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Stuck looking for a space to practice in? Finding a good rehearsal studio doesn't have to be a chore. Whether you’re a performer seeking a space to practice your acts, a band rehearsing songs for a demo, or a musician preparing for a concert, our list of rehearsal studios for hire will surely have the perfect space for you. Scroll through our platform to discover the best rehearsal spaces and rooms that Sydney has to offer and book your best choice in nothing flat!

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Rehearsal Studios Hire Guide

Before you begin your hunt for the ultimate rehearsal space, it’s best to take a few things into consideration. How many people will be there with you? What type of equipment are you going to need? Also, will you need to bring your own props and gear into the space? And most importantly - what are you using it for? 

There are many different types of venues that can be considered as rehearsal studios. Depending on the specifics of what you want to practice, you’re going to need one of these types of spaces:

Music studios - These are soundproofed studios that specialise in recording and rehearsing for concerts and musical performances. Sound booths found in such studios can also be used for narration, voice-over, and voice acting work. 

Warehouses and blank canvas spaces - Sydney’s various creative spaces for hire are suitable for all sorts of performance arts, theatre plays, choreographies and rehearsals. The great thing about blank canvas spaces is that they can be set up and fit out any way you want them to be.

Dance studios - These spaces are similar to blank canvas venues, but usually come with sprung flooring, a sound system, and a set of full-sized mirrors. They are found in every size for every need, from tiny studios for individual dance lessons, to huge spaces for dance formation rehearsals.

If you’re practicing an artform that requires special gear and set up, like designing a large art installation, doing acrobatics, or any type of circus performance, you should consider consulting with the venue manager to find out if it’s possible to set up the space for your needs. Also, if you will be bringing any equipment, it is good to ask if the space has dedicated parking spots. Remember to ask if the studio is located on the ground floor and if not, does the building have an industrial-grade elevator for you to move your equipment. If you have any questions or concerns, the managers will be happy to help you, and a quick showing of your potential hire can be arranged.

Our recommendations for top 5 best Sydney rehearsal studios

Looking for a good rehearsal studio may be problematic at times, but luckily you’ve found the right place to browse and compare dozens of rooms and spaces in your area. Just for you, we made a list of some of our favourite studios for rehearsals in Sydney:

Photography & Creative Studio at Riley Street Studio - just minutes away from Central Station, this open space is a good fit for play rehearsals, and many other artistic endeavours.

Creative Studio Space at San Telmo Studio - a loft creative space located in Redfern with very high customer service standards. It can be used for dance practices, band rehearsals, and more.

Studio Brut at Studio Brut - a creative studio with direct access to Faversham St. which  is open for all sorts of uses, private and commercial alike.

Soundproof Studio at Studio 2 - this hi-tech music studio is set up for recording and rehearsing songs, audiobook narrations, voice-over, and even live streaming. You can find it in the very centre of Kings Cross.

The Loft at The Dale - located in the heart of Chippendale The Loft is a warehouse space filled with light. This unique space will make a perfect backdrop for editorial shoots, parties, and intimate celebrations.

How to conduct theatre rehearsals

Many people associate rehearsing roles with just memorising a character’s lines. While reading the script repeatedly is important in the early stages of rehearsing, there’s so much more to creating a memorable character. If you want to have a great performance by the premiere, you should split the rehearsals for your play into a few stages:

  • Script reading. Read the entire script of your play a few times. When you do that, you will know what lines you have and when you are supposed to say them, but also have an understanding of what the play is about, and what your character brings to it.
  • Coordination rehearsal. While script reading can be done individually, at some point you will have to get together in a rehearsal studio and coordinate your parts. If you’re the director of the play, you have to pay close attention to the pacing of your scenes - if the actors are doing or saying something at the wrong time or speed, it will have to be corrected as fast as possible.
  • Creative experiments. Every actor has to make a role their own in order to excel at it. That’s why you should spend a lot of rehearsal time on repeating scenes, trying out different things and refining your performance. If possible, make sure to record your rehearsals in order to analyse mistakes and compare all the little elements with each other to see what works best for you.

Rehearsal Studios in Sydney FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a rehearsal studio in Sydney?

The size of the space and the length of the hire will affect the cost of your booking. For short sessions, expect costs to range from $20 to $25 per hour. Expect prices to be higher during peak times and weekends. You may also face minimum hire times during these periods. For an even shorter session, you can hire spaces for $10 for half an hour. (Based on data.)

Which Sydney districts have the best rehearsal studios?

The city offers many rehearsal spaces, so you will not be hampered by location when searching for your perfect rehearsal space. Start your search for the ideal room in the City Centre. There are several excellent options near Haymarket, not far from Albion St. The southern parts of the city are also full of fantastic choices. Take your search for rehearsal spaces towards Marrickville Rd. If you are hunting a bit outside town, check out the suburb of Lilyfield for some excellent rehearsal spaces.

What should I expect when I hire a rehearsal studio?

Your needs for the space should influence your hire choice. For example, if you are seeking a musical rehearsal space, you may need chairs, a piano or other musical instruments, music stands, mics, amps or cabling. However, if you need a performance rehearsal space for actors, you may need simply a table and chairs. Many rehearsal spaces are also soundproof, allowing for good audio recording, or have floors suitable for dancing.

Are there any large spaces available for rehearsals nearby?

If you’re looking for a rehearsal space for a grand theatre production, dance crew, or orchestra, you’re in luck. If you search for local rehearsal studios on Tagvenue, you will be able to filter out venues below your minimal space requirements. That way, you’ll be able to find large warehouses, blank canvas spaces, showrooms and event venues that will gladly accommodate your ambitious project.

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