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Renting professional podcast studios can help elevate your podcast in ways you’ve only dreamed of, where you will get a crystal clear sound and beautiful video to accompany it. Browse through our curated list of studios to find the perfect one for you. Our listings extend from small studios to grand recording spaces that are easily found with our filtering options. So get your headphones ready, switch your mic on, and get ready to hit record, because Tagvenue will have you in a studio before you know it!

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Podcast Studios Hire Guide

It’s time to take your podcast to the next level and Tagvenue can help get you there. Melbourne is one of Australia’s premier cultural hubs and is home to UNESCO World Heritage sites and an innovative art and music scene. The city also has a lot to offer when it comes to modern, fully equipped podcast studios at a price point to suit any wallet. We’ve got plenty of studios around the conveniently located University of Melbourne, and be sure to check out our listings around Fitzroy and Collingwood as well. So, it’s time to plug in and share what you have to say!

As a podcaster, you have a lot of things to take care of to make sure that your show is amazing. You’ll need to do research, and find a topic to discuss, locate an interesting guest, and prepare all of the materials you will discuss. Finding an appropriate studio is just one more thing to put on that list but don’t worry, just browse through Tagvenue’s listings and make your life a whole lot easier. We offer studios like Castaway Studios in Collingwood that are fully equipped with everything a podcaster might need, no matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced podcaster.

Podcasting is one of the most effective ways to get a message across today. People listen to them everywhere they go, whether they are in the gym, in the car, at work, or cooking dinner, they probably have a podcast playing. Considering how accessible and common they are, you’ll need to make sure that yours will stand out. This will take a good bit of organization, not only with the content you wish to create but with finding your guests, as well as marketing and promotion.

The first step of organizing a podcast is to put together a good outline. This is a good way to make sure that you won’t forget any of the points that you wish to cover. You want your outline to be organized in a way that can be easily followed, but also has room for the discussion to follow its own course. This makes the podcast narrative seem more organic, as opposed to simply being read off of a script. Listed in your outline should be the introduction, the talking points that you wish to cover, and a few points you would like to make to wrap the podcast up.

The Introduction: This should include time for introduction music, mentioning any sponsors (if you have them), introducing your guest, and laying out what you will be discussing over the course of your podcast. The introduction should be short and clear and lay out a roadmap for your discussion. This part of your podcast is more likely to follow a script because this is where you would want to read off the credentials of your guest and discuss the sponsor.

The Body: This is the middle of your podcast, where you can get to the meat of your topic. If you are doing the podcast alone, then this is where you elaborate on what was prompted in the introduction. Talk through any questions you may have about the topic at hand. You should get into as much detail as you can in the time frame you give yourself. If you have guests, they should have a fair amount of time to talk and you, as the host, are supposed to guide the conversation.You want to stay curious and explore the topic as deeply as you can, whether it’s by yourself or with a guest or two. Most people listen to podcasts to learn something new, and you are also learning about a given topic when you are talking about it, so why not learn with the audience? 

The Conclusion: Here is where you should recap what you just discussed. Remind the audience of why your podcast on a given topic is important and how what you are saying is particularly relevant to moving the discussion forward in general. Tell people about ways in which they can support your content and the social media platforms where people can find you and interact with you in the future. Assuming you have guests, thank them for joining you, mention any sponsors you may have, and let that outro music roll.

Podcasting is a good way to get a message across to a large audience and it all starts with the perfect podcast studio. The perfect studio is different for each podcast depending on things like experience and if you want video to accompany it. Fortunately, Melbourne has plenty to offer in terms of finding a great podcast studio that will fit your needs. Tagvenue can help you find an ideal location for your podcast. We list top notch studios that will have the best gear for you and your podcast, so all you will have to worry about is the content itself.

FAQs about Podcast Studios in Melbourne

How much does it cost to rent a podcast studio in Melbourne?

Many studios will offer hire packages which can be great for beginner podcasters. A two to a three-hour studio session with an engineer can cost between $231 and $330. Casual studio hire will cost between $132 to $165 for a two to three-hour session. For full-day hire, expect to pay around $275 to $350. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Which Melbourne districts have the best podcast studios?

An easily accessible studio is always a benefit for any production. Luckily, you can find a range of podcast studios in the centre of the city. Check in the area encompassing Fitzroy, Collingwood, and Carrollton for great options. Also, look to the west for a great selection near the intersection of Langridge Rd and Victoria Parade. Melbourne also offers a few options near the Yarra River around South Wharf.

What equipment should a podcast studio have? 

When hiring a podcast studio, all you need to do is bring the script, everything else the studio should provide. The first and most important piece of equipment is the microphone. Next, double-check that the studio offers good headphones, a mixer and an audio interface. Depending on the budget, you may also want a studio with a preamp or vocal processor to run your vocals, though, for minor effects. Good sound conditioning with audio foam is also essential to ensure that the sound quality is high. Some podcast studios will hire out video equipment if you need to create a visual as well. Check out the studio before you settle on one and ask the management if you need assistance, as some studios will offer bespoke arrangements. Finally, you may need technical assistance. Check with the studio and make sure an audio engineer will be on hand for your session.

Which podcast studio should I rent in Melbourne?

Castaway Studios offers fully equipped, podcasting-specific studio spaces perfect for a crystal clear recording.

Beat Tank Studios is a modern studio located in the suburb of Montmorency. This space offers high quality equipment in a quiet location.

Stupid Old Studios, located in Brunswick, is a sound proofed, intimate studio with five microphones and individual headphones for a professional audio experience.

Snowy Podcast Room is a recording booth offered by Workplace 365 that is a blank canvas waiting for you to make your mark.

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Snakey T.
Booked Music Studio at Bighouse Arts
I had an excellent time!!!! First time recording. Producer went above and beyond and sent me different versions of my song. Great session!!!
Lucy D.
Booked Video Podcast Studio at This Is A Studio
The team at This Is A Studio are super accomodating, will oversee your recording to make sure the audio levels are appropriate, and were a delight to chat to afterward! There is a lot they can accomodate, and are more than happy to help make your recording the best you can. Will definitely be back!
Sash M.
Booked Video Podcast Studio at This Is A Studio
Cool place with facilities to podcast, film and record anything - walk in and film, everything is done for you.

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