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Australia is well immersed in modern dance culture, and Sydney is no exception. Are you a dancer, teacher, or a fitness guru looking for dance studios? Whatever your speciality, Tagvenue has great dance studio spaces that will fit your needs. Browse among blank canvas studios, mirrored dance spaces and pole dance studios. Sydney has terrific options all across the city. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your search today, and you'll be dancing your way into a studio in no time!

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Dance Studios Hire Guide

It doesn’t matter if you’re a part of a dance crew preparing for your next big competition, or just a couple looking for a space to rehearse your first dance, Sydney has a lot to offer when it comes to nice, open spaces and studios where you can practice your moves. Ready to get groovy? Don’t hesitate and hire your dream dance studio today!

Things to consider when hiring a dance studio in Sydney:

  • Space. When it comes to taking or hosting dance classes, figuring out the amount of space you need is key. Determining the space you need depends on multiple factors. How many people will be present? Are you dancing solo, in a formation, or as a couple? What dances are you going to practice and how much space do they usually require?
  • Location. Whether you want to teach people dancing, or rehearse with your dance crew, you will have to take the location and accessibility of your dance studio into consideration. Searching for studios in CBD, close to the Central Station, would be a good option if a lot of the dancers will have to commute from many different places.
  • Equipment. There’s a few things you need to remember in regards to the fit out and features of your potential hire. It’s essential that the venue has sprung floors, in order to prevent injuries, a barre and a set of floor-high mirrors are also very important. A sound system should be provided with the studio.
  • Cost. If you’re just starting out and you have some budget constraints, don’t worry! There are many affordable options for dance studios in Sydney. You can also search for blank canvas spaces, open halls, and warehouses available for hire. As long as they have good flooring for dancing safely, they can become great, budget-friendly alternatives for more conventional options.

Top 5 best ways to make money as a dance instructor

The people of Sydney love dancing, which is why there’s a lot of potential for up-and-coming dance teachers and instructors to start their businesses in Sydney. Whether you want to make dancing your profession, or just looking for a side job, Here’s a short list of the top 5 ways to make money as a dance instructor:

  • Group dance classes - Group classes are one of the most classic ways to teach people how to dance. They involve going through the moves with the group, followed by practice time with some individual help from the instructor, if necessary. Ask around for people looking for a dance class, hire an appropriately sized studio, and introduce your students to this incredible artform.
  • Individual dance lessons - When dancers become more advanced, they often look for individual lessons, especially if they want to dance competitively. This one will require more expertise, but if you’re a very good dancer and choreographer, it may become very profitable.
  • First dances - The bride and groom’s first dance is considered a very important part of the wedding. Therefore, every couple wants to make it special. If you’re proficient in more classic dance styles, like waltz or tango, you can offer dance classes specifically for engaged couples. 
  • Zumba classes - Many people find combining dance and fitness classes a very compelling option. Dance studios can be used for these types of exercise-oriented dancing, particularly zumba and jazzercise. If you’re a very energetic dancer, and want to use that energy in a productive manner, think about hosting some exercise classes.
  • Dance competition judge - Since dance competitions usually take place during the weekends, becoming a judge for these competitions could be a potentially interesting side-gig if you’re an experienced dancer in your style and category. Official tournaments hosted by federations and organisations will usually have a set of requirements for you to fulfill, but you can always start small with independent, local tournaments.

Here’s a few recommendations for our favourite dance studios and spaces:

Studio A at Elevate Studios - a spacious studio located in Five Dock, that’s perfect for dance rehearsals, zumba classes and creating choreographies.

Studio 2 at Connection Studios Sydney - just a short walk from Central Station, Connection Studios Sydney offer many affordable studios ready for practicing all sorts of dance styles, with a full stereo system and high-quality AC included.

Medium Studio at Latin Junction - Latin Junction offers a couple of tidy dance studios with lots of space and natural lighting. Located in Rosebery, in close vicinity to the Australian Golf Club, it’s great for rehearsals, dance classes and workshops.

The Studio at Free It Up Dance @ Marrickville - Free It Up Dance offers a multi-purpose dance studio featuring a set of changing rooms, and air conditioning included in price of the hire. Great for anyone looking for a dance studio close to the southern suburbs.

Rehearsal 2 at Waterloo Studios - a Waterloo studio for dancing and rehearsals featuring a beautiful set of sprung flooring and two mirror walls.

Dance Studios in Sydney FAQ

How much does it cost to hire a dance studio in Sydney?

Prices for dance studios will vary depending on the size of the space and duration of the hire. For short-term hire, expect to find options from $30 to $150 per hour. For longer-term sessions, expect to find opportunities from $100 to $250 per day. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Which Sydney districts have the best dance studios?

Find the best dance studios the city has to offer by starting your search in the Central Business District. You can find great options starting near the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the Walsh Arts Precinct. Heading towards Surry Hills you will find other great options off of George and Clarence Streets. You can find other options slightly further away from the centre in Darlinghurst and Newtown.

What should I expect to be included in my dance studio hire?

The essential equipment you will need to find in a dance studio will depend on its intended use. However, every dance studio should offer non-slip flooring that is suitable for high energy activities. Expect floor-length mirrors, as well as speakers or a complete sound system. Ballet barres are also very common. Be sure to check photos of the area, or make time to visit before the hire and check that the studio is suitable for your needs.

How do I search for dance studios in Sydney?

Whether you’re a couple looking for a space to rehearse for your first dance, or an instructor searching for a studio perfect for your dance school, you won’t have any problem with finding a good space to practice. Using Tagvenue, you can browse for dance studios available in the area, as well as put in your specific budget and minimum space requirement for your needs. Go ahead and take a look for yourself!

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