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Want to rehearse and need a space? No worries! Tagvenue is here with a wide range of rehearsal studios to hire in Melbourne. Whether you are looking for blank canvas rooms, dance studios, music rehearsal spaces or anything at all. No matter if you are looking for a location for your music band rehearsal or a spacious studio to hit the dance floor with your troupe, there is no time to lose! Scroll through our listings and start that booking process today!

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Rehearsal Studios Hire Guide

Check out the range of rehearsal studios available in Melbourne. With excellent offers and even better prices, you can be sure that you will find just what you need. If you start your hunt in Melbourne's lovely Docklands, make sure to expand your horizons to the city's centre and into the suburbs. There are plenty of great choices on offer and you’ll find lots of perfect venue types for rehearsals in Melbourne:

Dance Studios

Dance studios offer a lot of open space and a multitude of possibilities. They are perfect locations for any type of dance, theatre or acrobatic rehearsal. You can choose from both large studios to host a troupe of dancers and small rooms that are perfect for individual rehearsals. Dance studios are equipped with big mirrors so that you can see every gesture. If you need a place to move freely and improve your technique - a dance studio is the place for you.

Not sure which dance studio to choose? Why not start by checking out some of our favourites?

Warm-Up Studio at Love to Dance Studios is a spacious venue perfect for dance classes, yoga sessions, independent dance artists, rehearsals, and performances. 

Main Studio at Love to Dance Studios a part of Love to Dance Studios as well, this space offers a modern, aesthetic design that makes every artistic spirit feel comfortable hitting the dance floor.

Studio One at Rain & Lucky (Fairfield) offers a unique atmosphere that is perfect for dance rehearsal and choreography practice. The studio offers a comfortable open space with large mirrors and windows that let in plenty of light.

Sound and Music Studios

Looking for a place for your band rehearsal? These are spaces for musicians to create and record great music. Fully equipped to guarantee a professional sound, these spaces offer sound baffles for optimum acoustics, plenty of professional equipment and an insulated room. This type of specialised facility will enable you to make magic with music, vocals or even dubbing and spoken word materials. There are plenty of sound studios worth checking out in Brunswick East and Collingwood, as well as top-rated options further out, for example the Music Studio at Bighouse Arts in Coburg North. Prices for hiring a sound studio in those locations range from $50 to $130 per hour. (All data according to

Warehouses, workshops and blank canvas studios

There are various venues available for hire in Melbourne that are suitable for different types of performances, theatre plays, choreographies, and rehearsals. One of the great things about blank canvas spaces is that they can be set up and decorated however you like. So go ahead and make your dream a reality in these versatile spaces. Need a lot of room? Check out a blank canvas warehouse venue. Looking for something a bit smaller? Try a workshop space. 


Do you want to feel like a true actor? Or maybe you are one and you are looking for a professional place for your rehearsals, someplace where you can really feel like you're actually digging into the role? In those cases, the perfect solution is a theatre performance space. And who knows? Maybe with enough practice you can avoid any pre-performance stress. How much money does it cost to hire a theatre? Prices will range, on average, from $150 to $323 per hour. (All data according to Stages available on Tagvenue are located at Ferres Boulevard, close to South Morang Station.

Once you’ve found your studio, it’s time to rehearse! Here are some points to remember before you go into practice.

Be ready. Walking into a practice session without knowing what you’re going to do will probably result in you wasting your time, so prepare for it. Learn your script, memorise the dance routine, and learn the music by heart.

The space. Make sure the room where you’re going for a rehearsal will fit everything you need for your practice. If you’re preparing for a performance, try to practice in a space that can best replicate the live set-up.

The equipment. Double check the studio has everything you need or there will be no obstacles to bringing your own gear. If you would like to leave your equipment at the studio ask to make sure you can do it and that it will be safe there.

The time. Rehearsal is a space for improvement, so allow yourself to use it to the fullest. Don’t rush the practice, and work steadily on your piece.

The recording. Nothing brings out the mistakes like a recording. Just use your phone, maybe an additional microphone, and record the practice. Catch out the mistakes, not to get angry over them, but to understand them and improve.

The final result. Think about when you’re going to perform, what the performance is about, or what do you want your recording to result in. Think about the people who will watch you or listen to you. Focus on what you want to deliver - and work towards that goal.

FAQs about Rehearsal Studios in Melbourne

How much does it cost to hire a rehearsal studio in Melbourne?

Costs in Melbourne for rehearsal studios can vary quite widely depending on the standard of the studio. For a basic rehearsal studio, you can expect to pay $50 to $75 per session. These sessions are offered in 4- to 8-hour blocks, and most studios are open during both the day and the evening. For weekends, expect to pay on the higher end of the price scale. Some recording studios offer rehearsal space as well, and these can be slightly more expensive. These studios will range from $80 to $100 per session. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Which Melbourne districts have the best rehearsal studios?

Start your search for a rehearsal space among South Melbourne streets near the Docklands or South Yarra. If this location is too difficult to access, consider heading south to the neighbourhood near Richmond for several great options. You may also find some excellent rehearsal spaces nearby, just south of the Melbourne Zoo. On the other side of the park, check out the spaces in Coburg and Thomastown that are focused on music rehearsal. If you would prefer to stay in the suburbs, explore options in Carrum Downs or away from the beach towards Rowville or Ravenhall

What should I expect when I hire a rehearsal studio?

When choosing a rehearsal studio, you may find that the included equipment will vary quite a bit depending on the type of space you have chosen. A music rehearsal space should be soundproofed and may consist of instruments, amps or cables, or at least have some that can be hired for a small fee. A performance rehearsal space such as a dance studio or blank canvas space, may provide some furniture or basic fit-out and should have a built-in sound system. If you expect a large group to attend, you may want to seek a studio that offers on-site parking for convenience.

Where can I find small dance rehearsal studios in Melbourne?

If you are interested in small dance studios for your individual rehearsals, you can check out Warm-Up Studio at Love to Dance Studios in Altona, the calisthenics studio in Bentleigh, and Studio Two in Fairfield.

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Noeme E.
Booked The Green Room at The MBassy Dance
Minx is super professional. Her puppy executive is very welcoming and professional too. The studio is perfect and clean and very well presented. It commands a lot of respect for the space and as a dance team, it is good for morale and motivation - Penumbral.
Booked Music Studio at Bighouse Arts
The space was perfect and well maintained! Everything was neat & clean. The team were really responsive. I booked to do some songwriting and it was perfect, quiet and I felt very welcome! I will absolutely go back again soon :)

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