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Planning to record a podcast and not sure where to start recording? You've got the script, but we've got all the best studios that Melbourne has to offer. Get ready to pop on those earphones and turn on that mic because you'll be booking in no time!

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Podcast Studios Hire Guide

Are you ready to record? Before you start your search for a podcast studio, make sure you're prepared to get the production started. Most studios should allow you to walk in and start right up but always double-check before making your booking. Check out the streets around Fitzroy and North Melbourne for a vast selection of studios.

Podcast Studios in Melbourne FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a podcast studio in Melbourne?

Many studios will offer hire packages which can be great for beginner podcasters. A two to a three-hour studio session with an engineer can cost between $231 and $330. Casual studio hire will cost between $132 to $165 for a two to three-hour session. For full-day hire, expect to pay around $275 to $350. 

Which Melbourne districts have the best podcast studios?

An easily accessible studio is always a benefit for any production. Luckily, you can find a range of podcast studios in the centre of the city. Check in the area encompassing Fitzroy, Collingwood, and Carrollton for great options. Also, look to the west for a great selection near the intersection of Langridge Rd and Victoria Parade. Melbourne also offers a few options near the Yarra River around South Wharf.

What equipment should a podcast studio have? 

When hiring a podcast studio, all you need to do is bring the script, everything else the studio should provide. The first and most important piece of equipment is the microphone. Next, double-check that the studio offers good headphones, a mixer and an audio interface. Depending on the budget, you may also want a studio with a preamp or vocal processor to run your vocals, though, for minor effects. Good sound conditioning with audio foam is also essential to ensure that the sound quality is high. Some podcast studios will hire out video equipment if you need to create a visual as well. Check out the studio before you settle on one and ask the management if you need assistance, as some studios will offer bespoke arrangements. Finally, you may need technical assistance. Check with the studio and make sure an audio engineer will be on hand for your session.

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