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Gone are the days of venue rental confusion. If you've been on the lookout for some of the best outdoor party venues in Sydney, then you're about to be amazed. Sydney offers a wide selection of outdoor party venues locations, all set in beautiful parts of the city, and perfect for any occasion. Let Tagvenue take the hassle out of your venue rental search, so you can concentrate on having fun with your friends and family. You will certainly not be disappointed! We have gardens, terraces, boats and many more. Check out outdoor party venues in Sydney today!

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Outdoor Party Venues in Sydney FAQ

What types of outdoor party venues can I book in Sydney?

Outdoor party venues in Sydney are quite unique considering the fact that you can have an outdoor party near, or even on, the water. These venues of course include boats, docks and terraces looking out onto the harbour or the bay. And if you prefer to stick close to dry land, there are gardens, bars and rooftops, ideal for keeping dry in the lovely summer weather.

What’s the price range for outdoor party venues in Sydney?

The price range is a wide one, with different prices for boats, venues, etc. All in all, you can expect to rent outdoor party venues at a range of $500 to $2000 minimum spend. And of course you can also find options for more than $5000 should you wish to hire a bigger locale or a more luxurious one. And if you want to pay a much lower price, then search for venues in which you pay per guest (providing you don’t plan to invite too many people). (All data from Tagvenue.com)

How many people can I invite to an outdoor party venue in Sydney?

There’s a wide range of possibilities here in Sydney. You can find cool spots which offer space for various sized parties. Expect to find small spaces for 10 people, as well as larger ones for 135. In this large city, you really do have numerous options!

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