Daylight Studios for Hire in Melbourne

Daylight Studios for Hire in Melbourne

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Are you searching for the perfect setting to capture the beauty of natural light in your photography or film projects? Melbourne’s daylight studios are a haven for photographers, filmmakers, and artists who understand the irreplaceable beauty of natural light. Explore our listings to discover all of the top notch studios that the city has to offer. So step into a space where Melbourne's glorious sunshine becomes your most valued collaborator. Use our smart filters to find your perfect creative space today!

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FAQs about Daylight Studios in Melbourne

What equipment is typically available in a daylight studio?

Daylight studios are usually equipped with a range of photo and film equipment to support various creative projects. Of course, the primary advantage of the venue is the perfect natural light. However, if you wish to add more special effects to your photos, our studios provide the option to rent extras equipment for an additional fee. From their offer you can find:

  • studio lights - Godox studio flash lighting kit or lightpro track lights 40B variable color LED
  • all colors of backgrounds 
  • smoke machine
  • softboxes and umbrellas
  • tripods and monopods
  • remote shutter releases

What is the best time to rent a studio to get the best lighting?

The best time to rent a studio to get the best lighting largely depends on your specific creative vision and the type of lighting you're aiming for.  Here are some considerations:

  • Morning Hours - morning hours, particularly around sunrise, often provide soft and diffused natural light. This can be ideal for capturing portraits, product shots, or scenes where you want gentle, even lighting.
  • Midday - Midday typically offers the most intense and direct sunlight, which can be suitable for projects that require strong, dramatic lighting. However, it can also create harsh shadows, so diffusers and modifiers may be needed for a softer look.
  • Golden Hour -  The golden hour occurs during the hour or so before sunset. It is renowned for its warm, flattering, and soft light. This is often considered the best time for outdoor photography, but it can also be replicated in a studio with the right equipment.

Can daylight studios be hired for one hour or do they have set minimum hire times?

Depending on the policy of the studio, you may have the flexibility to hire a studio for shorter periods.. For example, at Blondes Garage, you can book Studio 1&2 for your creative projects, and it offers the convenience of renting by the hour. The hourly rate starts at $250, and there is a minimum booking duration of 4 hours to ensure you have ample time for your work. Additionally, a $500 deposit is required to secure your reservation. However, keep in mind that these policies will vary from one studio to another.

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Booked Photo Studio w Dressing Room at CoParadiso
Friendly Helpful Staff. Good working space. Lots of room. Private change-room. Clothes rack. Easy access, no stairs. 95% Perfect for my needs. Staff happy with later cancellation that wasn't my fault and allowed to reschedule with no penalty. Very reasonable people. Will use venue again.

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