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Sydney is well known for its vibrant music and theatre scene, so if you are looking for recording studios to capture the magic of your performance, look no further. Tagvenue has the perfect space for you. Recording studios are popular among bands, musicians, voice actors and professional performers for recording music, theatre performances, narrative works or commercial productions. Get your search started today, and discover how fast Tagvenue can help you find the perfect Sydney recording space for your needs.

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Recording Studios Hire Guide

Discover how easy it can be to find your next recording space. Combining excellent acoustics, equipment and creative energy, recording studios really are where the magic happens. Sydney has a great range of spaces to offer in the Central Business District and all across the city, so get your hunt started today!

5 types of recording studios to look for in Sydney

Sydney is a great location for every kind of commercial and artistic endeavour. But before you get started with your search, it’s best to have a general idea of what kind of recording studio will meet your needs best. Check out our list of the 5 main types of recording and creative studios you will find in Sydney:

  • Music studios - There are many different types of music studios scattered across the city, offering their services for a variety of budgets, and configurations. Whether you’re a music producer, singer, songwriter, band, or sound engineer, you will be able to find the perfect space fit for your needs.
  • Creative spaces and galleries - Fashion showrooms, small galleries and creative spaces hold great potential for recording movie scenes or podcasts. Some creative spaces in Sydney even have recording booths for vocals and voice-overs.
  • Blank canvas spaces - With the proper equipment, these spaces can be repurposed any way  you need - including recording studios and rehearsal rooms for your band or cast.
  • Photo studios - If a video recording is what you’re after, why not use a backdrop from one of the many photo studios for hire in the city. They can serve as an affordable space to record music videos, YouTube videos, or short movies.
  • Video production sets - There’s a surprising amount of spaces in Sydney designed specifically to host game shows, talk shows, television programs, podcasts, and pretty much any video recording endeavour you can think of. If you’re an industry professional, these venues are a great choice for your production.

Things to consider when looking for a recording studio:

  • Budget - Before you start browsing for your recording studio, it’s best to set your budget. Most recording studios charge an hourly rate or a daily hire. If you’re going to need a lot of studio time for the recordings, a day hire will cost you less per hour than the hourly rates. However, it may also be a good idea to span your hire across multiple days so that you have more time to rest between individual sessions.
  • Equipment - Always check what is included with the price of your recording studio. You can save money by hiring all the gear you need with your studio of choice - and many recording studios offer these types of deals. Ask the venue manager about hiring additional instruments, microphones, audio mixers, or sound equipment if you need them.
  • Space - Whether you’re producing a mainstream album, or just recording a demo or a short film by yourself, make sure to take into account the amount of space you will need. How many people will collaborate with you? Will you want to have a sound engineer with you? Do you need additional space for lighting, audio equipment, or instruments? Remember that hiring studio equipment and a different type of studio space is also an option to remedy space constraints.

Our tips on how to record songs in a professional studio:

  • Prepare your songs. Before you get into a studio, you should have a good idea of what artistic direction you want to take with your project. Write the music, record some demos at home, ask some people you trust whether or not they like it. Getting a third person perspective on your song will be a very valuable experience for you as an artist and will prevent you from wasting time on songs that are not as good as you thought they were.
  • Rehearse. In order to be efficient with your studio time, make sure to rehearse your songs. This will help you to make less mistakes during recording, increase your confidence, and perform better overall.
  • Plan the session. A well thought out to-do list or plan will help everyone in the studio organise their work better. It doesn’t matter if it’s just you and a sound engineer, or you’re a part of a larger studio production, everyone works better when they know what to do at all times.
  • Bring your files and equipment. While recording studios will usually have the gear and instruments ready, you will always perform with your own equipment. It’s not a problem to bring your own instrument or microphone if you think it would help you sing or play better. Make sure to bring the demo files you’ve made for additional reference!

FAQs about Recording Studios in Sydney

Which Sydney districts have the best recording studios?

When choosing a recording studio, location can be critical. After all, if it takes too long for the musicians or performers to arrive, the session can be delayed. Always try to understand the travel commitments of your performers. This will allow you to choose a location near a transport hub or not too far for everyone. Sydney has many amazing studios scattered throughout the city, so it is not hard to find a great location. Start your search in the Darlinghurst district and then check out the other options in Beaconsfield and out near Sydney Park. If you were hoping to find a studio near the beach, check out your options near Rodd Point and Balmain.

How much does it cost to hire a recording studio in Sydney?

Hiring a studio for an 8-hour recording session will start at around $350. If you wish to have an engineer for the session to run the board and help out, the cost will rise to around $475 per 8 hours. Studios will charge extra for certain equipment as well as for mixing and mastering with prices running as high as $350 to $400 per track. (Based on data.)

What equipment should a recording studio have?

Before hiring a recording studio, it is best to understand the things the studio should be equipped with to make your session shine. A microphone and headphones are pretty obvious but you should make sure they are good quality. The studio should also have a workstation that meets your needs, complete with mixers, instruments, appropriate speakers, and a computer capable of running programs for audio mixing and music production. It is also great to check if the studio has a breakout room for when you just need to take a break.

Can I find any recording studios in Inner West?

Whether you want to take advantage of the good connection to the city centre, or get inspired by the rich and diverse culture of the area, Inner West is a great area to look for all sorts of creative spaces, including recording studios. Check out venues around the University of Sydney. Areas such as Chippendale, and Wentworth Park have some interesting picks for a variety of budgets and uses. Feel free to take a look at Annandale and Lilyfield neighbourhoods, where you’ll find some good studios available for hire as well.

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