Christmas Parties in January

All you need to know to hold an outstanding January Christmas Party in London!

What if you were to postpone your Christmas party until next month? Imagine no rush, no last-minute planning, and no endless to-do lists. As crazy as it sounds, we think a Christmas in January shindig would be a perfect start to the new year. The benefit of a Christmas meet-up in January is that the festive season is over, and everybody is relaxed and relieved to leave the craziness of December behind. New Year brings new energy and strength for upcoming challenges – why not use some of it for organising a fab January Christmas event? Whether you’re planning a corporate or a private party, here are several great reasons to have a Christmas in January meet-up in London:

1. Less Stress

Christmas and stress go hand in hand so imagining a Christmas party without any last minute rush seems like an impossible task. However, having a Christmas party in January might save you from premature grey hair and sleep deprivation.

If you didn’t have time to organise a Christmas party in December due to it being a peak season in your business, it’s especially important to organise a Christmas party in January to make your employees feel appreciated and thank them for pushing hard to close the previous year successfully. 

So if you were planning on organising a Christmas party for your mates, but got distracted by other responsibilities or just simply couldn’t agree on a date, January might be the perfect time to make up for it. This month is definitely a celebratory lull, so it will be way easier to choose a date when everyone can make it.

But where? Why not in…

Pause Bar at Patch East

Pulse Bar

Located in the heart of London, Pause is a perfect place to celebrate any special occasion. Its 2000 sqft is ideal for exclusive corporate events or unforgettable January Christmas parties. This contemporary restaurant, bar and private events venue is well worth a look.

More information and booking request: Patch East

2. Less Money

If you want to save your funds, organise a Christmas party in January! Just as supply meets demand, so it is normal for prices to rise during the Christmas period and then fall back to affordable levels once December is over. Use that to your advantage and hire a venue that is normally fully booked, or squeeze in more entertainment or some free drinks! Having more money while planning a party is always a good thing, so enjoy it while it lasts.

But where? Why not in…

The Angel’s Lounge at The Angel

The Angels Lounge

The Angel is a bar near the Old Street Station and can offer not only a beautiful atmosphere and delicious food and drinks, but also many other fun services. The venue staff is ready to help you realise any of your dreams when it comes to your party, as crazy as they might sound.

More information and booking request: The Angel

3. Less Compromising

Since the holiday crush is now over you have more options when it comes to what venue to hire. You no longer have to simply settle – you can choose from a variety of venues. Being squished in a corner of a restaurant should no longer be your worry. Now you can set your creativity loose and actually hire a space you like without going over your budget.

But where? Why not in…

Main Bar at Trapeze Bar

Trapeze Bar

Mezzanine is Trapeze’s semi-private area. This colourful circus-themed space is perfect for a January Xmas event, business meeting, workshop or product promotion and distribution event. Situated in Shoreditch, this quirky venue is sure to wow your guests.

More information and booking request: Trapeze Bar

4. Less Christmas

By the end of December, no one wants to listen to another Christmas song, see another ugly Christmas sweater or eat more turkey. This is doubly the case if your guests are a multicultural bunch who might not even celebrate this holiday. Why not leave the Christmas theme in December and use this opportunity to celebrate the start of the new year? If you begin the year with an awesome party, you will set a good mood for the rest of the year! As the saying goes “start as you mean to go on”…

5. Less January Blues

The third Monday in January is considered the most depressing day in the whole year, so why not change it up? Help everyone feel recover from the post-holiday blues by organising a fabulous party! Whether it’s for your team or your friends, everyone benefits from a little cheering up in the form of delicious food and cocktails.

But where? Why not in…

The Bar – Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk

A versatile space with a modern interior design and tasty food menu. If you want to get away from the rush of city life, Kitty Hawk will welcome you with open arms.

More information and booking request: The Kitty Hawk

6. Less mainstream

Maybe the reason that you want to throw a party in January is not only that it is more budget friendly and less stressful (though that definitely sounds like a plus), but because you are aware of the different cultural and religious backgrounds of your colleagues or friends. Even though Christmas is commercially marketed as a December event, for many people it’s not the reality. If nothing else, having a Christmas party in January can be regarded as a thoughtful gesture.

But where? Why not in…

The Stables – Fight Club Shoreditch

Flight Club Shoreditch

A one of a kind venue with an old-school charm that makes you want to dress in your classiest outfit. Test your skills by a game of darts against your guests and sip on a cocktail in style.

More information and booking request: Fight Club Shoreditch

Organising a Christmas party and looking for a venue that would suit your needs? Or maybe need an all-inclusive party package for your company get-together? We’ve got you covered!

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