a dual shoot, with him dressing up, holding his belly (just make sure this is not a sore spot for him!) or pretending to reverse roles during the session!

Window Shots

Window Pregnancy Photo Shoot 1
A belly shot in the sunlight looks absolutely beautiful!

One of the more popular choices for a maternity photo shoot is to have the mother stand near a window. Rent a studio with a lovely backdrop or a homey decor, play around with the fabrics and lighting. Try out different poses, and make sure to ask the photographer about black and white pictures. Black and white can’t always be pulled off, but window photos make them look real nice!

Sporty Mums

Sporty Mum Photo Shoot 1
Surprise your friends with sporty pictures!

If you’re a lover of sports and practise something daily (or did before you were pregnant), then why not include that in the picture? Strike a pose or add a prop and surprise your friends with the amazing photos that you took. If you happen to be good at gymnastics, yoga, or dance, then we’re sure you know what we mean!

Maternity Photo Shoot Studios

What types of studios can you rent to shoot your pregnancy photo shoot? Get inspired by venues on Tagvenue and have your pregnancy photo shoot in a stunning location. There are many types of locations that you can book to make the photo shoot a success. If you’re planning to get the shots done professionally, then don’t forget to talk to your photographer about the ideal location! It’s important that you’re both comfortable with the venue choice. 

Take your pick from one of the creative ideas below, or better yet, if you take a fancy to a certain location, make sure to book it asap!

Natural Light Studios

Widen 1680 Noupsize 6
Create photos in beautiful daylight at the Natural Light Infinity Cove at Soif Studios in London.

A natural light studio that can serve as both a blank canvas and offer an already set backdrop? Check out locations such as the one above to create stunning imagery. The natural light is going to make the baby’s mother glow, giving the photos a soft romantic look. Even if you happen to find a photo studio with backdrop decor already set for the shoot, still take some time to play around and see what types of photos you can come up with.

Check if the outfit matches the surroundings, try different poses, play around with the light. Daylight studios are by far our favourite; they offer so much opportunity to experiment!

Creative Lofts

Sydney Creative Loft
Take your photos in one of Sydney’s nicest lofts.

A great creative space is a dream for a maternity session. You can play around with the decor and pose the mother of the baby in many different ways which will make the photos look unique and interesting. Creative spaces are also ideal if you want to create a family photo shoot, since there’s plenty of room for everyone, and if there are other kids involved, the space will definitely grab their attention.

Textured Backgrounds

Textured Background Photoshoot
Look for a photo studio with a stunning textural background such as this one in New York!

If you happen to come across a photo studio with a textural background, then you’re in luck. Maternity portraits look stunning when matched with the right backdrop texture. For example, if the mother-to-be is willing, then you can create the shoot with minimal clothing, and a natural background. This type of maternity photo shoot will showcase the reality of motherhood and highlight the mother’s beauty.

But wouldn’t it make more sense to create these types of photos outdoors?

Actually, no. Once outside you will not be able to create the portraits in a controlled manner, you’re not in charge of the lighting, plus you’ll have a lot of onlookers and that’s not really everybody’s cup of tea. We recommend finding the ideal studio and recreating your vision indoors!

Home Photography

Photo Studio Home
Don’t think of it as a studio, think of it as a home! Create a lovely experience inside one of LA’s beautiful home studios

A maternity photo shoot can be a woman’s first time actually getting her picture taken by a professional photographer. So to make things easier, how about creating an atmosphere that will make the model feel, literally, right at home? A studio that imitates a home gives the photographer and the model a space with perfect conditions, without needing to clean or worry about the lighting.

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Blank Canvas Studios

Blank Canvas Studio
Prefer to keep things simple? Savour the precious memories in a plain and simple studio.

Sometimes simple is best. Which is exactly why we saved it ’till last. If you don’t want the attention to be drawn away from the main subject, then don’t be afraid to book a blank canvas studio and work with what you got. Sometimes not going over-the-top with decor is the best recipe for success. Plus, you can always take some props and decorations with you and decorate if needed.

To Sum Up

A maternity photo shoot can be easy to execute, as long as you take the time to plan.  You do need to be careful that the photos turn out according to the mother-to-be’s expectations. The celebration of birth and capturing the moment is worth doing well. 

Remember that the most important thing is to work together to create a stunning vision. And who knows, maybe you’ll be doing newborn photography soon enough after that? After all, a maternity photo shoot is the perfect time to get to know each other and figure out if a newborn shoot is something that both parties would want.

Check out our fab selection of photo studios

In need of beautiful photo studios for your pregnancy photo shoot? Then check out tagvenue.com where you can find a huge selection of stunning venues!

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During what week of pregnancy should I do the photo shoot?

Mothers-to-be should aim to have their pregnancy photo shoot somewhere between the 28th and 36th week of their pregnancy. Depending on how big the baby bump is, it is usually recommended not to go too early (as you can’t see the bump so well yet), but don’t leave it until too late, since there is a chance that the baby might come early. Plus, the later the photo shoot takes place during the pregnancy, the more uncomfortable the mother will be.

What should I wear for a maternity photo shoot?

We know that at this stage, the only thing that the mother will be thinking about is how to stay comfortable and not to experience any unnecessary discomfort. But for the shoot, we don’t really recommend wearing maternity pants (they won’t make your photos look that flattering, to be honest) or any typical maternity garments. What we do recommend is wearing some beautiful lingerie, belly jewellery and tops that enhance your belly’s beauty.

Stuck on ideas? Check out what to wear at your studio maternity photoshoot.

How should I pose during my maternity photo shoot?

Unless you’re an experienced model, posing for photos can be challenging. And now that you’re posing with a growing bump, you might be feeling twice as nervous! Remember that the most important thing during a photo shoot is to loosen up, smile and believe that the photos will turn out perfectly. Work with your hands, props and family members to capture some artistic and unique imagery.

Would you prefer a visual representation on how to pose for a maternity photography session? Then check out this amazing video.

Is a pregnancy photo shoot worth it?

If there ever was a time to have a photo shoot, then it probably would be ideally during a pregnancy. A new family member is about to arrive and this milestone should be set captured on film. It’s celebration of new life, an admiring moment for the mother and a time to bring together the whole family and cherish memories which will last a lifetime. A pregnancy photo shoot is always worth it!

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