Party Venues for Hire in Brunswick

Party Venues for Hire in Brunswick

Discover the best event spaces for a fun celebration in the Picture Province

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Top Party Venues in Brunswick

Are you gearing up for a big celebration in Brunswick? You want to party all night long and you need a venue that will keep the party spirit alive. Needless to say, you want your upcoming celebration to be remembered. Tagvenue is here to assist you in choosing one of the best party venues in Brunswick. We list everything from lovely breweries to unique bars, restaurants, and lounges. Hop on our platform and get ready to welcome your guests to one of Brunswick’s top event spaces. 

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FAQs about Party Venues in Brunswick

How much does it cost to hire a party venue in Brunswick?

Most party venues in Brunswick have a minimum spend requirement, which actually is a great thing because you only have to pay a predetermined amount for the food and drinks you purchase during the event. Prices can range widely from roughly $500 to $10,000 for more exclusive venues. Prices per person usually start at around $50 and may reach $250 or more. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What are some of the best party venues in Brunswick?

  • If you're searching for a blank-canvas venue that you can personalise with décor and even floral arrangements for your party, XO Studios is a fantastic choice. This industrial-style venue, which can accommodate up to 150 standing guests for the ultimate party, adds its own modern flair to any event.
  • How does enjoying a nice glass of craft beer amid greenery in a cosy setting with your loved ones by your side sound? Quite lovely, indeed. Inner North Brewing Company is a unique event space that can accommodate up to 130 guests. If you want to go in a more unique direction for a party, this venue is the way to go. Welcome to Brunswick is another wonderful brewery that might be a unique suggestion for a party venue. 
  • What do you do when your heart is overjoyed? You sing songs and dance all night to your favourite tunes. Benjys Karaoke Bar is a lively venue that can accommodate up to 100 standing guests. The available bar, beer garden, and karaoke equipment will ensure that your attendees have a good time throughout the whole party. 

Additional venues we highly recommend you check out include Brunswick Aces, Penny's Band Room and Teller.

How can I incorporate a theme into my party?

Having a theme at a party can make or ruin your event, so you have to do it right.  You must strike the correct balance—the theme should not be overly demanding, but it should be engaging enough for your guests to get a sense of the overall concept. You can convey a theme through decorations, party activities, and music, and you can even schedule themed dance parties. For example, if your theme is "The Roaring Twenties" you can either play jazz music all night or hire a jazz band. You can incorporate period delicacies. Whatever theme you choose, it's all about the details.

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